The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 23: Time Flies

Book 7 Chapter 23 Time Flies

Within the dark and spacious large hall, the surrounding mountain wall was completely engraved with the archive of sword arts left behind by the Sword Tower’s successive generation of powerful experts.

At this moment, the Sword Tower’s Sovereign ‘Huangfu Yujiang’ and his teacher, Tian Hong, led the elite experts of the Sword Tower here. Suddenly, all of them stopped, since in front of them was a terrifying enemy.

“Yujiang.” Tian Hong faced disciple.

Huangfu Yujiang and his teacher shared a glance, each of them understanding the other’s thinking.

“When I previously fought this Teng Qingshan by the coast; I wasn't able to capture him, but who would have thought he would come to my Sword Tower’s Forbidden Area!” Huangfu Yujiang was furious inside, and with his gaze radiating a coldness, he bellowed furiously, “Teng Qingshan, back when you were at the seaside, I didn't allow my soldiers to besiege you. Instead, I even let you leave safely. You not being deeply grateful, fine. But killing my Sword Tower’s elder and also trespassing into my Sword Tower’s Forbidden Area? What do you have to say!”

Huangfu Yujiang’s hand held a Divine Sword, his eyes gleaming.

“Deeply grateful?” Teng Qingshan was slightly stunned. If he was on the surface of the water, how could those soldiers go underwater to surround and kill him? In an actual fierce fight, though Huangfu Yujiang was powerful, his True Origin would be exhausted eventually and thus wouldn't be a match for Teng Qingshan; yet he talked about being deeply grateful?

“Huangfu Yujiang...Me? Deeply grateful?”

Teng Qingshan carefully scrutinized Huangfu Yujiang and suddenly understood… as the Tower Lord, Huangfu Yujiang was equivalent to being Bright Moon Island's emperor. He had a high and unreachable position, and his words carried a lot of weight, so he was used to being tyrannical. Perhaps, Huangfu Yujiang thought that him not commanding the soldiers to encircle and kill Teng Qingshan was in itself already a favor.

Teng Qingshan coldly laughed, “By the looks of it, you being the Sword Tower’s Sovereign has caused your brain to spoil!”

“Impudent!” From behind Huangfu Yujiang, several Sword Tower experts rebuked in outcry.

Teng Qingshan swept his gaze over the group of people before him, then gave an indifferent smile. “On Bright Moon Island, the Sword Tower is exalted. Because of that, you’re too used to being tyrannical! It's fine when you all are tyrannical to your own people, but in front of me, it would be better if you behaved!”

“You—” Many elders gasped angrily.

Huangfu Yujiang raised his hand, stopping them. He looked at Teng Qingshan with a steady face, but his eyes showed a glimpse of murderous intentions.

“Huangfu Yujiang, I originally didn’t want to create trouble when I came to your Bright Moon Island,” Teng Qingshan said apathetically. “However, your Bright Moon Island soldiers forcibly seized my voyaging ship. Once you came, even though you knew perfectly well that the soldiers were in the wrong, you still wanted to capture me and bring me back to your Sword Tower to receive punishment. Ah, truly tyrannical, truly tyrannical!

“What a pity, your strength is too weak. You’re incapable of capturing me!”

Tenq Qingshan was very aware that if his strength was weak, he would have already been surrounded and killed by the soldiers at the seaside. Perhaps he would have been killed by Huangfu Yujiang, whose every single attack had been aimed to take his life.

“It looks like you’re asking to die!” Huangfu Yujiang said lowly. At his side, his teacher, Tian Hong, also gripped a black Divine Sword in his hand.

“Hmph!” Teng Qingshan suddenly humphed.

This angry humph caused the entire large hall to shake, and the Sword Tower experts that had yet to reach the innate realm couldn't help but cover their ears, their faces writhing from pain. Stone chips showered down, dusting everyone inside the large hall.

“Huangfu Yujiang!” Teng Qingshan extended his finger and pointed it at Huangfu Yujiang, “I have no time to chat with you. You better listen well… even if all the troops of your Sword Tower and all the soldiers of the eighteen Houses of Generals came, I would still be able to slaughter everyone in one go, let alone you.”

In the large hall, the hearts of the members of the Sword Tower trembled upon hearing this.

All the experts of the Sword Tower, the eighteen Generals, and all the troops?

“If you don’t want to die, all of you better scram far,” Teng Qingshan said icily.

“Egotistical!” Huangfu Yujiang shouted coldly.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

One on the left and the other on the right, the white-cloaked Huangfu Yujiang and the grey-cloaked Tian Hong both crossed more than five Zhang in an instant. This movement was extremely quick, giving rise to two strong gales that lifted the stone particles and dust in the large hall. The troops at the back all stared with wide-open eyes.

Teng Qingshan watched this scene calmly as two rays of sword light rapidly magnified in the reflection of his eyes.

Suddenly, he moved!


The silver Reincarnation Spear streaked across, creating a fantastic and mysterious arc. As the arc raced through the air, a yellowish-brown radiance faintly flowed around it; even the scarlet color of the red tassel transformed into a red glow.

“Clang!” “Clang!”

Two divine swords, one front and one back, were simultaneously blocked and parried! Tian Hong turned pale with fright, and even Huangfu Yujiang’s grave and stern face showed a trace of shock, “Teacher and I joined hands, but he can still easily ward off the attack. His defensive spear arts are unexpectedly even stronger than my sword arts.”

When Huangfu Yujiang and Teng Qingshan exchanged blows previously, Huangfu Yujiang learned only that he could not break through Teng Qingshan’s defensive spear arts. However, he never found out what level of skill Teng Qingshan’s defensive spear arts had reach.

“You overestimate yourself!”

A cold shout resounded in the great hall as two rapidly spiralling spear shadows pierced towards Huangpu Yujiang and Tianhong almost at the same time, one after the other. “Ah~~~” Huangpu Yujiang let out a furious roar and tried to block the spear.

However, his efforts were useless!

“Puchi!” “Puchi!”

The two sounds of the spearheads piercing through flesh and blood were audible and clear.

Xing Yi Five Elemental Spear Arts—Toxic Dragon Drill!

“Ah~~” A deep-sounding, painful cry pierced the air. Huangpu Yujiang and his teacher Tianhong retreated several steps. Their faces were filled with terror and disbelief as they stared at Teng Qingshan. Dressed in a white cloak, Huangpu Yujiang was covered with blood, especially his right shoulder area, which had a terrifying bloody hole.

As for his teacher Tian Hong, he also had a bloody hole on his right shoulder.

“How is this possible?”

“He just began fighting the Tower Lord and the Old Tower Lord, but he already defeated them?”


The high-ranking members shook their head frenziedly as they watched this scene. Eyes widening, they watched and unconsciously mumbled to themselves. They couldn’t accept the scene before their eyes! That was because if a super powerful expert could defeat the Lord of the Sword Tower and the Old Tower Lord, then—

No one on this Bright Moon Island would be able to defeat this figure! This person could even destroy the Sword Tower and establish a new force that would unite Bright Moon Island.

The high-ranking members of the Sword Tower were shocked, terrified, and angry, while the Old Tower Lord Tian Hong remained silent. As for the nearby Huangpu Yujiang, he responded with a rather big reaction.

“How is this…..It’s only been one day. Yesterday, I was able….” Huangpu Yujiang refused to accept this. Yesterday, Huangpu Yujiang had been able to defend against Teng Qingshan’s offensive spear art.

However, the speed and power of the spear art that Teng Qingshan demonstrated today were significantly stronger

“Huangpu Yujiang!” A indifferent voice rang.

Huangpu Yujiang hastily looked up and saw that the high-ranking members of the Sword Tower gathered in the great hall were also staring at the person who was talking—the demonic existence! They all noticed the long silver spear. The spearhead was so dark that it glowed, but all the blood flowed from the head to the red tassel, allowing the red tassel to absorbed all the blood, drying the spear.

“If you feel bitter, you can gather all the members of the Sword Tower here. You can even dispatch an army.” Teng Qingshan stared at him.


He did feel bitter, but he had no audacity to say it.

At this moment, Huangpu Yujiang understood that the spear art Teng Qingshan had just shown could kill everyone in the great hall within a minute. Previously, Teng Qingshan only pierced through Huangpu Yujiang’s shoulder with his spear instead of killing him, which meant that Teng Qingshan had already given Huangpu Yujiang face.

“What are you here for?” Huangpu Yujiang asked with a deep tone.

“I will be cultivating in silence in this cave where the Celestial Jade Annulus is located.” Teng Qingshan said with a smile, “While I am here, I will not allow allow anyone to disturb me.”

“Fine, but I hope you won’t destroy the Celestial Jade Annulus,” Huangpu Yujiang responded.

Teng Qingshan nodded with a smile and said, “Of course not! You all can leave now.”

“I swear that no one from Bright Moon Island will disturb you while you cultivate in seclusion here. I just hope that you keep your word and won’t destroy the Celestial Jade Annulus.” Huangpu Yujiang bowed slightly and said this as he turned to leave, “Let’s go!” Without talking any further, Huangpu Yujiang immediately led everyone out and left.

On the mountain trail outside the forbidden cave abode, a group of people were gathered here.

“Tower Lord, what should we do now?” The high-ranking members of the Sword Tower became nervous.

“Well, what can we do?” Huangpu Yujiang frowned and said, “From today onwards, no one is allowed to disturb Teng Qingshan. Also, I will be living beside this Forbidden Area from now on.”

Huangpu Yujiang turned and stared at the forbidden cave abode as he muttered in his heart, “I just hope Teng Qingshan will leave Bright Moon Island as soon as possible!”

If Teng Qingshan didn’t leave Bright Moon Island, the highest-ranking figure on Bright Moon Island would be Teng Qingshan instead of the members of the Sword Tower. In addition, the members of the Sword Tower would have to live their lives in fear every day.

In the cave.

With the Reincarnation Spear in hand, Teng Qingshan stepped into the naturally-formed cave.

“Big Brother Teng, those people won’t come again, right?” Li Jun asked, worried.

“Don’t worry.” Teng Qingshan said with a smile, “People like Huangpu Yujiang are used to being exalted like emperors! Therefore, Huangpu Yujiang acted tyrannically towards us, killing whoever he wants. However, when he found out that I was more powerful than him and he had no power to resist, he naturally became very obedient. Now, I myself was not going to kill him, thus, he wouldn’t dare to provoke me again!

As a hitman in his previous life, he had experienced hellish training when he was seven. Even his current life wasn’t a peaceful world. All of this meant that Teng Qingshan did not have the heart of Buddha.

TLN: Someone that has the heart of Buddha is merciful and kind.

In his eyes, there were some who must be killed like their enemies and others who should be killed. If someone wanted to kill him, Teng Qingshan would show no mercy. For instance, of the one hundred thousand soldiers of North City. there were those who could be killed and those whose lives could be spared. As for the members of the Sword Tower, when they first entered the forbidden abode, Teng Qingshan killed them immediately to prevent any information of this forbidden cave abode from leaking. Not only that, the four guardian elders were also very fierce, so it was obvious that they had spilled blood on their hands before. Thus, Teng Qingshan took their lives too.

Teng Qingshan then found the Celestial Jade Annulus and knew that he had to stay here for quite some time.

This was why Teng Qingshan publicly confronted the experts of the Sword Tower! However, he didn’t kill… avoid stirring any unnecessary movements.

Once Teng Qingshan’s secluded cultivation ended smoothly, he would leave.

“After cultivating and comprehending in silence for a whole day, I was able to create the second move of the《Water Element Fist》! This, in turn, caused the the power of the Toxic Dragon Drill to increase, allowing me to defeat my enemies easily.” Teng Qingshan stared at the Celestial Jade Annulus as he thought to himself. Indeed, he himself had strong defense and weak offense. When his 《Water Element Fist》 had improved slightly, his Toxic Dragon Drill was rapidly enhanced in conjunction.

“From today onwards, I will keep my mind at rest and cultivate in seclusion.”

Teng Qingshan immediately secluded himself in this natural cave. Of the twenty-four hours in each day, Teng Qingshan spent twelve hours experiencing the concept of the Dao of Sword. During these twelve hours, Li Jun would stand guard beside him. As for the other twelve hours of the day, Teng Qingshan would cultivate in silence, fusing the water element concept of the Dao of Sword into the 《Water Element Fist》.

As time elapsed…...

The powerful experts of the Sword Tower were also waiting, hoping that this demonic god would leave soon.

One day went by, the two days went by, the three days went by…..

One month went by, two months went by, three months went by…...

Teng Qingshan was completely immersed in cultivation to the point where he didn’t have time to talk to Li Jun. He would only eat once every ten to fifteen days and chat with Li Jun for a short while during that meal. However, Li Jun continued guarding silently without any complaints. After a long period of seclusion, Teng Qingshan’s understanding of the 《Water Element Fist》grew continually at a shocking speed…...


Ye Ci peered out from between the leaves. There were not many left at the junction. The newbies were defeated with little to no casualties on Spring Rain Guild’s side due the difference in level and equipment.

A few players that were coated blood red were looking at Ye Ci’s general direction while literally standing among piles of corpses.

Although her opponent could not see her when she entered Stealth, Ye Ci’s movement speed was halved. If she moved from a tree to another with that speed, the wobbling of the branches as she moved about would attract attention and she would therefore become an instant target.

Ye Ci was formulating a counterattack plan as a strong gust of wind blew past the area. She seized the opportunity to leap onto another tree. She dashed past a few branches, stopped, and nocked an arrow. She took aim at the Hunter, Rabid Dog, and let the arrow loose.



“You have slain an enemy!” the system chimed in. Rabid Dog laid motionless on the ground and Spring Rain Guild members closed in on her hiding spot after a brief moment of hesitation.

Using the howling wind as cover, Ye Ci hid herself among the leaves and repositioned herself rapidly while firing arrows at Tianhe Boy and Glittering Diamond, taking their lives as well.

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