The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 2: He was called “Wolf”

Chapter 2: He was called “Wolf”

After Teng Qing Shan had been gone for a while, two old Santana cars arrived and parked a ways from the yard.

There were 3 people in the first car. A black bearded man was sitting in the back seat. He held a heat detector in hand, and carefully observed the screen, before suddenly lowering his voice: “Hey guys, there must be no one in the yard. Let’s go!”

Then 6 people came out of the car. 5 yellow men, one white man.

“Hopefully he really isn’t here…” The black bearded man whispered.

“If he were really here, we would all die.” The white man said. Although they were not feeling very unpleasant, they didn’t dare to disobey the command of their organization. Despite the high walls blocking them, they still managed to enter the yard. They checked everything.

.The black bearded man felt relief: ”That man left. There is only a dead body left. We detected him in the An Yi County. Our mission was completed, so we might as well return and have a rest. Yes, we should bring the body with us, and clean up all traces.”

They had done this type of work many times before, so they were quite familiar with it.


Located in northern Italy, the Adriatic coastal city called ‘Watertown” Venice, with ancient history, used to hold the most supreme power throughout Europe in the past. Nowadays, there were just a lot of historic buildings from the 15th century.

In Venice, there is a red brick castle which has existed for hundreds of years. This castle was also known as the ‘Red Fort’, or ‘Blood Fort’. It was the Redmayne’s oldest ancestral home. In the ‘Red Fort’, there was a dark hall. Hung on the wall there was a giant LCD screen, which showed a pair of maps. In the hall, there was a red-brown short haired young man, and a silver-haired old man.

“Master, the Hand of Darkness organization has sent us a message.“Wolf” appeared in An Yi County, Jiang Su Province. I have just forwarded this message to Dead.

The red-brown short haired young man with his deep, cold eyes said:” The presence of Wolf is the Redmayne family’s shame! I want at all costs and with the fastest speed… I want Wolf to be killed! Before my father might know, we need to finish this all!”. ” Yes, sir”, the silver-haired old man nodded.

Suddenly, there were sound of footsteps. The reddish brown short haired young man’s face changed color. He had just seen a red-brown short haired middle-aged man with a beard walk in.

” Father! “-The reddish brown short haired youth immediately bowed.

“Patriarch.”-The silver-haired old man immediately bowed.

All the Redmayne family members, even their children, had reddish brown hair. The bearded middle-aged man was the one that held the highest authority in the Redmayne family – Alexander Redmayne .

Alexander threw a cold look at his son: “Ambrose, my child, you really let me down.”

“Father, I… I was trying to solve this as soon as possible,” the red-haired youth bowed his head.

“Resolve soon? I have now started to doubt your ability! If it wasn’t for my friend who told me about this, I wouldn’t know that there has been such a big issue happening.” Alexander said . “Until Now, I still can not believe the news. Ambrose, tell me very clearly about all the details,from the beginning till the end, right now. ”

The man ‘Ambrose’ raised his head and moved in front of the computer. “Father, this happened mainly because of a person who is called ‘Wolf’”. Then he hit on the keyboard. Numerous images on the walls of the hall’s giant LCD screens appeared, as well as a lot of text and news.

“Twenty-two years ago, we sent the Red organization to collect 360 children with good physical fitness, among them was ‘Wolf’. According to our historical records, ‘Wolf’ was Chinese, and was seven years old then. After our first round of screening, only 113 of 360 children survived, and he was one of them. ”

Alexander read the description on the screen. The Assassin organization selected new members yearly, and this screening was extremely brutal. Dead or alive, no third choice.

“ The 113 children who survived later were sent to a Siberian camp for training. Three years later, the number of survivors was only 38. He was still one of them, and then was officially awarded the nickname -’Wolf’.

“We sent 38 candidates to Mr. Teng. Teng gentleman received only four guys. “Wolf” was one among them. Six years later, when “Wolf” was sixteen, he was sent back to the Red organization. “Wolf” and “Cat” were the strongest one among those 4 Assassins, and they had completed many tasks. ”

“Last Christmas, I was asked to implement an SS-level, three hundred million dollar worth mission.” The redhead youth ‘Ambrose’ lowered his voice. “The Red organization had not completed any SS-level task over the past 20 years. If we could do this, not only would we be awarded three hundred million dollars, but we could also revive the Red organization’s reputation. That’s why I took over that task.”

“My child, you are even crazier than a she-wolf.”- said Alexander. “SS-level task’s are the most complicated tasks among all the world’s top tasks. Red is simply just incapable of it. Even if we complete it, we will need to pay an extremely high price.”

“I had the 8 top managers of our organization prepare a good plan, they spent a lot of efforts, and finally they decided to use to “Wolf” and “Cat”as a bait for the successful completion of the task!”. The red haired young guy said:” In my opinion, ‘Wolf’ and ‘Cat’ are just A-level Assassins. They could only bring up to one hundred million dollars revenue for our organization in their whole lives. However, this time, if we sacrificed them, not only could we receive three hundred million dollars, but we could also revive the red organizational prowess. So why not do it?”

“Well.”-Alexander sneered, “The result turned out very bad.”

“Yes, father”- the red haired young guy had a deep sigh, “I had never thought that … Just cannot believe that the professional Assassin, ‘Wolf’, the one who for many years had done so much work for us, could have surprisingly hid his power! ! !”- The red-haired youth took a deep breath.

“His strength is far more than A grade!”

“There was a mandate in which the organization wanted to have both of them die as a bait. ‘Cat’ was dead, but ‘Wolf’ was still very much alive. When he knew that his best friend ‘Cat’ died, Wolf launched a frenzied revenge! He went alone to the Red headquarters to kill everyone there!”

Alexander’s face color also changed when hearing that story. Fight against all the Assassins in the headquarters – completely alone. How crazy this sounded! Even the most powerful person of this family was impressed by that Assassin’s madness.

“Red headquarters, ‘Wolf’ had spent twelve years of his life there, he was quite familiar with it. He…quietly sneaked in. 2 A-class Assassins, and half of 52 B-class Assassins were killed. And he even killed 7 out of the 8 top senior managers of Red. When we realized what was happening, he began to show off his unbelievable strength. He alone fought against 2 Class A Assassins. His ability was far more than the strength of an A-level, he soon killed both of them, and finished the last member of the top 8 senior managers.

Later, he even incredibly won in the fight against more than twenty B-class Assassins. He was hurt, but all A and B class Assassins of Red organization were completely wiped out.”

Alexander’s face became pale.”More than twenty B-class Assassins?” – Alexander just couldn’t believe it. In the battle with two Class A Assassins, he might win. But winning over twenty B-level Assassins was far too shocking. Those twenty powerful Assassins were unlikely to lose.

“He must be at least an S-class Assassin! Or even more!”- Alexander made such judgments.

“Yes, the “Hand of Darkness” organization has adjusted ‘Wolf’s level to S-class Assassin. All over the world, there are only 50 people, including ‘Wolf’” -the red-haired youth Ambrose sighed. “If I would have known that in advance, how could I ever do that to him. An S-class Assassin is billions of dollars, I would never exchange him for 300 million. There is only one S-class Assassin in a billion people worldwide. This of course doesn’t include some of the hidden Assassin. However, this fact still helps you understand how precious he is.

Red organization, for decades, had no S-class Assassin at all. S-class Assassin, and non S-class Assassin, are really too different.

After his successful revenge, he started to escape from the Red headquarters in Siberia. I had to have the Hand of Darkness organization launch a special campaign, with the aim to kill him.”

“However, ‘Wolf’ is really powerful.”

“From Russia, he found the way to escape, then from the Sino-Russian border, he moved to the east of the ancient kingdom in Heilong Jiang province; and later, we couldn’t even find a trace of him.” In a Chinese ancient oriental country with Chinese people everywhere, looking for a Chinese man was very difficult. And not long ago, at the time when the “Hand of Darkness”organization last saw ‘Wolf’, he was in the territory of a county in Jiang Su Province.

After talking for too long, the face of the red-haired youth Ambrose looked quite unpleasant.

“That was an excellent Assassin, he would have been the strongest fangs of Redmayne family…”- Alexander sighed loudly. Having heard of the Assassin experience so far, he also had some admiration for the person called ‘Wolf’. However, the Assassin organization, operated by the Redmayne family, got attacked by some internal traitor, resulting in the destruction of the entire organization! “This was the biggest joke in the world of darkness! For centuries, the world of darkness has never witnessed a play such as this!”

Red-haired youth ‘Ambrose’ also lowered his head. It was really a shame! A powerful organization, just because of a traitor’s revenge, got destroyed. It was simply inconceivable. Redmayne family, a hundreds-of-year-old family just could take this humiliation! “Kill him! No one is allowed to challenge me!”- Alexander’s voice was low, just like an endless boiling anger…


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