The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 15: Returning Home

Book 2 Chapter 15: Returning Home

“Awooooo!” The Wolf King’s howls reverberated throughout the air again. Immediately after, a large number of wild wolves began to surround Teng Qingshan. They clearly did not permit Teng Qingshan’s threatening presence to be near the Wolf King.

“Scram!” shouted Teng Qingshan.

His desire to kill exploded outwards, his long spear dancing like multifarious arrows shooting through the air.

“Pu!” “Chi!”…

Teng Qingshan’s eyes were cold and grim as one wolf after another was impaled. It seemed as if he had returned to the time when he independently destroyed the Red organization. His mind kept returning to the scene where his three clansmen had died, “This was my fault my clansmen died. It was all because I wanted to hide my strength. Unless I had to, I would not expose it. But because of that, Paternal Uncle and the others died!”

Teng Qingshan’s previous life had influenced him too much.

Teng Qingshan was used to walking in the dark and hiding his strength; however, he now deeply regretted this.

“All of you should die!” roared Teng Qingshan

The long spear danced like a swimming dragon, completely protecting his body. Teng Qingshan seemed to transform into a giant hedgehog; any wolf that had the courage to approach him was instantly slaughtered or knocked back without exception. The long spear in Teng Qingshan’s hands resembled a deadly, living creature.

Spear Art– Transmutation Unity Qi!

Teng Qingshan’s first step in learning spear arts was to spend all his time and effort on converting Crossing Fist into the defensive Transmutation Unity Qi spear art. The second step was to create the Spear Art attack called Pursuing Shadow.

“Pu!” “Pu!” “Pu!”…..

Teng Qingshan incessantly advanced, and despite the berserk wild wolves throwing themselves onto him, they were unable to stop his progress.

As he continued to advance, the only thing left behind him was a trail of wolf corpses.


“Qingshan’s spear arts!” Teng Yonglei’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Everybody, keep resisting for a little bit longer!” Teng Yonglei yelled in a loud voice. However, the berserk, feral wolves would not show signs of compassion and leniency. The moment Teng Qinghu stabbed a wild wolf to death, another two wild wolves would pounce on Teng Qinghu from either side. It seemed that they realized that he was a big threat.

Teng Qinghu’s face changed and barely had time to lift his long spear to block the wild wolf on the right , leaving himself open to the wolf on the left.

“Qinghu!” Teng Yonglei’s face contorted into a worried frown as he rushed towards Teng Qinghu. His long spear stabbed forward, making that wild wolf fly away. Nevertheless, despite Teng Yonglei’s quite profound spear arts, it was still far from Teng Qingshan’s. Under the the wolves’ assault, he would be in danger if he helped others.

“Hou!” Three wild wolves pounced onto Teng Yonglei.

“Scram!” Teng Yonglei’s leg kicked one away and quickly withdrew his spear to defend. However, he was still a bit too slow.

His long spear knocked away the wild wolf on the right, but the wolf on his left side managed to bite his left arm. A “Ka cha” sound rang through the air as Teng Yonglei’s left arm was savagely ripped off. Fresh blood sprayed everywhere, hitting everything, including Teng Qinghu’s adjacent face.

Teng Qinghu stared blankly in shock before mournfully yelling, “Uncle!”

“Everybody shrink into a circle and defend from there.” Teng Yonglei, with a missing arm, used his right arm to wield his spear and stabbed the wolf that had bitten his right arm off. Concurrently, he issued an order and despite his painful and profusely sweating head, he still stood valiantly in his current position. All of the Teng Village’s clansmen slaughtered their enemies with grief and indignation.

“Qingshan’s spear arts are exceptionally high; he can definitely kill the Wolf King. Everyone needs to persevere!” Teng Yonglei yelled.

The clansmen all bit their teeths and persisted. Regardless of whether it was them or Teng Yonglei, they were all somewhat apprehensive- could Qingshan really kill the Wolf King?

“Awoo…” An indignant wolf howl sounded from far away.

Suddenly, the wild wolves that were originally berserkly attacking clan members immediately slowed. All the wild wolves unexpectedly turned around and ran towards the Wolf King.

“It’s Qingshan.” Teng Yonglei was slightly anxious.

“Uncle sustained a large injury,” Teng Qinghu was so worried that he was crying.

Subsequently, Teng Yonglei ripped off a piece of cloth and wrapped it around his missing arm, stopping the majority of the blood from flowing.


On top of a stone, a large, snow-white wolf more than 2 meters tall glared at Teng Qingshan. When merely comparing volume and size, this large snow-white wolf had already surpassed a ferocious tiger. By its side, there were four Alpha wolves, whose bodies were an entire level larger than regular wild wolves. These four Alpha wolves were guarding the Wolf King.

Not far away, Teng Qingshan unceasingly advanced. A plethora of besieging wild wolf bodies were tossed to the side.

“Awoo,” the Wolf King let out a howl once again.

Immediately, the four Alpha wolves abruptly jumped up and rushed towards Teng Qingshan.

“Hmph, just a bunch of brutes!” Teng Qingshan’s eyes were filled with cold and bitter killing intent; the long spear in his hands didn’t have the slightest intention of showing mercy. The four Alpha wolves were craftily mixed into the wolf pack and would occasionally pounce at Teng Qingshan. Their sharp claws would grab onto Teng Qingshan’s weapon and restrict him.

“All of you should go die!”

The internal energy of Teng Qingshan’s body poured from his hands into his long spear. The long spear in his hands abruptly surged in speed.

“Pu Chi!” “Pu Chi!”

Two continuous sounds rang in the air and two of the four Alpha wolves were impaled in the head and immediate died!

Regarding the power and fortitude of his internal energy, the four year old Teng Qingshan had more internal energy than his previous self. The current Teng Qingshan’s internal energy was even more turbulent and billowing. Moreover, the past six years of cultivating internal martial arts had caused the meridians his hands, feet and back to completely open.

The other two Alpha wolves seemed to be terrified and Teng Qingshan couldn’t help but coldly laugh. He strided forwards, the long spear in his hands striking like a viper.

“Pu!” “Pu!”

Once again harvesting two meager wolf lives, these brutes were nothing to Teng Qingshan, who had already reached the “One With The Spear” realm.

“Awoo,” the Wolf King bellowed before proceeding to jump off the large rock and pounced at Teng Qingshan. With one leap, it had travelled 10 meters.

“So fast,” thought Teng Qingshan, his heart trembling.

The spear in his hands revolved and stabbed at the Wolf King’s head. The Wolf King quickly lowered its body and easily dodged the spear as it gradually grew closer to Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan’s right arm pulled back and the long spear quickly withdrew before stabbing at the Wolf King once again.

“Pa!” The Wolf King’s sharp claws ruthlessly grabbed onto the spear as if it wanted to break the spear pole in half.

The internal energy imbued into the spear pole earlier suddenly erupted.

Noticing this, the Wolf King quickly retreated.

“Ka ka” Teng Qingshan’s spear suddenly emitted a peculiar sound. Having already cultivated to the “One With The Spear” stage, Teng Qingshan immediately found the problem: “Not good! The strength of one of this Wolf King’s claws easily surpasses a couple thousand jin. Even if I pour internal energy into my spear pole, this green Zhennan wood spear pole will not be able to withstand it; the inside of the spear will rupture.

The Wolf King roared once again and scuttled towards Teng Qingshan. Its dark, sea-green eyes glared at Teng Qingshan.

The spear pole revolved and the spearhead subsequently, like a flash of lightning, stabbed at the Wolf King’s eyes

“Pai!” A lightning fast claw smacked the spear pole.

The previously fractured spear pole ruptured into two parts after a “Peng” sound. The Wolf King quickly retreated while howling; it commanded a large amount of wild wolves to besiege Teng Qingshan. The current Teng Qingshan didn’t have a weapon, so how could he defend against the encircling wolves by himself? The phrase “one person is unable to defeat everyone” could be applied to Teng Qingshan’s situation.

“Pai!” “Pai!”…

Teng Qingshan’s palms successively smacked five of the besieging wolves’ heads, and each wolf that was smacked would helplessly perish and immediately lose its life.

Faced with this situation, Teng Qingshan was not stingy with his internal energy.

“Xiu!” A ray of cold light flashed by.

The Wolf King immediately shook, and a throwing knife protruded from its back. The Wolf King unexpectedly turned around and fled.

“This Wolf King’s speed is really fast. Fortunately, the meridians in my legs have all been opened.” Teng Qingshan’s intentions changed. This was the first time he had used the Crossing Worlds technique (天涯行功法) in this world, and Teng Qingshan instantly transformed into a green mist that momentarily broke through the wolve’s besiegement. In a short while, he had already caught up to the fleeing Wolf King.

The Wolf King alarmingly turned its head and growled angrily while trying to bite him.

“Die!” Teng Qingshan deeply howled. His right fist was filled with boundless power and torrential internal energy as it smashed towards the Wolf King.

Cannon Fist!


The robust internal energy snapped off the Wolf King’s wolf claws and the fist bombarded its abdomen, causing the Wolf King to fly into the air and heavily fall onto the ground. The Wolf King’s entire body twitched and the corner of its mouth exuded rivers of blood. It seemed to want to continue struggling, but a moment later, the Wolf King’s life was severed and it stopped moving.

“Awoo” Upon seeing that their Wolf King was easily defeated, the few tens of wild wolves that were left uttered a low roar and unexpectedly fled in all four direction, vanishing into the forest.

At this time, the sound of disheveled footsteps came from far away. Teng Yonglei and the others were all running over, but once they saw the ground filled with wolf corpses and the ruptured green Zhennan spear, they were all thoroughly shocked. At the sight of the four Alpha wolf corpses, they all sucked in a breath of cold air.

Every one of these Alpha wolves was extremely terrifying; unexpectedly, four of them had been killed.

This scene revealed the bitterness of the battle.

“Qingshan.” A group of clansmen saw the distant Qingshan.

They also saw the Wolf King’s corpse, which was even larger than a tiger, lying on the ground. Furthermore, there was a throwing knife protruding from the Wolf King’s back.

“Uncle.” Teng Qingshan turned his head, but as soon as he did, the color of his face drastically changed. He rigidly stared at Teng Yonglei’s missing left arm. A droning sound filled his brain; within the clan’s elder generation, his maternal grandfather, Teng Yonglei and Teng Yongxiang were the closest to Teng Qingshan.

Teng Qingshan’s character was unique. Due to operating in the underground, he seldomly developed relationships.

However, if they were to develop a relationship, he would consider them next of kin.

For example, his wife’s death was enough to anger him into destroying Red’s headquarters. For his younger brother, he sacrificed his own life. Now, his own uncle’s left arm was gone.

“Qingshan, don’t feel sad.” Teng Yonglei’s pale white face emitted a trace of a smile.

“This is all my fault.” Threads upon threads of tear filled Teng Qinghu’s eyes, “If it were not for having to save me, Uncle would not have had his left arm bitten off.”

“Qinghu, even if I die, you should live.” Teng Yonglei said.

Teng Qinghu was startled.

“This land is filled with chaos and bandits running amok. If I wanted to make sure all my clan members lived, I must make sure an even stronger person lives. Qinghu, you are barely 15, yet you have the strength of a 1000 jin. Right now, the only thing you lack is enough proficiency in the spear arts and experience.” Teng Yonglei said. Teng Qinghu shuddered as he nodded his head.

His strength was great, but his spear arts were far from Teng Yonglei’s.

“I’m still fine; it’s only a missing arm. Qiang Zi, Old Lian….they all died.” Teng Yonglei’s eyes were somewhat bloodshot.

He subsequently looked at Teng Qingshan: “However, today I am happy; extremely happy! Qingshan, you massacred four Alpha wolves, a Wolf King and over a hundred wild wolves by yourself! Presently, you can be said to be our Teng Village’s strongest man!” It was not until just now that Teng Yonglei was aware of Teng Qingshan’s true strength.

One person was able to slaughter 100 wild wolves, four Alpha wolves and a Wolf King. What kind of terrifying person was this?

The surrounding surviving clansmen’s eyes lit up as they looked at Teng Qingshan.

The Teng Jia Village had this kind of a hero. In the future, who would dare humiliate them?

“Take the four Alpha wolves’ and Wolf King’s bodies back with us. We are going home!” Teng Yonglei said.

“That’s right, it’s time to return home.” Many clans men’s eyes were bloodshot.

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