The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 14: Horizon Line

“The Internal Arts practices the strength of the whole body until forming the internal strength, and then the higher realm is reached. In fact, this is ‘Transforming the Essential Substance’ into the ‘Divine Energy’ stage.”

“The ancient people did not pay attention to musculoskeletal exercise, in their view, that is an insignificant path. Their attention was totally absorbed by Reiki and refining the internal strength. After all, in the ancient past Reiki was in abundance, and experts can refine a lot of internal strength, they can even be stored in the Dantian. We practice the Internal Arts which is based on refining the blood in the body that refines a little interior strength, so the interior strength is minimal and stored in the meridians.”

Teng Qing Shan was nervous when he read this.

Now in great battles, the internal strength was only secondary, most relied on the muscles, bones and strength.

The ancient people simply relied on the powerful internal strength.

After all, the ancient were ‘rich’, more precisely, they had too much interior strength. The modern were ‘poor’, ‘interior strength’ was too little that it couldn’t be stored in the Dantian.

“But when comparing the Internal Arts and the exercises of the ancient people, Internal Arts didn’t only have weaknesses, but they also have their own advantages as well.”

“The biggest advantage is that the grandmaster of the Internal Arts‘s body can completely open the meridians.”

“For ancient people, it was extremely difficult to get through the meridians. Just opening Renduermo, was considered as a remarkable achievement.”

Teng Qing Shan also smiled when he read this statement.

Indeed, the ancient world masters, nobody has completely opened the meridians of the body. Whether the kidneys and the twelve meridians, even if the small meridian completely passed through, the interior strength could instantly reach all parts of the body.

“When I began researching, I couldn’t understand. The interior strength of the ancient practitioners was stronger, it should be easier for them to get through the meridians. Why do they feel it as much more difficult than we do?”

Teng Qing Shan nodded slightly.

“After my investigation and understanding, I made some conclusions.”

“The ancient practitioners are occupied by the Reiki, in order to accumulate enough internal strength, relying on the powerful internal strength to gradually open up the meridian. This method is like cleaning up the river, the mud and garbage are crowded back. The more they are crowded back, the more narrow riverbed becomes.”

“Although, in this process of opening the meridians, not only fewer impurities are pushed out, there also are many impurities pushed into the other meridians as well.”

Teng Qing Shan quietly nodded.

“Every time they open up a meridian, it will make the ‘impurity’ within the other meridians more intensive, which also makes it difficult to open the next meridian.” Teng Qing Shan was completely captivated by this reason, “So, the ancient practitioners can open up the kidneys, but the twelve meridians, they are extremely rare. As to get through some smaller meridians, it is almost impossible!”

Teng Qing Shan agreed.

The method determined the result.

The method of the ancient people, which opened up the meridian, purely relied on the brute force. By the power of interior strength, they constantly crowded impurities, naturally it will become more difficult to get through. We could not blame the ancient people, it was mainly a powerful interior strength refinery.

“But the Internal Arts are not the same!”

“The Internal Arts are exercising throughout the body, whether it is muscle, fascia, bone, etc…. are included in the exercise. Even the meridians are frequently stimulated. In the meridians, the impurities should not have been more in the beginning, then along with exercise the impurities penetrate out of the pores gradually.”

“Because our internal strength is insignificant, so basically it can’t be repressed. With many years of practice, the impurities will continue to penetrate out, one day, it can get through all the meridians, reaching the higher realm.”

Teng Qing Shan laughed.

He himself was an Internal Arts master, so he knew it was true.

The ancient training methods were based on the internal strength that coerced; impurities could not penetrate out and the Internal Arts were based on strengthening all parts of the body, including the meridians.

The small meridians were connected to the pores and in the process of training, the impurities could be penetrated out through the pores. Naturally, the impurities in the meridians would slowly run into some off-shoot, and then penetrated out.

What about the ancient people?

When it just began, they squeezed a large number of impurities into the meridians that made the small meridians completely blocked.

The Internal Arts master was strengthening every part of the body that made the impurities naturally ran down.

“So, by the perspective of meridians, the Internal Arts practice should be better than the ancient cultivation methods.”

Seeing this, Teng Qing Shan couldn’t help but agree.

So, how many ancient people were able to get through all meridians?

“Sometimes I wonder if there is an Internal Arts master that can be back in the Shang and Zhou, Warring States, Qin and Han dynasties, when the Reiki was abundant, capable of opening all the meridians of the body, practicing all kinds of secret method of the ancient, i am afraid his achievements will be unlimited.”

Teng Qing Shan was silent.

This ‘Willow monkey god’ master at the Republic of China period was also standing at the peak of the world, when he knew that the ancient master practiced like that and there still was three major fundamental realms, how could his heart not be faced?

Teng Qing Shan read this lengthy description of ‘Willow monkey god’ and there were endless emotions in his heart.

“Hate is not born in the distant antiquity.”

Teng Qing Shan complained slightly. In this modern society, he has been known as a pinnacle of the master figure, but in the ancient era he would be considered as an ordinary master. There were so many masters in that time. Just imagining that, there was a sudden surge in Teng Qing Shan.

“I really do not know why the Reiki has begun decreasing quickly since Sui.” Teng Qing Shan said to himself, then he continued to read this ‘Millenium Chronicle.’

“Millenium Chronicle” This book was indeed a book documented by the ‘Thief Door’ ’s methods.

In the book, there was also the ‘Monkey Art‘s’ training methods from the fundamentals to the higher realm. It was extremely difficult for most people to practice this internal strength by these methods, let alone became a master.


Teng Qing Shan could not help but be surprised when he scrolled down to the last page.

“My ‘Thief Door’ has handed down a few methods since the ancient. When it begin, I do not appreciate these methods, after practicing the ancient secrets of the research, I known that these Arts are true. Because the Reiki reduce, these Arts have become useless.”

“Except for the practice of these secret Arts, there is another method called ‘horizon line’ which talks about how to practice the ultimate Skill of my ‘Thief Door’. This ancient Art does not express how to practice the internal strength, but it is about the method of using the internal strength. I have reached the higher realm for twenty years, amassed a lot of internal strength. After performing a couple of experiments, I found that after doing it only once, my interior strength was entirely consumed! I admired… the ancient people whose internal strength was just on another level.”

Teng Qing Shan sighed.

Internal Arts master sometimes generated internal strength when they fought. After all, the internal strength in the body was so small that it did not need to be stored in the Dantian.

The ancient were able to absorb an astonishing amount of Internal Strength with the help of Reiki.

“I, Willow monkey god, am most proud of my growth in soft and fast techniques. But I find that when I do ‘horizon line’ just once, I run out of internal strength…. But this is too fast. I am not heartless to see a skill like this disappear, so I record it at the end of the book.”

The last pages of the book ‘Millennium Chronicle’ documented the of agility art ‘horizon line’.

Perhaps this art was very precious in the Warring States, Qin and Han.

At this time, this art was only a ‘collection’, the practical effect has been minimal. After all, who would dare to use it, when an Internal Arts master did it just once, he ran out of the internal strength. In the battle, it was extremely dangerous if you run out of internal strength.

“How powerful is ‘horizon line’?” Teng Qing Shan read carefully.

Basing on the description of the ‘horizon line’, you could achieve the highest level of ‘Gold Dan Qiang’.

“It is such a waste.”

Teng Qing Shan looked at the method carefully, but he could not help but be admired.


The sun rises, in the courtyard of the house which Teng Qing Shan was living in, there was a strange figure that was following a monstrous footprints system. There were a lot of sunken footprints on the ground.

These footprints were made by Teng Qing Shan who was caught in the ‘horizon line’, and then began to train. In the Arts it was recorded that the most basic thing of ‘horizon line’ was this footwork’s system. They were seemingly simple, but it contained endless mysteries.

“This footwork is really strange.” Teng Qing Shan relied on the order of this footwork. From the midnight to now, Teng Qing Shan have stepped for a long time, step by step he found that something special was included in this footwork.

This sequence could not be explained by logic, but Teng Qing Shan could feel it.

“Just practicing this footwork is useless. But the level of agility that I generate..” Teng Qing Shan stopped, “Seemingly, it should coordinate with the internal strength for this ‘horizon line’ to show it’s real strength.”

Teng Qing Shan has been a super killer, of course he had a good memory. There were just a few thousands of words in the Art of ‘horizon line’, three patterns of footwork and six piece of meridians were all recorded in his mind.

“lets see how powerful ‘horizon line’ is?”

Teng Qing Shan’s body was tingling, just like the grandmaster ‘Willow mokey god’ could not resist the temptation, Teng Qing Shan decied to test ‘horizon line’.

“The internal strength head towards the red door, straight down through the sea of blood, then moves backward….” In Teng Qing Shan’s mind he still clearly remembered Yunjin way. While running the internal strength on the body, the whole body of Teng Qing Shan seemed as if a lighting suddenly lashed to the front.


Suddenly, Teng Qing Shan disappeared.

“Stop!” Teng Qing Shan prevented the internal strength immediately.

“In just a second, he can leap at least thirty meters.” Teng Qing Shan looked back, he even came to a small courtyard outside in the woods. Teng Qing Shan was completely shocked by this terrible speed.

“This consumes internal strength too quickly, I just started and then immediately stopped but half of my internal strength was consumed.” Teng Qing Shan understood what ‘Willow monkey god’ had said. If he were a second slower, all of his internal strength would have been consumed.

“It is ridiculous. When I am fighting, I can not waste this much internal strength.” Teng Qing Shan was startled.

This ‘horizon line’ Skill was really amazing but the interior strength also consumed quickly

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