The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 10: Choice

Book 2 Chapter 10 Choice

In the living room, Teng Yunlong and the other elders turned their heads and looked at Teng Qingshan. For the duration of the conversation, they hadn’t asked Teng Qingshan what he wanted, because they thought that he was just a six year old child. Although Teng Qingshan was talented, what would a six year old understand about his future?

How could they allow a child to make such an important decision?

“Qingshan,” Teng Yunlong said with a kind smile, “Gui Yuan Sect is the strongest sect in Yangzhou’s Jiangning county. If you get in, you will be able to learn their secret techniques and practice inner strength. In the future, you would be considered an exceptional hero in Yi City.”

“I don’t want to go,” refused Teng Qingshan, shaking his head with determination.

He didn’t have a good excuse he could use at the moment. After all, his current identity was only that of a six year old child.

“Master, I think we should make the decision after two years,” Teng Yongfan couldn’t bear to leave his son, and blurted out this sentence.

“Hmph, Yongfan, you need to consider Qingshan’s future!” Teng Yunlong’s expression darkened.

The silver-haired old man with a forehead tumor yelled with a sullen face, “Yongfan, your son’s future has boundless possibilities; you better not ruin it!” This third Grandpa was well-known in Teng Jia Village for his strict ways and most of the children were even too scared to speak in front of him.

“I don’t want brother to leave!” little Qingyu cried loudly, bursting into tears.

“Qingyu, don’t cry,” consoled Yuan Lan as she picked up her daughter.

“Little Yu, be good and don’t cry. Brother won’t leave,” Teng Qingshan touched his sister’s crying face before turning his head to look at the adults, “Grandpa, why do I have to join the Gui Yuan Sect? I don’t want to go!” With no other strategies at his disposal, Teng Qingshan could only rely on his identity as a child and throw a tantrum!

“Qingshan, stop it!” Teng Yunlong shouted.

“Qingshan! What does a child like you know about the future? Be obedient!” the third grandpa yelled.

Teng Qingshan didn’t want to go.

The reason being that he didn’t dare to practice the sect’s inner strength cultivation methods. This was because… their method of cultivating inner strength involved forcefully breaking through one’s meridians to let inner strength circulate throughout the body to enhance it! Teng Qingshan already understood this after reading the Millennium Chronicle.. Besides, he had already learned the secret technique Crossing Worlds; he just hadn’t opened all of his meridians yet

If he used a cultivation method to forcefully break through his meridians, impurities would accumulate inside the other meridians, making it much more difficult to break through them later. This would make him lose his advantage as an Internal Martial Art practitioner. Before opening up all of his meridians through Internal Martial Arts, Teng Qingshan would never practice these so-called ‘secret techniques’.

Using Internal Martial Arts to open up all of his meridians had major advantages. Although the early stages of progress are quite unbearingly slow, later on, one could open all of their meridians.

Practicing secret methods would only harm his future potential!

However, Teng Qingshan simply couldn’t say this outright!

“I am not going,” Teng Qingshan shook his head.

Third grandpa’s face darkened as he shouted, “You are too unbridled! You are a child, should remember to listen to the adults! We all want what’s best for you!”

“Qingshan!” Teng Yunlong’s expression also worsened.

“Even if you send me there, and even if the secret method is in front of me, I won’t learn it!” Teng Qingshan continued, “Then, once the one year mark passes, Gui Yuan Sect would kick me out.”

Pointing at Teng Qingshan, the third grandpa wanted to scold him, but didn’t even know what to say anymore.

Indeed, if they forced Teng Qingshan to join, and if he refused to learn the secret method, then even if it was right in front of him, they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

“Qingshan, you are too rebellious!” Teng Yunlong became angry. As the long serving chief, his authority shouldn’t be violated. Growing angry, he yelled, “I watched you grow up and you have always been very obedient. What has gotten into you? You better obediently listen to your grandpa; you will understand his good intentions when you grow up.”

Teng Qingshan slightly shook his head and didn’t speak in silent protest!

All the adults in the living room were completely out of ideas. Teng Qingshan was well-known for his good behavior, but why was he suddenly so stubborn today? The better-behaved a child was, the harder he would be to sway once he decided to act stubborn.

“Yongxiang, Yonglei, if Qingshan is disobedient…Take him out and lock him in the barn!” Teng Yunlong ordered.

Both Teng Yongxiang and Teng Yonglei couldn’t be helped but feel shocked.

“Master…” Teng Yongfan could help but try to stand in.

“Didn’t you hear my words?” Teng Yunlong’s eyes suddenly widened in anger, and radiated fierceness. Teng Yongxiang and Teng Yonglei could only accept the village chief’s order and looked at Teng Qingshan. “I will go by myself!” saying this, Teng Qingshan walked outside without further discussion. Not needing anyone to escort him, Teng Qingshan walked towards the barn that was next to the courtyard by himself, taking everyone by surprise.

“Father,” Yuan Lan spoke up anxiously.

“Master,” Teng Yongfan also stared at the chief, Teng Yunlong.

Teng Yunlong sighed, “I really don’t know what happened to Qingshan, that child. He is normally very well-behaved, but for some reason, he was extremely stubborn today. However, he is only a child… let’s keep him inside for a few days and see if he changes his mind. Lan, Yongfan, you two aren’t allowed to release him! Of course, you still need to prepare three meals a day for him.”

“Yes, Master.” The pair could only agree helplessly.

“Even an adult would be unable to stand being locked up in a compact, pitch-black cell after a couple of days. ,. A six year old child like him won’t even be able to last a few days. You can let him out once he admits defeat,” said Teng Yunlong. After reaching this point of the argument against his grandchild, who was only six years old, even someone as wise as he had run out of ways to deal with this little rascal.

Torture Teng Qingshan? He couldn’t bring himself to do that.

Persuade him? That was already proven useless.

Locking Teng Qingshan up was only a a temporary solution. Logically speaking, kids liked to play outside, and hated to be locked up. Although Teng Yunlong and the other tribesman thought highly of this talented child, they still thought that Teng Qingshan would only be able to stay in the woodshed for at most two to three days. However, they would have never expected… that Teng Qingshan,, a six year old child, would be able to endure being locked up for six full days in the barn without shedding a single tear.

Teng Qingshan stayed in the woodshed very peacefully, and whenever he was asked if he had changed his mind, he would always reply, ”I don’t want to leave Teng village!”

Teng Yunlong was getting anxious!

Should we just keep him locked up like this? If the detention lasted too long, it would probably affect Teng Qingshan’s mind. In his heart, Teng Yunlong loved his grandson very much. He wanted to let his grandson go to the Gui Yuan Sect this time because it was for his future’s sake.


In the barn…

In his narrow room, Teng Qingshan continuously practiced the Three Postures, which were also called the origin of the Three Xing Yi Postures. Although Teng Qingshan had already reached the Grandmaster realm in his previous world, he still felt that the Three Postures were unfathomable, and they would certainly have some perpetually deeper meanings. Teng Qingshan showed no trace of impatience while staying inside the barn.

On the contrary, he could enjoy his practice to the fullest.

After living as an hitman in his previous life, what kind of torture has Teng Qingshan not received? Being locked up? This was hardly a punishment in Teng Qingshan’s eyes.

“Hm?” his ears twitching, Teng Qingshan immediately stopped practicing and sat down on the wooden floor.

Whenever Teng Qingshan noticed someone approaching, he would immediately stop practicing.

“Qingshan,” a voice sounded.

“Third Grandpa,” Teng Qingshan called back. Fearing that Teng Qingshan’s parents would secretly let him out and defeat the purpose of the detention, Third Grandpa personally guarded Teng Qingshan.

“Qingshan, your Third Grandpa has already told you, you will waste your talent if you stay in Teng Jia Village. You are Teng Jia Village’s genius that only appears once in a thousand years. During this critical time, you can’t be so childish,” Usually third grandpa acted very cold, but if he got angry, Teng Qingshan would just ignore him and not say anything.

After a period of time, this Third Grandpa could only try to persuade him.

Hence, while trying to persuade Teng Qingshan, he would at least speak to him.

“Qingshan, are you still not willing to join Gui Yuan Sect?” the Third Grandpa asked him.

“Third Grandpa, I’ve already said that I don’t want to leave Teng Jia Village—At least, not yet! Not mentioning being locked up six days, even if I were to be locked up for six months, I still wouldn’t change my mind,” Teng Qingshan spoke with a calm voice and the words he said didn’t have the slightest hesitation, only determination.

The Third Grandpa who was standing outside the barn felt helpless.

A six-year-old child locked up for six days still didn’t show a single trace of impatience. With this mindset, he would become extremely successful if he joined the Gui Yuan Sect.

“Squeak.” The door was opened.

“What happened?” Teng Qingshan turned his head towards the door with surprise.

The Third Grandpa who was standing outside the barn looked at Teng Qingshan and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Revealing a helpless smile, he said,”All right, little Qingshan, your grandpa admits that you are strong. Both your grandfather and I give up! From now on, we won’t force you to go and only send you if you are willing.”

No matter what, Teng Yunlong loved Teng Qingshan and couldn’t lock him up for too long.

Six days, that was the deadline set by Teng Yunlong and the others. If Teng Qingshan still refused to give in after six days, they would give up.

“Third Grandpa,” Seeing the tired face of his Third Grandpa, Teng Qingshan also felt a sense of guilt in his heart. He knew that the elders in his village also hoped that he would achieve great things. However, this time he couldn’t tell them his reason and could only force them to give up in this confrontation.

Teng Qingshan could also feel the affection of these elders towards him inside his heart.

“Third grandpa, please rest assured. Even if I stay in Teng Jia Village, I won’t let you down,” Teng Qingshan said.

“Haha…being locked up for six days and still not worried or impatient. You are still only six years old this year! Haha, your Third Grandpa has never seen a child like you in my whole life. Your future prospects, even your Third Grandpa couldn’t imagine it anymore.” Right now, the Third Grandpa could only accept that Teng Qingshan would stay in Teng Jia Village.

A moment later, Teng Yunlong gathered many people in the courtyard.

Teng Yunlong looked at his grandson and helplessly smiled and then looked at Teng Yongfan while saying, “Yongfan, although your son is usually well-behaved, he is really stubborn. Even I can’t win against him.”

“This child is too disobedient and doesn’t understand master’s kindness.” Right now, Teng Yongfan could only console the Chief, Teng YunLong.

“Qingshan,” Teng Yunlong turned his head and looked at Teng Qingshan while saying, ”All right, tell me what you want to learn. No matter what you want to learn, your grandfather will find a way to find a good teacher to teach you.”

“I want to learn Spear Arts!”

Teng Qingshan told him his already long thought out plan.

“Spear?” Teng Yunlong frowned while saying, ”Qingshan, there are many people who practice the spear in our village, but it is only using a technique created by farmers from the experience accumulated and passed on from generation to generation, nothing more. Moreover, the spear is the most difficult weapon to practice. Without a decade of hard work, you won’t be able to even use the basics. As for a major breakthrough in the art of the spear, it may even take a lifetime. Inside Yi City, there are no real spear masters that I have heard of. It will be very difficult to find a powerful spear master for you, ah, you should choose another weapon.”

“I only want to practice the spear,” Teng Qingshan replied.

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