The national prince charming took first place again

Chapter 1411

Chapter 1411: Chapter 1413: A formidable figure


Zhong Limo was holding a stalk of dog tail grass in his mouth as he sat on the railing by the door. Two dumplings were squatting beside him.

Tang Yuan looked at his big brother’s calm expression and felt that a storm was coming.

He hugged Tang Wan’s leg and Tang Wan felt a sinister gaze staring at him.

“Tang Yuan, come here. ” Zhong Limo brought Tang Wan to his side.

“Big Brother, hehehe… ” Tang Yuan rubbed his face. “Big Brother, don’t be angry anymore. ”

Zhong Limo glanced at Tang Wan. “Don’t get too close to the males. ”

Tang Yuan:”…”

Tang Wan:”…”

When Feng Yulin walked out, he saw Tang Wan and Zhong Limo staring at each other.

Ling Jue looked at his big brother’s Ruffian look and picked up Tang Yuan from his body. He gave it a look.

“Lord Jue, big brother must be angry that crazy master slept in your room again. ”

“…”only the two of them could hear its voice.

Ling Jue tugged at his brother’s sleeve. “Big Brother, we can set off now. ”

Zhong Limo saw his sister’s expression and snorted coldly at Feng Yulin. “Let’s go. ”

Feng Yulin only curled his lips. Ling Jue was walking together with big brother. Looking at his face, it was a little dark.

Big Brother was really… …

Making her feel that he was too cute.

Walking out of the INN, there was a luxurious horse parked at the door. On the roof of the Horse, there was the word ‘Yu’ .

“Welcome, my lords. ” The attendant immediately came forward and looked at the three of them respectfully.

“Okay. ” Zhong Limo walked forward and entered the carriage. The interior was also very luxurious.

He patted the seat beside him and said, “sit next to your brother. ”

“Oh… ” Ling Jue spat at Feng Yulin and then sat next to his brother.

Tang Wan:”…”

Feng Yulin was very calm. His wife was already his. If her brother wanted to be angry, then so be it.

The carriage drove on the road, and the journey was very smooth.

“How did Su Ningyan know that we live here? ” Ling Jue looked at the street outside and saw people coming and going.

“As the empress, she knows every move in the city, ” Zhong Limo said indifferently. “We might be her special attention. ”

Ling Jue nodded. That’s right. As the empress, she wasn’t that simple.

When they reached the main road of the Imperial Palace, they stopped. There were many people and carriages lined up in front.

However, their carriages entered very quickly. The high officials and nobles standing beside them consciously stood beside them.

This carriage was exclusive to the empress. Even if it wasn’t the empress, it was still an important person to the empress.

Therefore, it was fine for them to be stuck in traffic. They didn’t want to let such a big shot block their way.

Tang Yuan lifted the curtain and looked outside curiously. Many young ladies from aristocratic families were standing by the roadside, basking in the sun.

It was too hot in the carriage, and the sun was shining brightly outside. It was still acceptable if there was a slight breeze.

When they saw this luxurious carriage pass by, everyone looked sideways.

Then, they saw the handsome man and beautiful woman sitting inside. Tang Yuan hurriedly lowered the curtain.

Lord Jue couldn’t let anyone peep at him

“Who is sitting inside? ”

“Who knows? ”

“He looks very powerful and even came here in the empress’s carriage. ”

“He should be a friend of the empress. ”

“It’s possible. ”

“their carriage actually drove in directly. Didn’t they say that apart from the empress, no one is allowed to drive in the palace? ”

“That’s the empress’s carriage. The people inside must be important figures as well. It’s normal for them to take a carriage. ”

“How annoying. We still have to wait for so long. I don’t want to walk there. ”

“My makeup has been ruined. ”

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