The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 766 - : [Side Story: silver ring]  

Chapter 766: [Side Story: silver ring]

Yingluo couldn’t do it. She had to do something. A strong anger enveloped Fu Zhi. The two people in front of her had lived with her for more than ten years, and she was trying to do something to change the trajectory of her fate in advance. Just then, Huo ningxin looked up and saw Fu Zhi’s transparent body gradually turning solid. “A ghost!” Huo ningxin exclaimed. She let out a heart – wrenching scream. “No, mom, I’m not a ghost! Don’t get too excited!” Fu Zhi quickly covered Huo ningxin’s mouth. “Then what are you?” At that time, Huo ningxin was 17 years younger. She didn’t have so many little wolves around her. She had a soft personality and always wanted to convey her grievances and injustice to her parents through words. Fu Zhi’s heart ached for her. She glanced at her fingers, which were rough because of the housework. They were very different from Huo niannian’s beautiful hands, which looked like they had never been through any hardships. Her parents ‘unconscious favoritism and self – righteous way of dealing with things were like sharp blades that cut their children’s soft hearts. She whispered to Huo ningxin,”I’m not what you’re talking about.” In order to make Huo ningxin trust her, she whispered,””Your son likes me a lot. Who knows, I might be your daughter – in – Law in the future.” “You’re still so young!” Huo ningxin was scared out of her wits. Fu Zhi looked very young and tender.”My son abducted a minor?!” She said,”I’ll break his legs!” “……” But that’s not what you said back then. You gave ye Jiu a huge sum of money and told him to stay far away from me. Actually, Huo ningxin believed that her son had fallen in love with Fu Zhi. The little girl was so pretty that even she, who was obsessed with her looks, would fall in love with her. What about li Nanli, who had just crawled out of her womb? The mother and son were made from the same mold. She had fallen in love with li Sicheng, who was very good – looking, at a young age. Naturally, she could not be a double standard and be an evil mother – in – Law who broke up a couple. Especially since her son was so lucky, she could tell that the little girl liked her son too. He didn’t have to suffer the same pain she had suffered at the same age because of her rejection. “That’s great,” she said.”But you must put your studies first, understand?” Her eyes were shrouded in sorrow. She seemed to be thinking of something, and the smile on her lips seemed to be far – fetched. Fu Zhi really wanted to tell her not to indulge in an unfortunate marriage. She didn’t know how many little puppies who were prettier than li Sicheng would surround her and call her sister in the future. She wanted to tell her that she was unparalleled in the world and that she had become an existence that everyone in the circle of noble ladies in the capital wanted to be but could not. However, the world’s laws had restricted her, so she could only say,””Auntie, don’t be sad. Nan Li doesn’t want to see you so sad either. He must be heartbroken for you.” —— —— On the other side, in the hospital’s resting room. The Huo family’s two elders took the ointment and wiped it on Huo niannian’s wound. The corners of their eyes were filled with heartache and disappointment. “That good – for – nothing! He actually did this to his own family! This time, I have to teach her a lesson. ” “Don’t worry, niannian,” dad said.”I’ll get her to apologize to you.” Beside her, mother Huo chimed in,””Niannian, this time it’s ningxin’s fault, she’s really spoiled! How could he be so vicious! But she’s your sister, so you have to be more tolerant of her. Dad and mom are old, so we’ll give you more shares. In the future, when there’s only the two of you left in the world, you’ll have to support each other. ” More shares again! Mutual support again! There had never been a time when the Huo family’s two elders had asked her to send Huo ningxin away after she had been humiliated! As expected, those who weren’t their biological daughter would always be at the mercy of others and be trampled under the feet of their biological daughter! Huo niannian thought to herself resentfully. If he didn’t love her enough, why did he bring her out of the orphanage? He had doted on her for ten years, and when Huo ningxin was found in the Huo family, he felt sorry for her for suffering in the countryside. He even tried in vain to give all his shares to Huo ningxin when she married li Sicheng! Both husband and wife were animals in the skin of hypocrites. They had never thought about her. Old master Li, who always disliked him, made things difficult for her and even made her and Li Sicheng get a pre – marriage agreement. Otherwise, li Sicheng would also lose the right to inherit the Li family. Under such circumstances, if she did not have any shares in the Huo family, wouldn’t she be laughed at and suffer when she married into the family? What was the use of a man’s love? Only Huo ningxin, that kind of love – Brain Trash, would want to marry li Sicheng and take care of his house for him without complaint. What Huo niannian wanted was money! The money that he could hold in his hands! The guilt of the Huo family’s two elders and the man! And … And the fu twins that she met in high school. Compared to li Sicheng, who she could play with, of course, she preferred the young man in her memory, who she had tried all means to seduce but failed. Li Sicheng and Huo niannian were the only two people left in the lounge. “Rest well. Send me a message when you’re home.” Seeing that li Sicheng was about to leave, Huo niannian panicked and quickly pulled on his sleeve.”Brother Sicheng, where are you going?” You don’t want me anymore?” She was extremely pitiful. In just a moment, her face was full of tears, like a Pear Blossom with tears. However, looking at her face, for some reason, li Sicheng thought of someone he didn’t want to talk about and teased Huo ningxin. In her memory, Huo ningxin rarely cried. She could count how she cried when she was young, let alone now. But since that was the case, why would he miss her? He felt a wave of frustration in his heart. He took time to think and suppressed the complicated feelings in his heart.”Niannian, I’m married.” “Brother Sicheng?” Huo niannian looked at him in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that such words would come out of his mouth.”I’m the one who should have married you!” This marriage was meant to be between you and me! Huo ningxin snatched my marriage away and she scolded and hit me. Now, you want to do the same, right?” “She wouldn’t hit someone for no reason.” Li Sicheng retorted subconsciously. However, as soon as the words left her mouth, she regretted it. As expected, she looked into Huo niannian’s eyes, which were red from crying. If Huo ningxin didn’t return to the Huo family and come to ruin this marriage, they would have been together. Huo Sicheng finally felt compassion for her. It was drizzling outside the window. He pinched the space between his eyebrows.”I’ll take you home.” —— Huo ningxin came out of the hospital. Li Nanli’s injuries were very serious. The doctor said that he had to stay in the hospital for observation for a while. However, he was about to take his high school exams and had to go to the Army with old master Li’s arrangements. “Here, I’ll give him some strong medicine. You pay attention to the patient’s emotional fluctuations. I saw that his brain was injured by a blunt weapon. Although the medicine was prescribed, you should know that patients are emotionally unstable. It’s easy to cause a wound in the brain. This is no joke.” Huo ningxin thanked the doctor again and again. After sending him off, she went home to get him a change of clothes. However, just as she reached the entrance of the hospital, she heard a sweet voice. Huo ningxin’s body froze. She looked up and saw Huo niannian holding Huo Sicheng’s arm. Her red dress outlined her slim waist and long legs. She was standing in the rain with Huo Sicheng. The man was holding a black umbrella. The umbrella was tilted, completely covering the woman’s slender figure. “Big brother Sicheng, my skirt is wet from standing here,” she said with a smile. Huo ningxin followed her line of sight and saw the cold – looking man holding an umbrella. The rain blurred his expression. He seemed to have looked in Huo ningxin’s direction, but he didn ‘T. He raised his hand and wrapped it around Huo niannian’s waist.”Be careful.” He had to be careful. Huo ningxin carefully read these words and thought of her third year in high school. It was also a rainy night in the capital, and it was drizzling. She carefully hid her love and secretly stuffed a black umbrella into his desk during the afternoon class. At night, the bell rang. She stood in a dark corner, like a backdrop, and saw li Sicheng gently open the umbrella to block the wind and rain, not touching even a corner of Huo niannian’s clothes. At that time, she was sad and depressed. She hid on the path behind the two of them and was drenched in the rain, crying for a long time. After so long, her memories of the past had become blurry, but the dull pain in her chest made her clearly understand what she cared about. She suddenly felt helpless. The marriage she had worked so hard to build, the joy she had when she married li Sicheng, had crumbled the moment Huo niannian returned to the country. She was his wife, but at this moment, she was not even as good as an outsider. Li Sicheng opened the car door for Huo niannian and said, “I’ll take you to the waterside pavilion in the Middle South First. ” The waterside pavilion in the Middle South was li Sicheng’s private residence, and he would live there for eight or nine months of the year. Huo niannian touched her wrist and turned to li Sicheng to say something. Immediately after, Huo ningxin saw li Sicheng patiently looking down and bending over to help her fasten her seat belt. Huo niannian grabbed the man’s wrist. The man lowered his eyes, and the air was ambiguous. At that moment, time seemed to have slowed down. Their movements were as slow as those in an idol drama. Huo ningxin suddenly felt a sweet taste in her throat. She subconsciously ran to the side and spat out Scarlet blood. The rainy night was ambiguous and lingering. She thought countless times in her mind that perhaps he would use the hand that had touched her waist to lift another woman’s waist, and then use the lips that had kissed her to kiss another person. Especially when this person was Huo niannian, the one he couldn’t forget. She looked so much like Huo niannian. Perhaps when they were in bed, all he could think of was Huo niannian’s face. “Blargh!” Huo ningxin was overwhelmed with disgust. The passers – by kept looking at her as if she was a lunatic. —— —— The summer night in Beijing was hot and stuffy, and mosquitoes bred. Fu Zhi had a new title now. She had been changed from the school Belle of Chang Hong high school to the girlfriend of the school hunk, li Nanli. Of course, these were all nicknames from outsiders. She and Li Nanli were clearly not in a relationship yet, but it was said that after li Nanli pulled Fu Zhi away from the milk tea shop that night, everyone made up all sorts of love – hate stories for the two of them. “But I think li Changgu isn’t bad either. Why did Fu Zhi choose li Nanli?” A few of Fu Zhi’s followers discussed,”Look, li Changgu will go out to work every day to earn money for Fu Zhi. He will also buy pancakes and make cold noodles for Fu Zhi during the break between classes. He will even get hot water to wash Fu Zhi’s hair. He doesn’t even cross the line of the twenty – four filial piety!” Yes, although Chang Hong was a school for the elite, there were four people in a dormitory and nearly a thousand students in a building. Although every dormitory had a place to take a bath, most of the time, the water would be bone – chillingly cold when the first person took a bath and the second person used the shower. “Especially since li Changgu is not bad looking! I don’t know what sister Zhi is thinking!” These comments seemed to have grown wings and spread to every corner of the campus. When li Changgu entered the classroom again with milk tea, his face had darkened by a notch from carrying bricks. Fortunately, Fu Zhi and Li Nanli had good genes. He was still a handsome young man, but he looked like a little wild dog from a little puppy, which added a little masculinity. He handed the milk tea to Fu Zhi.”This is your favorite, strawberry cream milk tea. Less ice, 30% sweet, with coffee pearls.” “Yes.” Fu Zhi drank her milk coldly.”You’ve worked hard recently. Work hard and try to buy a house this semester. We’ll move out.” There were four people in the school dormitory. There were many people, so Fu Zhi was not used to living there and wanted to move out with her son. However, the students who heard her words immediately thought too much. “What did I just hear? Fu Zhi wanted to live with li Changgu! Li Nanli has been cuckolded!” “Fuck! The love line that I’m a fan of has come true!” “Sister Zhi, take care of yyds! Even if the heavenly Emperor were here, these two would be the most compatible! I admire the love from the school uniform to the wedding dress!” When li Nanli walked into the class, all he heard was people crying madly over the beautiful love between Fu Zhi and Li Changgu. Fu Zhi saw the young man standing outside the door with pursed lips. There was a hint of ruthlessness in his eyes as he stared at the gossiping classmate. However, when he looked at Fu Zhi, she became naughty. She deliberately pulled li Changgu’s collar and pulled him in front of her. The two of them were so close to each other that they could hear each other’s breathing. However, from an outsider’s point of view, it looked as if li Changgu had “accidentally” and “coincidentally” pounced on Fu Zhi. “Aooo! Is this something I can watch without paying?” “Brother Gu is awesome!” The class suddenly burst into a commotion. Li Changgu was dumbfounded.”???” What’s wrong? What was so awesome about him? Fu Zhi reminded him,”turn around.” Li Changgu turned his head obediently and saw li Nanli’s dark expression. Li Changgu was speechless. 啊啊啊啊! Li Changgu had gone crazy. His inner os were crazy. Mom, you’re setting me up! Dad, let me explain! My mother and I are not what you think! There was no such thing as ‘mother’s literature’, and there was no such thing as ‘below the neck is indescribable’! Dad, mom and I only have the 16 – Word mantra of prosperity and civilization! Li Changgu almost knelt in front of li Nanli, but the students around him who were watching the show secretly shouted,””Fight, fight!” Two men fighting for a woman, they were too greedy! But Fu Zhi still tilted her head and said to him,”why did you suddenly pounce on me?” Li Changgu was confused.”???” I’m not, I didn ‘t! You’re talking nonsense! I know you hate me for sending you to this world, but you can’t kill me! “Li Changgu,” As expected, li Nanli, who was standing outside the door, suddenly became extremely fierce. He looked at him and said,”come out for a moment.” These words were no less than,”don’t leave after school, meet at the door.” Li Changgu was speechless. Li Changgu’s heart ached and his legs turned soft. The students around him, who were originally eager to try, were dumbfounded.”What’s wrong with li Changgu? he’s usually so handsome. Why is it that when he sees li Nanli, he’s like a son who sees his father?” Nonsense! This is my F * cking father! —— Li Nanli brought li Changgu to a small forest with no one around. Li Nanli’s expression was cold, and his back was straight. The moment he looked at li Changgu, li Changgu’s mind suddenly went blank. He knelt down without thinking and said,””Dad! Dad, don’t hit me! It’s impossible between me and my mom! I admire her as my mother and you as my father! Dad, believe me!” The shadow left behind by his father for more than ten years made li Changgu admit defeat without thinking. The sudden turn of events also dumbfounded li Nanli. Other people might think that li Changgu was pouncing on Fu Zhi, but he actually saw Fu Zhi pulling the young man’s collar and dragging him in front of her. At that moment, he was overwhelmed by jealousy and fear. He knew that they were childhood sweethearts and had known each other for a long time, but Fu Zhi had provoked him. For a person like him, even if he didn’t have the right to love someone, he still wanted to give his heart to her. But Fu Zhi held li Changgu back. At that moment, li Nanli was filled with hatred. Didn’t she say that she liked him? Why did she trample on him when he had given his heart away? why did she regret it and get together with li Changgu? He was angry and helpless. For a moment, he even thought that it was better to pretend that he didn’t see it. If he was a fool, he might still have a chance to be with her. He had called li Changgu out in a moment of rashness. He did not want to do anything. Even if he was so angry that he wanted to use violence to solve the problem, he clearly understood that if the young man in front of him was the young man Fu Zhi liked, he would not bear to hit him and make Fu Zhi sad. But now, li Changgu’s behavior showed that he had no intention of being with Fu Zhi. Li Nanli did not understand, but he was greatly shocked. “She’s angry with me and wants you to teach me a lesson! Please don’t misunderstand, student li. I admire you very much, and you know that I was raised by a Wolf. I have no father or mother. From the first time I saw you, I was certain that you were my destined father. And Fu Zhi, I felt a long – Lost maternal love from her, but this is not love! Even if everyone in the world went extinct, I still wouldn’t be able to be with my mom!” “……” Li Nanli didn’t know if there was something wrong with li Changgu’s head or what, but his attitude was sincere, as if he really didn’t have that kind of intention. “What about Fu Zhi?” “It’s even more impossible for her to have that kind of feeling towards me. Don’t worry, I can guarantee with my character that you’re the only person she’s liked since she was in her mother’s womb.” As li Changgu spoke, he saw that li Nanli’s expression had softened. He immediately stood up and put his arm around li Nanli’s shoulder.”Sigh, don’t listen to the rumors in school. They’re all nonsense. I don’t want to work so hard every day for my mom … Bah, for Fu Zhi, but since you two are together, you can take care of her too!” Li Nanli pinched the corner of his shirt and tried to probe.”How will she be happy?” “For example, I can top – up her laundry card, buy her beautiful dresses, get her hot water, buy her a better phone than the one I bought her, and help her take care of me. Wait, wait, wait, she likes everything!” Thus, everyone discovered that the Asura scene that they had originally thought had not arrived, but at night, the person who sent Fu Zhi to the female dormitory, poured tea for her, and helped her get hot water became li Nanli. It was worth mentioning that li Changgu had also suddenly turned into a giant baby in this fake Asura arena, waiting for li Nanli to feed him all kinds of food every day. Li Nanli was even more ruthless. He really fed this 200 – month – old baby. Everyone was speechless. Oh my God, when will these days be as hopeful as the novels! —— The days that others thought were hopeless did have color and warmth in Fu Zhi’s eyes. In the past, she had never experienced li Nanli’s life. She only knew that outsiders said that he was decisive, that he was old master Li’s favorite grandson, that he was the Li family’s most outstanding heir, and that none of his uncles could compare to him. However, the 17 – year – old Li Nanli was different from the Li Nanli in the following years. His life was hard and dark. He had his grandparents who didn’t like him, his mother who was trapped in love, his father who didn’t care about his life and death, his grandfather who was watching coldly from the side to train him, his uncles who were eyeing him covetously, and his father’s white moonlight that had tried to stick to him to erase his existence several times. He was labeled as an illegitimate child by the students in the same school, and the girls who were obsessed with his looks avoided his identity and always disdained to belittle him. His world was filled with malice, and even people he had never met before tried to step on him a few more times into the mud. However, the young man was just as determined as Bai Yang, he climbed out of the mud with determination. Fu Zhi knew that her heart ached for the young man in this time and space. She accompanied him and saw all the heartache and extreme malice in the world. On the 27th of September, the school was on holiday. Fu Zhi was dragged to an accessory shop by him. The accessory shop was called eternal night. It was a place that sold earrings and rings. When the receptionist saw the two of them, she smiled warmly. After all, they were wearing the Changhong school uniform and looked like the young masters and young ladies of a rich family. The lady at the counter asked li Nanli,”what kind of accessories do you want to buy for this lady?” “Ring, I want a pair of rings.” He held Fu Zhi’s wrist tightly, the tips of his ears flushed red. He felt a little uneasy when he said this. The girl’s eyes immediately narrowed into a smile, and she hurriedly introduced it to him.”Here’s a diamond ring designed by country f’s great master, Michelle. It’s called true love, meaning to only love one person in a lifetime. It had just arrived, and there were only 100 copies with a price tag of one million! I’ll show it to you now!” The diamond ring in The Crystal Cabinet glittered under the light and reflected colorful lights. The diamond on the ring was only two carats. Fu Zhi knew that she was selling the designer’s creativity and reputation. He also knew that li Nanli did not have such a powerful force now. It was the shopkeeper’s misjudgment that led to the current situation. She said, trying her best to protect the young man’s self – esteem, “It’s not that expensive. If you want to be good to me, you can transfer the money to me!” His tone was a little soft. The moment the words left her mouth, she gave herself a shock. He couldn’t help but sigh,”as expected of you, Fu Zhi!” Other people’s loli voice, but your thousand – hand Guanyin! The shopkeeper glared at Fu Zhi. She didn’t want the business she had just received to fly away. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly heard the young man ask,””Is there a couple ring that’s within ten thousand?” The youngster changed into a pair of white sneakers and pulled the girl he liked along. He said to the shopkeeper, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have that much money. So, can you recommend me a ten thousand Yuan pair ring?” In fact, ten years later, the ring li Nanli gave her was much more expensive than this. It was a big, shiny diamond ring. When Fu Zhi saw such a small ring worth a million Yuan, she only thought that it was a beautiful ornament. Other than that, she had no other thoughts. However, what the shopkeeper girl said next made Fu Zhi unhappy. She rolled her eyes at li Nanli and said in a disdainful tone,”I thought it was some rich young master in love! Eternal night was the largest luxury jewelry store in the capital! How could there be such a cheap thing! I’m speechless. If you don’t have money, why did you learn to shop here like a rich person?” As the female shop owner of a high – end Luxury Shop, her temper was naturally much worse than the waiters in other shops. He closed the cabinet with his love and looked around,””Ten thousand Yuan? What could he do with 10000 Yuan now? Let’s go to the silver accessories section! Stay away from the diamond ring area, can you afford to pay for it if you break it?” Fu Zhi opened her mouth and wanted to go against her. Li Nanli quickly pulled her back and comforted her.”Don’t be angry, Zhizhi.” “It’s your birthday. I want you to be happy, Zhizhi. ” The young man’s eyes were gentle as he pulled her to the silver jewelry section. He used the money he earned from his hard work to buy a silver ring. It was not a couple ring. This was because the price of matching rings was too high. The ring was designed by a fashion designer named Li Luo. The other party was not very famous, so the silver ring was sold for eight thousand dollars. “Do you want me to pack it?” the female employee asked arrogantly. The packaging fee is 200 yuan. ” “Yes, I’ll have to trouble you.” The youngster swiped her card for the bill. Fu Zhi could actually guess that there was 100000 Yuan in his card if nothing unexpected happened. This was the reason why he and Huo ningxin could settle down. He knew that Huo ningxin would divorce li Sicheng very soon. He liked Fu Zhi, but he would not disregard everything for love. He still had his own path to walk. But this thought already contained all the love that the young man could give. He placed the exquisitely wrapped gift in Fu Zhi’s hand and said in a clear voice,””Happy Birthday, Zhizhi.” At the age of 16, you received an ordinary silver ring, but …”Zhizhi, when you’re 20, I’ll definitely give you a diamond that Michelle personally designed, a unique diamond.” Four years of time was enough for him to grow up and become a man of indomitable spirit. He didn’t rely on anyone to survive and gave a safe haven to the girl he liked and his mother. Fu Zhi raised her hand and touched his eyebrows. “Li Nanli, you’ll become a very good person.” However, I would have already returned to my own time and space by then. She thought sadly that in this time and space, without Fu Zhi, he would be very lonely. Therefore, before she left, she wanted to give him a gift, carrying the world’s laws with her. “Li Nanli,” “What?” “Do you know how to kiss?” “W – what?” He looked at the little girl in disbelief. He had never liked any other girl in his life except her. As for kissing, she naturally had no idea. He clenched his hands nervously. He wanted to tell her that she was only 16. The most important thing now was to study hard and improve every day. She could not … However, the little girl suddenly looked up and stood on her tiptoes. Her lips brushed past his lips and then pressed against the corner of his lips. She said naughtily,”it’s okay if you don’t know how to do it. I’ll teach you!” A gust of wind swept through the Midsummer forest. He heard the chirping of cicadas and saw the bright moon. His heart was beating like a drum. He didn’t know if he would be with Fu Zhi in the next ten years, from school uniforms to wedding dresses, but he was sure that in this life, there would not be a second time that his heart would beat so hard because of a kiss. His heart told him that he loved her more than he had imagined. —— —— The weather was not as hot in October. For the first time, Fu Zhi felt the tension that a teacher before a middle school Examination could create. The school was very strict when it came to dating. However, Fu Zhi and Li Nanli were the top two students in the school’s exams and brought glory to the school. After the two of them fell in love, their results did not drop at all. The school’s head of teaching could only turn a blind eye to them. At the same time, Huo ningxin also found a very attractive job in a listed company. She applied to be the Secretary of the sales department manager. It was worth mentioning that the sales department was supposed to be the busiest Department, but the Department manager was always elusive. He never showed up and had never been fired. The other people in the department introduced him to her.”This is President Fu’s younger brother. He’s an artist and is very famous in the art Circle. He’s just holding a position in the sales department. You don’t usually see him. If you have any documents, you can handle them and give them to the deputy manager to stamp.” The colleagues in the Department said that this manager was extremely good – looking and had a scholarly air about him. Especially since he was still single, just looking at him made people want to pounce on him. Huo ningxin laughed it off. The most good – looking person she had ever seen was probably Huo Sicheng. When she was young, she was attracted to him and thought that they would grow old together, but now … After waking up from a dream, she suddenly realized that instead of wallowing in love, she might as well focus on earning money. When Huo Sicheng asked for a divorce in the future, she wouldn’t be so humble. Xiao Li from the company’s Human Resources Department teased her,”sister Huo, is the marketing department tiring? The manager of our Department praised you for your efficiency yesterday. Do you want to consider joining our Department?” Huo ningxin shook her head with a smile. Then, the other party said,”but do you have any colleagues who have jumped ship from the same company? you must think about our Human Resources Department when the time comes!” Huo ningxin’s smile faded. She didn’t have any colleagues in the same company. It was funny to say that she graduated from a famous university, but as soon as she entered society, she got pregnant and got married. After entering the Li family, she served her father – in – Law, took care of the family, and dealt with Yingluo. Even though li Sicheng only came home a few times a year, she was always willing to cook for him. Now that she had entered Fu enterprise, she saw that women of her age were all focused on their careers. They were neither married nor in a relationship. With a salary, they didn’t have to worry about food and drink, and they were Living a Good Life. She suddenly understood what she had lost. “Fu enterprise was my first company.” Huo ningxin explained to Xiao Li. After her son’s incident, she heard that li Sicheng had moved to the waterside pavilion in the South. Sometimes, she couldn’t help but wonder if he would do all the things that a married couple would do together with Huo niannian. However, Huo ningxin didn’t want to ask anymore. She remembered what Fu Zhi had said. She had a son and wasn’t alone. She couldn’t let herself be weak. She numbed herself with a lot of work. As expected, she no longer had the time to let herself indulge in the drama of love. Such days were tiring and fulfilling, but it did not feel too bad. It was much better than sitting at home and letting her thoughts run wild like a lunatic. She thought that perhaps one day, she would learn not to love him anymore. —— It was already Seveno’ clock in the evening when li Sicheng returned to the Li residence from the company. The old residence, which used to be brightly lit and full of smoke and fire, was quiet today. That familiar figure did not come to meet him from the living room at the first moment. Li Sicheng was not used to it. He walked in and unbuckled his suit tie. The servant at home, mother Wang, heard the footsteps and hurried out. She was stunned for a few seconds when she saw him.”Mr. Li …” Li Sicheng’s expression was cold. He casually threw his unbuttoned sleeves on the coffee table. He wanted to ask something, but just as he was about to ask, he changed his words.”Go back and rest if you have nothing to do. Don’t walk around the house.” His tone was terrible and he seemed to be in a bad mood. Mother Wang didn’t dare to disobey him, so she hurriedly nodded.”Okay, Sir. I’ll go down after I clean up the kitchen.” Li Sicheng went up to the second floor and stopped at the master bedroom. He opened the door and subconsciously looked for the familiar figure, but there was no one in sight. What about Huo ningxin? Every day, when he got home, he would see the beautiful figure suddenly disappear. Huo Sicheng suddenly became irritated. He turned on his phone and saw that they had both messaged each other to say that they would be coming home tonight. The other party did not reply. He thought that she had seen it, but … He felt a lump in his throat. He pulled open his shirt to reveal his strong waist. When he opened the closet to look for pajamas, he suddenly saw a pair of black pajamas. He lifted his pajamas. There was a faint peach scent on her clothes. It was a perfume that Huo ningxin often used. He stood there and watched for a long time. He and Huo ningxin got along very well in bed, but she was always shy. Other than the traditional poses, she didn’t like any other style. He knew that she was not feeling well at times, but she always cooperated with him and wanted him to have his fun. So, she had specially prepared this for him? The frustration in his heart dissipated a little. He turned around, went downstairs, and asked aunt Wang who was in the kitchen,”Huo ningxin, she …” Before he could finish his sentence, he saw aunt Wang come out with a cake and a bowl of soup, which she poured into the black garbage bag. She heard li Sicheng’s voice and was shocked.”Sir.” “What are you doing?” the man asked her with a dark expression. Mother Wang was stunned. She looked down at the things in the trash can and then looked up again.”A cake from a week ago and chicken soup.” “What cake?” “It was Madam’s birthday a week ago. She went to the cake shop to learn how to make the cake.” Li Sicheng felt that something was not right, and his voice became lower.”Why is she making a cake?” “You didn’t know? It was Madam’s birthday a week ago, the day little master got into an accident!” Mother Wang felt it was unfair for Huo ningxin, so she whispered,”Madam was very happy that day. Didn’t you promise Madam that you’d go home after you finished your work? She was going to eat the cake with you, but when she came back from the hospital, she suddenly asked me to throw the cake away. ” Wang Ma was also reluctant. Li Sicheng was very picky about food and drinks, and the cake took Huo ningxin a whole day to make. She kept thinking that perhaps Sir would return home tomorrow? He would be able to eat cake with his wife when he got home. However, after waiting for a week, the originally exquisite cake started to molt without her noticing. There were dark spots all over the cake that couldn’t be removed. It was like a love that had changed. Wang Ma noticed that li Sicheng’s expression had suddenly turned ugly and asked her,”where’s the chicken soup?” Did you also make it on her birthday?” “No, Madam prepared it for little young master tonight.” “Then who allowed you to pour it out?” “These are extra. Madam let me drink some. She said that if no one drinks the extra, it will go bad the next day, so she asked me to throw it away.” Li Sicheng suddenly stopped talking. After a long silence, he finally asked in Wang Ma’s nervous mood,”Where did she go?” “Work. Madam said she went to work at Fu enterprise and might have to work overtime tonight.” Then, li Sicheng picked up his car keys and went to the garage. Mother Wang really wanted to ask, are you going back to the waterside pavilion? Or to see Madam? However, she also thought that if Mr. Li, as a husband, didn’t know what his wife was doing, their relationship wouldn’t last long. She saw that Madam used to make chicken soup for Mr. Li, and now she would not think of Mr. Li even if she were to throw it away. Perhaps Mr. Li had not noticed it, but she had a feeling that Madam … Did not seem to be so attached to Mr. Li. —— Li Sicheng really did not expect that the day li Nanli got into an accident would be Huo ningxin’s birthday. Thinking of her breakdown and sadness that day, li Sicheng suddenly felt a little out of breath. However, this also explained why Huo ningxin didn’t wait for him at the old mansion, nor did she cook for him. He knew that she was throwing a tantrum at him. Huo ningxin’s temper came and went as quickly as it came. Usually, in less than a week, she would ask him about his well – being again. The silver sports car stopped at the entrance of Fu’s enterprise. Li Sicheng gave Huo ningxin a call. However, no one picked up. He frowned and was about to get out of the car when he saw Huo ningxin walking out of the office building with a group of men and women, talking and laughing. She couldn’t hide the exhaustion on her face, but there was a bright smile on her face that he hadn’t seen for a long time. In such an unfamiliar environment, in front of such a group of unfamiliar people … She wasn’t at the Li residence, where he was the only person she could see. She didn’t pick up her call immediately, nor did she want to be in a familiar space. This was out of place with her past habits, and Li Sicheng started to wonder if her deep love for him would still exist. This sudden realization made li Sicheng very uncomfortable. He did not hesitate to open the car door. His actions were faster than his rationality, and he took Huo ningxin’s hand. “My wife.” He went to call her and saw that the smile on her face had suddenly disappeared, and her eyes were stained with a slight coldness. Cold? Was it directed at him? With that thought in mind, he held Huo ningxin’s hand tightly without hesitation. He briefly greeted her colleague, dragged her into the car, and closed the door.”I sent you a text message, but you didn’t reply. I called you, but you didn’t pick up either. Huo ningxin, the Li family isn’t so poor that we can’t afford to take care of a woman. You should quit your job.”

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