The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 764 - Side Story: Zhizhi's pregnancy  

Chapter 764: Side Story: Zhizhi’s pregnancy

Star origin year 07. It was a sunny Sunday with negative three stars in her mood. There was only one week left in March, and it was another month of being locked up at home as an endangered protected animal. I still can’t understand life. I’m so good at fighting and defending. Why don’t they treat me as a solo player, but as a weak support healer to take care of TAT? The rules of survival in the animal world were too difficult to understand, but a brave branch was not afraid of difficulties. When this baby landed steadily, she could return to the Prairie and be a bro flattop to do whatever she wanted. [ps: this is the fifth month I’ve been trapped in a cage made of pure gold. Their crazy protection has finally smoothened out the edge of me wanting to run away from home. Everything must be thought positively. Although they restrict me a lot, when I think about it carefully, other than this and that I can’t do, I can do everything else!] Happy! ‘I’m happy in your head!’ You F * [email protected]*##*, let me be rough! …… “Patient.” “Fu Zhi,” “Physical condition?” “Five months pregnant.” “Are there any obvious symptoms of morning sickness?” “None.” The doctor was confused.”Then why did you ask me to come to your house from the hospital?” “Hair loss.” Fu Zhi said with the vicissitudes of life. The doctor touched his own hair, which was still intact, and then looked at Fu Zhi’s Green grassland. He fell silent. Fu Zhi’s answer silenced him. He didn’t understand why she was not satisfied with her hairline. Meeting the doctor’s gaze, Fu Zhi turned slightly and pointed behind her.”You keep losing hair.” “Insomnia, dizziness, abdominal pain, sweating at night, twitching legs, and weakness.” Big ye, who was sitting behind Fu Zhi, had two panda eyes. He had lost a lot of weight. He used to be thin but strong and healthy, but in just five months, he had become a bag of bones. The skinny ye da said helplessly and confusedly,””Doctor, am I going to die?” His wrist was placed beside Fu Zhi’s hand. The doctor took her pulse, but before he could think, he exclaimed,””F * ck! Look what I found!” “Young man, you’re having a joyous pulse!” “Is there finally an anti – human phenomenon in society?!” He exclaimed in surprise. Big ye: “?!!!” Fuck! What the hell are you talking about? “Doctor, you’re taking my pulse,” Fu Zhi said. The doctor was speechless. I’m sorry for being so reckless. For a moment, he mistakenly thought that he had discovered some shocking secret. “Ahem.” The doctor withdrew his hand and pretended to be deep.”How long have you been suffering from these symptoms? what was your initial condition?” “It’s been five months, doctor. At first, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep the entire night. ” “Maybe it’s because you’re under too much pressure. Is there anything that’s not going well in your work or life?” The doctor asked. Eldest ye answered truthfully,”No. The country supports me, but I don’t work. In life, your father is healthy, your siblings are safe, and your cats and dogs are healthy. ” “…” Alright, alright, stop showing off. “Then you don’t sleep well, but your appetite should be okay, right?” the doctor asked again. “He doesn’t eat much, so I prescribed him some medicine. This is the prescription, but he didn’t get better after taking it. I think he has a mental illness.” Fu Zhi handed a few sheets to the doctor. If it wasn’t for the fact that she couldn’t cure big ye, Fu Zhi wouldn’t have thought of looking for a doctor to examine big ye’s psychological state. The doctor took the report and looked at it. The more he looked, the more he felt that something was wrong.”Your symptoms … Seem like you’re pregnant!… AI, don’t stare at me. If you stare at me, I think he looks like her too! Do you usually keep yourself clean? Have sex life … Hey, hey, hey, don’t push me away!” Before the doctor could finish his sentence, big ye grabbed him by the shoulder and threw him out of the door. “Quack!” Big ye said. Fu Zhi was speechless. Fu Zhi felt that the doctor’s words made sense. At 5 pm. Li Nanli returned home from the company. When she first found out that Fu Zhi was pregnant, Fu Zhi felt that li Nanli seemed to be the most normal person in the family. The next day, he woke up early and went to work as usual. Fu Zhi, however, felt that it was a little inconvenient. Fortunately, there was a child in her flat stomach. As a first – time mother, even ye Jiu was in a daze for her. He felt that she was still too young in his memory, and he was still a child. The ‘prenatal care Manual for pregnant women’ had many lines and frames. Ye Jiu was probably bored, so after she finished reading the book, she spent 300000 Yuan on a video tutorial on how to take care of pregnant women. This was because they had not expected to meet such a spendthrift who had bought all the videos in one go. Hence, they had specially sent ye Jiu a video that had been uncompressed and condensed into essence. The video mainly talked about how a pregnant woman fell when walking normally, how a pregnant woman choked on water and hurt the fetus, how a pregnant woman gave birth due to anger, how a pregnant woman’s loud voice affected the development of the child … This led to ye Jiu and the group of non – pregnant women to believe whatever they heard. Because they had no experience, they could only follow what the internet said and treat Fu Zhi as a beautiful rose in a glass bottle and take care of her carefully. But Fu Zhi realized that li Nanli was different. Perhaps this was the charm of a mature man. He would not make a fuss over a small matter. But this thought only appeared for less than three seconds. 9:30 am. Li Nanli sent a WeChat message,[did you go downstairs for a walk?] Are you hungry? [Are you feeling uncomfortable?] 9:35 am,[what are you doing?] Are you hungry? [Do you feel uncomfortable?] 9:40 am,[have you finished reading?] Are your eyes hurting? Do you feel hungry? [Is there anything you want to eat?] …… …… At 3:55 in the afternoon, she asked,[are you hungry?] Did anything unpleasant happen? [I’m coming home now. Is there anything you want to eat?] Fu Zhi was speechless. Fu Zhi looked at the 999+ points that she had gained throughout the day and fell into deep thought. Some people looked mature and stable on the surface, but in reality, they were still as fragile as a dog that had not experienced the world. * Fu Zhi’s child was probably a son. The conclusion was made by Ye Wu. At that time, he had already applied for a maternity leave to take care of his sister and had not returned to the University to teach for a long time. He sat on the leather sofa and adjusted his golden glasses.””As the old saying goes, sour children and hot women. She has been eating sour plums recently and hasn’t been resting well. Only sons don’t understand their mothers. A sweet little cotton – padded jacket won’t be tormented all day.” “Although little five only knows how to do practice questions and is like an idiot, his point of view is brilliant. I agree with him.” Big ye was holding a book, which was explaining things to take note of for pregnant women, such as food taboos. He said,””Tell the kitchen to prepare some meat tonight. The protein of meat is high. She has been eating vegetables for the past few days.” “By the way, you have to get rid of the mutton and fish. The fishy smell is too strong, and pregnant women will easily vomit after eating it.” Big ye immediately decided on tonight’s dinner. In order for Fu Zhi to live a more comfortable life, he had specially taken the nutritionist qualification examination. Every day, the food she gave Fu Zhi was very coordinated and Fu Zhi rarely had morning sickness. On the contrary, it was him. Perhaps the weather had been too hot recently, but big ye’s appetite wasn’t very good. Ye si suggested,”don’t you like to eat fish? Do you want to eat some fish?” If she couldn’t eat, her body would collapse. Big ye shook his head.”No. The books say that pregnant women are uncomfortable when they smell fish. Besides, Zhizhi has never liked to eat fish.” He was discussing with a few others. Fu Zhi came downstairs from her room. This was the fifth month of her pregnancy, and her stomach was already showing. Compared to the other people’s carefulness, Fu Zhi could be considered as extremely daring! He didn’t walk as fast as flying, but he didn’t deliberately slow down. She didn’t know why, perhaps it was because mothers felt that their children were extraordinary? Fu Zhi always felt that the child in her stomach was not ordinary and did not seem like a normal child. She had been dreaming a lot recently, and she always dreamed of a Golden Ball. The Golden Ball opened its arms wide and squeaked at her, causing her to think that she was pregnant. “AI!” Big ye saw that the situation was serious and quickly went to help her.”Slow down! You were chased by wolves? You’re walking so fast!” “I can almost hear my nephew’s cries when he says he’s going to have a miscarriage!” Everyone was speechless. Fu Zhi was speechless. “Why are you downstairs at this time?” Ye si asked her. In fact, it was not a big deal. Fu Zhi said,”I want to eat sweet and sour fish, steamed meat, frog hot pot, crispy meat, octopus balls, spicy rabbit head, red sweet Taro cold cake, strawberry Zhizhi, and egg tarts tonight!” She gave a list of names in one breath, her eyes curved, waiting to be fed. Who would have thought that ye da, who had always listened to her opinions, would stop her without thinking,””You can ‘t!” “Why are you eating fish and crispy meat with that steamed meat and egg tart? No! Absolutely not! The fish was too fishy, and pregnant women would vomit after eating it! I won’t allow it!” She was reasonable and logical. “I won’t vomit, I just want to eat,” Fu Zhi said. “That won’t do either!” Fu Zhi clenched her fists.”Are you sure you can ‘t?” Big ye was speechless. He didn’t dare to say no, but he felt that Fu Zhi was insensible.”I’ve read so many books, don’t I know if eating fish will cause morning sickness? You’ve been acting like a spirit recently, I’ll make it for you now! We’ll wait until you’re sick! Don’t cry in front of me!” Then, the sound of chopping fish came from the kitchen. Fu Zhi was speechless. He did not know why. The Big Brother had chopped off the fish’s head, but he was probably taking her life. Li Nanli returned from the company at five in the evening. Big ye slowly served the dishes. From egg tarts to sweet and sour fish, there was everything. Fu Zhi’s eyes brightened. Under ye DA’s worried gaze, she picked up a piece of fish. Suddenly, all the eyes at the table fell on her. Their eyes were full of worry and worry as they hovered over Fu Zhi. Fu Zhi stuffed the fish into her mouth without a sound. A pregnant woman’s daily routine and diet would undergo a drastic change. The fish that she didn’t like in the past because of the strong fishy smell was now extremely delicious. She moved her fingers. Suddenly, a faint fishy smell drifted over from the table. It was not very strong, but it was definitely there. A strong sense of suffocation came, and his stomach was churning. Big ye turned his head in a panic and vomited. The acid in her mouth was spat out onto Fu Zhi. Fu Zhi was confused. Li Nanli was still maintaining his action of quickly helping Fu Zhi catch the thing that ye da vomited out. Big ye: “urgh, urgh, urgh … Urgh …” Fu Zhi was speechless.”???…?…” Everyone was speechless. He vomited until the sky turned dark. Finally, the doctor from the hospital came and gave the last critical condition notice. “It’s a false pregnancy. Miss Fu, your pregnancy must have agitated your big brother and made him think that he’s pregnant. This kind of disease mostly occurred in women, and now it was happening to men. It could be considered … That the times were changing. Even the types and groups of diseases have become fancy!” Everyone was speechless. The gaudy Sentry, ye da, was speechless. In fact, as a doctor, Fu Zhi knew quite well what fake pregnancy meant. However, there was a premise. It needed to be that the woman was very eager to be pregnant before she could show signs of pregnancy. “Is there any other cure?” Fu Zhi asked. “I might have to be separated from you and be isolated for a while.” Big ye was confused. It won’t work!” Great ye’s expression was as if a warrior had died from the collapse of the earth and the mountains.””My sister can’t leave me. If she leaves me before she’s about to give birth, she’ll get postpartum depression!” Do you think you’re speaking the human language? Was his logic clear? Was there any cause and effect? PAH! “There’s no need for that. Just focus on your treatment,”Fu Zhi said indifferently. Then, on this sunny day, big ye was taken to the hospital for quarantine. He was full of hatred and anger. He could not accept that he had such a strange disease. He bit the iron bars that trapped him with his teeth and muttered,””Quack! Let me out!” They walked out of the villa and passed by a roasted duck stand. The smell of meat in the air made the man’s stomach churn. He turned his head after a few words.”Oh, oh, oh, oh~” He stopped eating. He vomited so much that he started to doubt his life. Was he really pregnant? He was a man! The example of a few trash younger brothers! He had actually done such a shameless thing! How could he still have the face to continue living in this world? Wuwuwu! They were escorted to the hospital, and the car passed by a rocky road on the way, which was a little bumpy. Big ye didn’t sit properly, and his body swayed left and right, causing the chair next to him to hit his stomach. A sharp pain hit him. Big ye: “!!!” “Baojuan! Baojuan! My stomach hurts! Is my child going to be miscarried?!” No, for the sake of this non – existent child, he couldn’t commit suicide. He had to live on! Survive! —— —— My name is li Changgu. Yi Gu Chang Huan. My father’s name is li Nanli, and my mother’s name is Fu Zhi. Ever since I was born, I’ve lived in a family where my uncle was no longer a smart person. Compared to other families, my family seems a little strange. Because my Grandpa, Oh, Fu Chao, was a weirdo who only found his true love in his 50s! His son is now two years younger than me. omg, I actually have to call a kid who pees the bed every day uncle. What did I do in my past life? However, this wasn’t the main point. The main point was Yingluo. I don’t think I’m an ordinary person. I think I’m a God. Immortals with divine power. I can freeze time. I can go back to the past. However, my current divine power is still very thin. Forget about going back in time, even frozen time could only be frozen for a second. Irritable TAT What’s more annoying is uncle xiaojiu, who has been giving me a headache. He had recently participated in a reality variety show. He had accidentally become a food blogger with tens of millions of fans. He would occasionally ask me to take pictures of him. But I can understand. After all, why would we need to hide our beauty when we’re so good – looking? Posting on Weibo is our daily routine. Just like today. Ye Jiu walked into the room and picked up her four – year – old nephew. She stuffed her phone into his hands.”Come, take a picture for uncle.” The little elder strode forward with his short legs and smacked him again and again. Ye Jiu swirled a glass of red wine. There was no blood on her lips. She stood on a tall building in a bathrobe. Her eyes were three parts cold, three parts mocking, and four parts nonchalant. Little Changgu quickly used his phone to record his uncle’s fan – shaped statistics. He then asked,”uncle! I’m taking it! It was taken very seriously! Can you take a picture for me later!” “Yeah, we’ll talk about it later.” Ye Jiu took out her phone from Chang Gu’s hands and flipped through the photos. She was very satisfied. Then, she lifted her leg and kicked her exhausted and sweaty little nephew back into the room. She locked the door from the outside. “What are you filming! He was just a kid, all he knew was to take pictures instead of studying! You didn’t learn well!” Li Changgu was confused.”???” Do you know that I’m a God? If you don’t keep your word, I’ll make you Pinocchio! However, little Changgu was too young. Other than a few gentle uncles, people like ye Jiu only treated him as a puppy that could be bullied. They did not treat him as a human at all. Even when they were leaving the house, he tied a rope around little Changgu’s neck and said,””Follow closely, don’t get lost.” Little Changgu was speechless. I’ve never been so speechless in my life, you’ve done it! Little Changgu’s life of being bullied continued until he was 17. The 17 – year – old little Changgu had unexpectedly obtained the ability to return to the past. He tried to let his grown – up self go back to the past and give himself a good beating when he used to foolishly believe ye Jiu’s words. However, After the time, location, and character had deviated … —— Year 14 of the new age. Changhong junior high school. Summer was hot, and the air conditioner in the capital’s aristocratic junior high school was blowing. However, the air – conditioning of more than ten years ago could not be compared to the air – conditioning of the star era. The cooling effect made Fu Zhi suspect that the air conditioner was no different from the 27 degrees in Xing Yuan. Just as she was thinking, a tall and thin figure suddenly barged into the classroom in a hurry and panic. He only stopped when he was in front of Fu Zhi and said cautiously,””Mom, I just went to try again. Changing space requires a lot of divine power. I’ve used up my divine power once, and it won’t recover for at least three years. If we want to go home, we have to stay here for three years!” Oh my God! It had been three years! What did he have to experience to go from being entangled in a family to having nothing? As long as you had a brat, he could bring you through time and space to the barren past in minutes. Fu Zhi had arrived in this time and space a month ago. Li Nanli was only 16 years old and in the third year of middle school. She had also inexplicably turned into a 16 – year – old in her third year of junior high. Her parents had passed away and she needed to rely on the little money from society to eat her fill. She was just a poor student who was specially recruited by Changhong for her excellent character and academic performance. Li Changgu’s life experience was even worse. He became a student who was specially accepted by Chang Hong as a student. His mother died when she was pregnant before marriage, and he was abandoned by his relatives in the mountains. However, he was tenacious and was raised by wolves. Oh, it was worth mentioning that li Changgu was 17 years old now, one year older than Fu Zhi, the mother. The two of them had come to this world out of thin air, but the people around this world seemed to know them. They all thought that the two of them were orphans who had just transferred to school in the third year of junior high. No one doubted the identity of the two. They even had friends who had known each other for several years. Fu Zhi and Li Changgu were at a loss for words. He was F * cking out of the picture! He really knew how to make up stories! Even television dramas aren’t as good at coming up with stories as you guys! Fu Zhi’s head ached and she looked at her son with a subtle expression. They had gone to the 927 Research Institute a few days ago and found that there was no such place. They then went to the TZ Research Institute, but there was no such place here either. There was only Fu Chao, who was successful in his business, in the world. There was no ye ze, no ye da, and no Fu Zhi. In the end, the two of them determined that they were in a parallel time and space. In the countless parallel universes, the country might have created Fu Zhi, or it might not have touched the field of genetically modified people at all due to a subtle opportunity. In other words, the Li Nanli here did not know Fu Zhi at all. That would be too difficult. After all, Fu Zhi had nothing here. Not to mention li Changgu. He was a child born in Rome. He had everything he needed. It was almost like killing him to go out to work and earn money. However, they had to make money. They didn’t have the capital. Fu Zhi tried to go to the internet cafe to contact and join the hacker Alliance. but … It was as if there was a bug in this world. The money that Fu Zhi had earned would immediately disappear in the next second. Fu Zhi was speechless. I won’t be angry if others anger me, but who can get what they want when I’m sick from anger? He smiled. Smile … Where’s your mother? Fu Zhi was so irritable that she wanted to kill her own son. However, li Changgu was very filial. He had liked his beautiful and smart mother since he was a child. In addition, he had been influenced by the behavior of the men in the family. Without even thinking, she said to Fu Zhi,”I’ve decided! I’m going to drop out of school to start a business!” Fu Zhi didn’t even lift her eyelids.”You don’t even have a capital.” “No, I have it!” Li Changgu took out five Yuan from his pocket. Under Fu Zhi’s shocked gaze, he said proudly,”I just borrowed five Yuan from my dad. I’ve decided to buy a pair of rubber gloves to carry bricks at the factory. I’ve asked around. If I do a good job, I can easily earn 5100 Yuan!” Fu Zhi’s entrepreneurship was equivalent to creating the Fu’s group! Li Changgu’s entrepreneurship was equivalent to him doing the physical labor! Fu Zhi was speechless. Fu Zhi and Li Changgu were really poor. There were only so many social subsidies, and they had to be shared among the children. There was only 300 yuan in her meal card every month. Fu Zhi had spent 50 yuan on Yuxiang meat slices, sweet and sour ribs, and hot and sour shredded potatoes the last time. Only three days had passed. The laws of the world were too unfriendly to an invader like her. If nothing unexpected happened, she would have to eat dirt. Fortunately, his son did not let him down. But Fu Zhi’s heart ached.”You’re going to use five Yuan to buy rubber gloves and move bricks?” “Don’t worry, miss Fu! I won’t let you down, and I’ll let the two of us live a life of sweet and sour steak every day!” “No, I mean, can you buy a pair of rubber gloves that cost two Yuan? and buy me a bottle of iced Coke with the remaining three Yuan?” She didn’t ask for milk tea anymore, but was she going to take away the coke? Li Changgu was speechless.

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