The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 486 - Fu Zhi, The Master Of Euphemism

Chapter 486: Fu Zhi, The Master Of Euphemism

Xiao Liu pouted his mouth begrudgingly. This was not only because the government had blacklisted Ye Jiu but also because he had lost his chance to correct Ye Jiu’s learning attitude.

He had not expected Ye Jiu to get all the answers right.

‘Is everyone related to Fu Zhi not normal? He’s been graced by the goddess of luck, so it’s such a waste for him to be a student!’

Xiao Liu felt that he had to do something about it. He turned to Ma Mingquan and said, “Don’t let Ye Jiu take any coins into the examination hall next time. With his godlike accuracy, it’s like he’s waging a war against us teachers.”

Ma Mingquan nodded. Before the bell rang, he pulled the student who had copied Ye Jiu’s paper aside.

According to an old saying, different people had a different destiny. Ye Jiu had gotten all 12 multiple-choice questions right, while the other student had only gotten two answers right.

Ma Mingquan went up to Ye Jiu to talk to him.

Director Liu then pulled Fu Zhi to a corner and said, “Please watch over your brother. Don’t let him bring any coins into the examination hall. It’s against the rules.”

“Really?” Fu Zhi said, her voice flat. “If my brother can’t bring coins, why can the other students bring dice into the examination hall?”

She looked at Director Liu with a serious face. “Don’t you think you’re being a little baised here, Xiao Liu?”

Director Liu was speechless.

‘Baised? Isn’t it biased? No wonder you scored a zero on your language paper! You can’t even spell the word ‘biased’ properly! Everything has been revealed!’

Director Liu then cleared his throat and said expressionlessly, “We should all play with our limits. The other students will give up sooner or later after they realize the dice can’t help them, but your brother is different. He has already gone way too deep down this path. Besides, do you think the government will let him use coins during the college entrance examination? I’m just helping him!”

‘Well, that’s hard to say…’ Fu Zhi thought. That said, she felt that Director Liu was right as well, so she nodded. “Alright then. I will take his coins away. After all, he can get the answers right even without the coins.”

Director Liu was stumped. He did not know what to say at all.

How could someone get a perfect score on a test even though he had not studied?

As Fu Zhi was heading back to class, Director Liu grabbed her wrist and said, “Hey, I’m not done yet!”

“Keep going.”

Director Liu scratched his head, and it seemed like the words were stuck in his throat. Then, he pulled Fu Zhi to a corner and told her the problem that had plagued him for most of his life. “Erm, don’t you have some medical knowledge? And you know how to perform acupuncture, right? Can you tell me euphemistically whether you can make my hair grow back or not?”

Well, since Xiao Liu treated her nicely, Fu Zhi said euphemistically, “I’m not going to say if your hair loss is a serious problem or not, but regrowing your hair would definitely cause a global sensation.”

“You’re getting detention,” Director Liu said.

Fu Zhi was stunned.

In the classroom, Ma Mingquan told everyone that Ye Jiu had scored a perfect mark in his Physics pop quiz.

After Xiao Ma and Xiao Liu left, a commotion broke out in the classroom.

Most of the boys who had seen Ye Jiu throw the coins went over to congratulate him.

“Do you know why I got full marks? It had nothing to do with throwing coins. I had a dream yesterday night, and in my dream, I saw the test paper.”

It was recess right now. Ye Jiu took his phone out, opened his WeChat QR code payment, and finally mentioned his ultimate goal fervently. “Guys! Are you still fretting about getting the last place in the examination? Are you still anxious about not scoring a perfect score on your test paper?

“Fret not! The ultimate Ye Jiu guru is here to help, supported by Fu Zhi, the curve-breaker of No.1 High School!

“We have millions of famous teachers on board to answer your questions, and the ultimate Ye Jiu guru will do his best to get you what you yearn for the most!

“It’s only 100 yuan! 100 yuan per subject! Trust me, you won’t regret it! What are you guys still waiting for? It’s the best opportunity for you to show everyone else that you’re not underachievers! Hurry up and sign up now!”

Fu Zhi and the rest of the students were stunned.

The corner of Song Fang’s mouth quivered. “What appears in your dreams will appear in the test paper as well? Do you think I’d believe such nonsense? Do you think I’m an idiot?”

That said, he was the first one to grab Ye Jiu’s phone and transfer 400 yuan to him.

“I’m signing up for Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English. If you can’t keep up your end of the bargain, you’re going to pay me back tenfold!”

In the end, more and more students transferred money to Ye Jiu. In just 10 minutes, he earned about 10,000 yuan. Then, he transferred one yuan to Fu Zhi to pay her for using her name to boost his business.

Fu Zhi looked at him quizzically.

“You’re my mascot now, so that’s your pay. There’s no way I would let you do your job for nothing. You’re my sister and you deserve the best things in the world. No man standing, lying, crawling, or running under the sun can treat you badly!” Ye Jiu said as he waved his arm. “Don’t feel bad about taking my money. You can use the one yuan I gave you to buy anything you want!”

Fu Zhi squinted her eyes and looked at Ye Jiu dangerously after hearing what he had said.

‘I know you love me very much, so I’m sure you’d be willing to die for me, right?’


On the other side of the city, inside the lobby of a hotel…

A man wearing a black trench coat entered the hotel in a haste. When he saw Ouyang Ya, he handed the document in his hand to her before reporting reverently, “After a thorough investigation, I found out that Fu Zhi indeed has some knowledge of medicine. She’s the one who cured a patient with a strange illness when none of the doctors in Yu City could. Besides, many bigshots from the medical industry stepped in and stood up for her when she was accused of copying Z God’s research paper…”

The man had the special symbol of the Ouyang Family pinned on his chest. He had been specifically assigned to keep Ouyang Ya safe.

“Where is the information about the relationship between her and the FZ Research Institute?”

Upon hearing Ouyang Ya’s question, the man frowned and replied, “I couldn’t find anything about the relationship between her and the FZ Research Institute. I have no idea why but I have a feeling that someone is preventing me from getting this information. Also, I was given a warning while I was following Fu Zhi in the past few days.”

Ouyang Ya lifted her head from the document and said, “A warning? What do you mean by that?”

The man then pulled a bullet out of his pocket and showed it to Ouyang Ya. “Although the attacker missed his shot, I have a hunch that he or she would have shot me dead on the spot if he or she had wanted to. I couldn’t even get close to Fu Zhi. I think there’s someone protecting her behind the scenes.”

‘Someone is protecting Fu Zhi behind the scenes…’

The more Ouyang Ya thought about it, the more she felt that the medicine in Fu Zhi’s Taobao shop was made by Fu Zhi herself.

Ouyang Ya took a deep breath and rubbed the spot between her brows.

“What should we do now?” the man asked.

Setting her jaw tight, Ouyang Ya said, “Fu Zhi will never work with me. Not unless she wants me to do something for her.”

Besides, the elders of the Ouyang Family cherished people with talent the most, so Ouyang Ya could not have given Fu Zhi the opportunity to get in touch with the other elders of the Ouyang Family.

“Get me Mu Chenxi and Wu Zhiheng. I have a task for them.”

The man nodded. Then, a few minutes later, Mu Chenxi and Wu Zhiheng arrived at the hotel one after another.

Putting a smile on her face, Mu Chenxi asked, “What can I do for you, Ms. Ouyang?”

“I will invest another 100 million into your movie. However, you have to help me do something at the end of the month.”

‘100 million!’

Mu Chenxi’s eyes glowed. However, she knew there was no free lunch in this world, so she asked, “What is it that you want me to do for you?”

“It’s none of your business. I will let you know when the time comes.”

Then, she turned to Wu Zhiheng, who looked rather distraught. “I can’t get through to your father, so I need you to contact him and tell him about the investment…”

“Ms. Ouyang, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you with that.” Wu Zhiheng interrupted before Ouyang Ya could finish her sentence. This was the first time he talked back to Ouyang Ya, but he did not have any other choice. “Other than Sun Yongge, many students have withdrawn from Hang Yuan as well…”

Honestly, a student withdrawing from their school was not that big of a deal. It was just that most of their parents had invested in Hang Yuan, and once they withdrew their children from the school, it would impact the financial status of Hang Yuan greatly.

Wu Zhiheng had no idea what was going on either. He had just brought his friends to No.1 High School for an exchange meeting. However, not only had he been humiliated in No.1 High School, but his own school was facing financial issues right now.

“Withdrawn? Do they not know that I’ve invested in Hang Yuan too? Are they looking down on the Ouyang Family?”

Wu Zhiheng shook his head. “My father is attending a stone-gambling session in Myanmar, so I haven’t told him about it yet. Under the circumstances, I can’t make a decision alone or give you the money now.”

Although Ouyang Ya was not pleased, she knew she could not force Wu Zhiheng now.

“Try your best to reach him. I will discuss the matter with other shareholders of the school.”

Wu Zhiheng nodded and walked away.

At the same time, Mu Chenxi did not want to have anything to do with Fu Zhi after getting beaten by her again and again, not to mention that Mu Changqing had told her to stay as far away as possible from Fu Zhi. Therefore, she decided to stay put and wait for Ouyang Ya’s instructions.


The next day, at 4:00 a.m. in Myanmar, Wu Qi was surrounded by a group of professionals.

“President Wu, how is it going? Hasn’t the bigshot told you which jade stone to buy?”

“No. 23 seems promising. I heard that the secretary of the Lu Corporation has his eyes set on this stone as well.”

“The Lu Corporation? Who do they think they are? Lu Jingqing is just a mama’s boy, so there’s no way he can compete with President Wu.”

“That’s right. A few of the companies withdrew when they heard we’re joining the stone-gambling session this time. Lu Jingqing is the only one who still has the audacity to oppose us.”

Wu Qi was exhausted. He had been working nonstop for a few days and he looked haggard.

He held his phone and stared at the screen.

There was no news from the QQ group so far.

In the past, other than the Wu Family, other bigshots in the group also used to participate in the stone-gambling session, but this time, only the Wu Family had come.

Most importantly, even though they were talking inside the QQ group, whenever Wu Qi sent something to the group, they would just go silent.

Wu Qi had no idea why but he had a feeling that they did not like him. He did not know what had happened, so he tried to send a text message to Lao Liu. [Are you there?]

Lao Liu: [Nope.]

Wu Qi was speechless. That said, he still bit the bullet and continued typing. [Erm, President Liu, I wonder why you guys didn’t join the stone gambling this time. I realize that our group leader hasn’t been talking for a long time. Is there something big that I don’t know about?]

Lao Liu did not reply to him instantly.

Wu Qi waited for nearly 30 minutes before Lao Liu finally replied, [Well, it’s not that I don’t want to go to Myanmar, but our group leader is going to attend the stone-gambling session this time, so I naturally have to step aside.]

As for why their group leader refused to talk about anything in the group, he tried to give Wu Qi a hint. [There is a traitor in the group, and our group leader is not happy about it. That’s why she refuses to talk in the group.]

Wu Qi replied, [A traitor? There’s a traitor in our group? Then why don’t we kick him out?]

Lao Liu: [It’s his son who offended our group leader, so she’s going to give his father another chance.]

Wu Qi had no idea why but he had a feeling that Lao Liu was talking about him. He then invited him to dinner once he returned to the capital to find out more about it. However, Lao Liu turned down his offer.

[I’m sorry, but I’m already dead. I’m having a funeral for myself right now, so I won’t be able to come to dinner.]

Wu Qi was speechless.

Someone in the group had offended their group leader, and their group leader was coming to Myanmar too.

As Wu Qi was lost in thought, Wu Zhiheng video-called him.

Wu Qi answered the call and Wu Zhiheng’s serious face appeared on the screen. “Dad, something bad has happened to the school.”

Wu Qi’s expression changed, and his voice became stern. “What happened?”

Apart from the jewelry industry, the Wu Family’s most profitable business was the private school.

Wu Qi’s reaction was something Wu Zhiheng had expected. Wu Zhiheng was afraid of his father. After all, Wu Qi expected a lot from him and scolded him more than he praised him. Instead of a relationship between father and son, they were more like a boss talking to his subordinate.

Wu Zhiheng did not dare hide anything from his father, so he told him everything that had happened at school.

“Not only Sun Yongge, but a lot of other students have transferred to public school. Don’t you think this is weird, dad?”

“Of course it’s weird!” Wu Qi said. “Tell me everything that’s happened in Yu City.”

Although it was embarrassing, Wu Zhiheng still told his father everything.

“So Sun Yongge was called back by his family after questioning Fu Zhi, and then the other students withdrew from the school as well, right?”

“But dad, Fu Zhi is just an orphan. She…”

“Fool!” Wu Qi shouted as he smacked the table. “The fact that she was adopted by the Lu Family although she’s already 17 years old means that she’s not a simple girl. Besides, her parents were researchers. Du Min is nice to her and Du Min is working for the Fu Corporation.”

Wu Qi did not think Fu Zhi could do anything to his family, but Du Min… He was a threat.

“Ms. Ouyang has been talking to the parents of the students that withdrew from our school, but it’s not very effective. Dad, should I get someone to kidnap Fu Zhi and teach her a lesson?”

“Don’t waste your time on her. Besides, we won’t be able to explain this to the research institute if they find out that we’re the ones who did it,” Wu Qi said.

After all, Lu Jingqing was in Myanmar right now and he had plenty of chances to get back at him. Then, he remembered what he had asked Wu Zhiheng to do before coming to Myanmar.

“Do you have a clue about the bigshot I asked you to find?” he asked.

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