The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 37: Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation – Part 2

Chapter 37: Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation – Part 2

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The room was spacious and clean. The wind that slipped through the window was damp, and the light pouring down from the ceiling gave everything in its path a glossy sheen.

Fu Zhi began to scan the ward.

There was a man lying on the sickbed. He had an ectomorphic body stature and he was wearing a white shirt. Fu Zhi could not see his face clearly, as it was hidden by the light.

One of his arms rested on top of the black comforter. His fingers were slender and delicate but extremely pale. Fu Zhi reckoned that it must be because of his illness.

After taking a few steps, she stopped in front of the bed and lowered her head. It was only then that she saw the man’s face.

Her nephew had an attractive face. His skin was fair, and his facial features were well-defined. His thin lips were tightly-closed, making him look like a difficult person.

She studied him for a while before peeling her eyes away. She set down her pouch beside the bed and spread it open, revealing the row of silver needles inside. Then, she picked a few out and inserted them precisely one by one into the man’s body.

Renzhong point, Shaoshang point, Yinbai point, Daling point, Shenmai point, Fengfu point, and Jiache point.

Dr. Zhou was as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof. “Ridiculous! This is ridiculous! Does she think that she can cure gastrorrhagia by inserting needles into a few points? She must be out of her mind!”

The others shook their heads in unison. “As doctors, we’ll never say we are 100% confident about curing a patient, even if we’re very confident. There is no way she could be the real deal considering how arrogant she is!”

Secretary Liu put a fake smile on his face and said, “Since we’ve decided to let her treat President Li, we should stop being suspicious of her. I have faith in Ms. Fu Zhi.”

However, in reality, he was not as calm as he looked on the surface. His heart was pumping as wildly as a horse galloping on a grass plain, and he was shouting inwardly, ‘Ahh! This is so scary! Can I really trust her? Ahh!! I’m so scared!’

Meanwhile, inside the ward...

Fu Zhi had already inserted seven needles into Li Nanli’s body and the remaining six needles into Chengjiang point, Raogong point, Shangxin point, Baihui point, Quqi point, and Haiquan point respectively.

She finished the entire process in one swift motion.

When Dr. Zhou saw her insert the last needle, he sneered, “Even if she’s right, if she can’t cure Young Master Li, she’s going to jail. After all, she’s the one who caused us to miss the window to save him!”

“That’s right. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She doesn’t even own a medical certificate, yet she has the audacity to come out and try to be a hero!”

“No! We’re wrong!” As everyone was reprimanding Fu Zhi, Dr. Zhao stared at Fu Zhi’s hands and murmured, “Renzhong point is Ghost Palace, Shaoshang point is Ghost Faith, Daling point is Ghost Heart... They are the Thirteen Ghost Points. These are the Thirteen Ghost Points!”

Dr. Zhao’s voice rose by an octave as he added, “Look at her. She is performing the Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation!”

Dr. Zhou was startled but soon collected himself. His brows were furrowed as he said, “Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation? How is that possible? Have you gone crazy, Dr. Zhao? How is there any chance that she would know how to use that acupuncture technique given her current age? Are you sure you haven’t made a mistake?”

After all, the Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation was the most obscure and esoteric technique of acupuncture. This was because usual acupuncture techniques were used to treat people, but the Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation was used to address disturbances that were attributed to demonic possession.

It was extremely effective against diseases or illnesses that could not be cured by medicine. However, since the traditional Chinese medicine that had been passed down since ancient times for almost 1,000 years was regarded as feudal superstition and pseudoscience by modern people, many Chinese medicine skills had been lost in the world.

The Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation was one of them.

Dr. Zhao nodded. His eyes were filled with fiery, hot passion as he fixed them on Fu Zhi’s hands. “Three years ago, China sent a doctor to participate in an international medicine competition, and the Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation was the reason we won the competition! Unfortunately, the competition was not made public that year, and there are only a few short videos of that old master performing this acupuncture technique on the web. I have studied the videos many times, so I’m certain that the technique she is using is the same as the one performed by that old master!”

The group of doctors looked at Fu Zhi and realized that the silver needles in Li Nanli’s body were turning black.

“This is... The silver needles in Young Master Li’s body are vibrating...”

“According to the ancient records, the Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation is mainly used for exorcism. If the silver needles are vibrating, it means it’s working! Young Master Li will be fine!”

All the doctors were shouting and hurraying in joy save for one person. After hearing what Dr. Zhao had said, Dr. Zhou was so shocked that he was at a loss for words.

He had not expected that the little girl he looked down upon would actually be able to perform the Thirteen Ghost Points Acupuncture Manipulation.

Suddenly, he felt as if someone had slapped his cheek and he moved his hand to cover his face.

He had no idea why, but he found this quite painful.

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