The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 34: Yumo, Mommy Is Very Disappointed In You

Chapter 34: Yumo, Mommy Is Very Disappointed In You

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At the entrance of No.1 High School, Li Nanli’s secretary was waiting for Fu Zhi in the security room.

“Are you Ms. Fu? Thank God you’re here!” Secretary Liu greeted Fu Zhi excitedly as if he was looking at his savior.

Fu Zhi nodded slightly and said in an apathetic voice, “Lead the way.”

“Sure, sure, sure! This way, please, Ms. Fu.”

Secretary Liu hastily went forward and opened the door for Fu Zhi.

Lu Yumo saw Fu Zhi leave the school with a man from afar.

His eyes glowed, and he let out a gasp.

This surprise had come too suddenly, so he was not prepared for it.

He clapped his mouth with his hand to prevent the scream he was about to let out. He then found himself a hidden place, pulled out his phone, and made a call.

The moment the call was connected, he shouted, “Fu Zhi skipped class!”

Lu Yumo was smiling like a cat that had eaten a canary. There was thick exhilaration in his voice as he told Xu Wei, “She skipped class and she’s dating someone. Is she still your good daughter?”

Xu Wei, who was weeding with a hoe, was stumped, as she could not recover from this sudden news.

She was planting the flowers that her daughter had brought back in the open land that she had previously used to grow her cabbages. After hearing that, she raised her arm to look at her watch and asked, “What are you talking about? Shouldn’t you be in the middle of a class right now?”

Lu Yumo realized he had made a gaffe and replied proudly, “I’m not! I skipped class too! I’m climbing over the wall!”

Xu Wei did not reply for three seconds, and the smile on Lu Yumo’s face froze.

‘Hold on. Did I just tell her that I skipped class?’

Before he could say anything, Xu Wei bristled and snarled out, “Lu Yumo! How dare you skip class given your current grades?

“I shouldn’t have trusted that you would work harder on your studies. It was all a lie when you said you were going to a remedial class, wasn’t it? Tell mommy, did you go to the amusement arcade again?”

“Yes, I did go to the amusement arcade... No, hold on a second! I’m not talking about this. Listen to me, mom, I haven’t skipped class yet. Anyway, this is not the reason I called you!”

‘The point is that your daughter has skipped class!’

However, before he could finish his sentence, Xu Wei interrupted him. The woman on the other side of the line sobbed, “Yumo, mommy is very disappointed in you!”

After saying that, Xu Wei hung up the call angrily.

Lu Yumo froze.

‘What the hell just happened? Who’s disappointed in me?’


Meanwhile, in a remote area...

Fu Zhi and Secretary Liu got out of the car.

“Ms. Fu, other than Professor He, everyone else, including President Li, is inside this villa,” Secretary Liu said. “President Li’s report is in Dr. Zhou’s hands right now. I’ll get it for you later.”

Li Nanli’s condition had worsened since last night, and he had lost consciousness as a result. Before Fu Zhi arrived, only Dr. Zhou and his group had been discussing the treatment plan, so Secretary Liu had not felt right snatching the report from them.

It had taken him quite some time to psychologically prepare himself before he had finally accepted reality, especially after he’d found out that Fu Zhi was a high-schooler.

Fu Zhi replied plainly, “That is not necessary. That thing is useless.”

After all, if it had been useful, they would not have had to bring Li Nanli to Yu City.

Secretary Liu was stumped. He could not say anything, so he just complimented her. “You’re really awesome!”

Fu Zhi did not respond.

Secretary Liu pushed the door open and led Fu Zhi inside.

There was a group of people outside Li Nanli’s room. An incoherent set of voices filled the air, making the place noisy.

All the doctors there were the best doctors in the Capitol, and their expressions were serious.

Sudden coma and hematemesis. In addition, his health was deteriorating. They had performed a gastric lavage on him and conducted various examinations. However, Li Nanli had not shown any improvement whatsoever.

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