The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 18: Like Teacher, Like Student

Chapter 18: Like Teacher, Like Student

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Lu Chuwan excelled academically and had a pretty face. Even though she was smiling right now, her smile did not quite reach her eyes.

Everyone was hurrahing in jest, but she just remained silent. She did not even refute anything Xu Tongtong had just said.

Xu Tongtong reached out for her and shook her. She pointed at a post in the forum and said, “Wanwan, about your cousin, the new transfer student... I heard that your uncle donated a laboratory building to our school to get her in. Is that true? Why is he so good to her?”

Her voice was loud, and a streak of jealousy was apparent in her eyes.

Even though No.1 High School was considered a famous school for aristocrats, some of them were wealthier than others. It was easy to see that the Lu Family was pretty well-off considering the fact that they were willing to spend such a large amount of money on an adopted daughter.

Lu Chuwan’s expression froze, but she soon came around. Looking back at the crowd, she said apathetically, “This is only natural. The children of the Lu Family have never attended a third-rate school before.”

“Ahh, so that’s how it is,” Xu Tongtong replied as the corners of her lips turned down in disappointment.

She turned back to the post.

The Lu Family had been doing a lot of charity in the past few years. They must have decided to adopt a country bumpkin because they wanted to make a good impression on the public.

When she thought of it that way, she did not feel so envious of Fu Zhi anymore.

Fu Zhi did not know that a post had been made about her in the No.1 High School forum as soon as she’d arrived.

She was standing outside the office of the mathematics department. After Director Liu finished talking to Mr. Ma, Mr. Ma emerged from the office. There was a mirthful smile playing at the corners of his lips.

The man looked like he was in his mid-forties. He was slightly bald and he was holding a cup full of red date wolfberry tea in his hand.

“You are Fu Zhi?”

Fu Zhi nodded.

Ma Mingquan sized up the young girl before his eyes. She looked clean and fresh, and her face was pretty. Even though this was the first time they were meeting, he knew from a single glance that she must have a calm personality.

He ran his eyes up and down her body and suddenly stopped at her palm-sized face. Then, he said in surprise, “What a coincidence! You look a lot like me!”

Fu Zhi angled her head up and looked at Ma Mingquan’s square face.

Her heart somersaulted inside her chest.

She furrowed her brows, but before she could say anything, Ma Mingquan insulted her once again. “Hey! You look even more similar to me when you’re thinking!”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

Perhaps she was too speechless, as she lowered her head and refused to continue the conversation.

However, Ma Mingquan was unaffected despite the fact that Fu Zhi was giving him the cold shoulder. He led her to the classroom as he said, “You know what this is called?”

Fu Zhi replied, “Delusion.”

Ma Mingquan smacked his head and said, “Oh yeah! They say that it’s like teacher, like student. You must be destined to be my student!”

Fu Zhi was stumped once more.

Perhaps he felt a special connection to Fu Zhi due to their resemblance, as Ma Mingquan was exceptionally fond of this new transfer student. “I can see in the profile that you came from a small town. Is that right?”


“Your previous school was No.3 High School?”


His face scrunched up in sadness, but his eyes flared with warmth and hope. “I understand that the schools in that town do not have good resources, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve gone through your grades and I think it’s really impressive that you remained 500-ish out of 600 students. I will give you a sample test paper tomorrow. You just need to focus on the test paper and you’ll be good. I’m sure you can get into Tsinghua University as well.”

Fu Zhi was confused.

Ma Mingquan was very satisfied with Fu Zhi. Even though the bell had rung, the corridor on the sixth floor was still very lively. As they walked down the corridor, they bumped into a female student who was chasing down a male student with a broom in her hand.

He continued to look ahead and held out an arm to shield Fu Zhi behind him. “Well, they are still young, so they need to let off some steam sometimes. Don’t you worry about them, though. They usually are very quiet during math class.”

Fu Zhi nodded.

“Don’t be afraid of them either. They are all good kids.”

Ma Mingquan sounded proud as he claimed, “They are all also very obedient around me!”

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