The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 15: You’re Even Better Than Liu Neng (2)

Chapter 15: You’re Even Better Than Liu Neng (2)

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Generally, teachers would form a group to discuss the answers when they got their hands on a new set of sample exam questions. Therefore, all of them had all the answers ingrained in their minds.

When Qian Wenrui reached the last question, which was also the hardest one, her expression darkened. She took a look at Director Liu and pulled the answer sheet out of her bag.

After a short while, she handed both the paper and the answer sheet to Director Liu. “She got all the answers correct in less than 10 minutes.”

Director Liu was stunned. He took the paper, but before he could do anything, Qian Wenrui added, “Even Lu Chuwan couldn’t finish the paper in such a short time, so there is no way an academically poor student from a small town like her could do it.”

After saying that, she turned to face Fu Zhi, her mouth set in a severe line and her countenance grim. “I’m not sure why you wanted to do this, but do you think all teachers are idiots? Did you think we wouldn’t know that you cheated on the paper?”

“I’m sure there’s been a misunderstanding, Mrs. Qian,” Director Liu chimed in, trying to smooth out the situation. However, after he skimmed through Fu Zhi’s question paper, he somewhat understood why Qian Wenrui was so sure that Fu Zhi had cheated.

With the exception of the last few questions, which she had answered without writing out the individual steps, the answers to the rest of the questions were no different from those on the answer sheet.

It was as if she had known the answers to all the questions all along.

Director Liu was so shocked that he was totally at a loss for words.

Qian Wenrui had just gone through Fu Zhi’s profile, so she knew very well how incompetent Fu Zhi was. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and sneered, “I can’t say anything if you really want to put Fu Zhi in the first class, Director Liu. After all, you’re the director and I’m just a teacher who has to obey orders. However, I’m sure you’re very familiar with the situation in my class. From Lu Chuwan to Lu Yubai, all the students in my class are potential future Tsinghua University students.

“Look at Fu Zhi. I’m not sure where she got the answer sheet, but she should never have cheated on a paper. One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. How can I let a student with character flaws enter my class and affect all my other students?”

Luck was undoubtedly on Qian Wenrui’s side considering her accomplishment that day. Besides, leading a good class could also take her career to the next level.

There was no way she would gamble with the future of the 40 students in her class.

Director Liu’s face turned scarlet from shame after what Qian Wenrui said. He looked at Fu Zhi’s test paper, feeling troubled himself. Judging from his expression, he apparently also thought that Lu Jingqing had gotten the answers for Fu Zhi in advance.

Besides, Qian Wenrui’s words and concern were quite reasonable as well.

After all, she had not even tried to hide the fact that she had cheated. Other students would have changed one or two answers when copying someone else’s homework, but Fu Zhi was different. Not only had she not changed any of the answers, but she’d also acted as if she had answered all the questions by herself and passed the test paper in less than 10 minutes.

‘Even Liu Neng wouldn’t have the audacity to do something like this. You’re even worse than him!’

Be that as it may, Director Liu still retained his calmness. He put on a gentle smile as if he was the most benevolent person in the world before facing Fu Zhi again. “I know you must have done this because you are under a lot of pressure, but...”

Right now, Director Liu was between the devil and the deep blue sea. On one side of him was Fu Zhi, who looked obedient and was a first-time offender, while on his other side was Qian Wenrui. He was scared that if he admonished Fu Zhi too hard, Lu Jingqing might retract his donation. On the other hand, if he only gave Fu Zhi a light punishment, Qian Wenrui might not be happy about it.

As he felt lost at sea, he saw Fu Zhi suddenly raise her head and his eyes shone. However, the words that came out of her mouth shook him to his core. She said, “I’m not under any pressure.”

‘No, you are!’

Fu Zhi added, “I didn’t cheat either.”

Qian Wenrui did not know why Fu Zhi had the audacity to say she had not cheated on the paper. She scoffed coldly and said, “This is a comprehensive science paper that includes questions from three branches of science: biology, chemistry, and physics. One would need at least 30 minutes even if one only focused on the physics part. You are saying that you didn’t cheat, so are you saying that you’re even better than me, the teacher?

“In other words, why would you still come to school if you’re so good?”

Fu Zhi did not reply instantly. She just looked straight into Qian Wenrui’s eyes. After a while that seemed like an eternity, she finally began to talk, filling the room with her apathetic voice. “So you concluded that I cheated just because I did something that you couldn’t do?”

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