The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 141: Remember To Close The Door On Your Way Out

Chapter 141: Remember To Close The Door On Your Way Out

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“Our students are just stating the truth.” Qian Wenrui frowned. “Why can’t the Li Family just mind its own business?”

“Mind its own business?” The vice-principal nodded as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. “So you’re saying that the Li Family is just being a bunch of busybodies?”

“No.1 High School is a public school, so we’re run by the government. If the Li Family got caught meddling with our school’s affairs, it wouldn’t end well for them either, right?” Qian Wenrui said seriously.

“It wouldn’t end well for the Li Family? Very good, Ms. Qian, very good! If you have the chance, please go and ask around what would happen to the Li Family if the world stopped spinning!” The vice-principal rose to his feet and ordered the rest of the teachers to take care of the students in their class. After doing that, he turned to Qian Wenrui, who still refused to accept this outcome. “If you really think you can protect the so-called freedom of speech of your students, go ahead. Quit giving me that look!”

Qian Wenrui froze.

The vice-principal did not look at her again after he finished speaking. He turned his head to face Fu Zhi and said, “As for you, I’ll delete all the posts on the forum. You stay here and consider the option I proposed just now. If I don’t receive a satisfactory answer from you, you will not be allowed to go back to your class, you hear me?!”

The vice-principal had been under a lot of stress lately due to this matter, and the call from the principal was the last straw that had broken the camel’s back. The fire inside of him had finally exploded, and he had scolded and snarled at anyone he had come across.

Before he stepped out of the office, Fu Zhi called out to him.

Putting his hands in his pockets, he turned around and harrumphed coldly. “What? Have you made up your mind?”

The expression on his face gave Fu Zhi the impression that if she had said yes to his proposal earlier, then they would not have had to go through this.

Fu Zhi said, “Remember to close the door on your way out.”

The vice-principal fell silent.

‘I’m the vice-principal appointed by the government. What am I? Your servant? You’re not the one who pays me, so how dare you shepherd me around?’

If Fu Zhi had known what was going on inside the vice-principal’s head, she would certainly have replied, “Yes, I’m the one who pays you.”

However, Fu Zhi did not know.

The vice-principal felt like he would explode if he did not get out of there soon.


He slammed the door hard.


Qian Wenrui was walking behind the mathematics teacher of Class 2 with a mixed expression on her face. Suddenly, she asked, “What’s going on with the Li Family? How is there any possibility that they have anything to do with our school?”

“Even though No.1 High School is a public school, we still need financial support from prestigious families, and the Li Family is the major shareholder of our school. You can search on Weibo or the state website, and the China Television Network reported on them two years ago. Like the Fu Corporation, the Li Family is one of the most prestigious families in our country. If they really wanted to, they could just destroy No.1 High School in a second. All they’d have to do is open their mouths.”

The mathematics teacher then took a glance at the post in the forum. His intuition told him that Fu Zhi was not that kind of student, so he added, “Oh yeah, Ms. Qian... In my opinion, there’s no right or wrong decision. Fu Zhi will decide if she wants to give up the slot for Lu Chuwan or not. She got the slot with her own effort, so you shouldn’t force her.”

Qian Wenrui was about to say something, but the mathematics teacher was already gone.

She could not believe the things the mathematics teacher had told her. Therefore, she took out her phone and searched for “Li Nanli” on the web.

By the time she went through everything there was about him, she could only think of two words to describe him—”wealth” and “power”.


Inside the office, Fu Zhi threw herself on the couch. She pulled out her phone and realized she had received a voice message.

It was from her nephew.

A 20,000-yuan transaction notification had also come before the message.

Fu Zhi did not accept the money this time. She knew her nephew had tried to help her, so she said, “Good job, Xiao Li. You finally removed your wisdom teeth! Now you know how to help your aunt!”

Even though Fu Zhi was able to solve this issue herself, she figured that all kids loved to be complimented by their parents.

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