The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 133: Intentional Homicide

Chapter 133: Intentional Homicide

Even though Lu Yubai did not like them, he was able to keep his cool. After bidding Madam Lu farewell, he then left the Lu Household.

The moment he hopped into his car, his phone rang. When he answered the call, a female voice wafted out. “Mommy should be free around December, after your brother has finished his operation. Then, you can bring mommy to see the little girl you want to adopt. If...”

“That’s not necessary anymore.” Lu Yubai interrupted. “She is good now. She has been adopted by Aunt Xu Wei.”


At the same time, in the Lu Household...

Lu Chuwan was replying to WeChat messages from the class committee. She had taken a week off from school, and all the male students in her class were worried about her.

“I’ve read through your notes. They’re very helpful, but I can’t go out with you this week. I initially wanted to bring you along to meet Professor He to express my gratitude, but I guess you already know the result. My uncle donated a building to the school, so... Anyway, this is my fault, and I—”

Before Lu Chuwan could finish her sentence, Xiang Yusheng replied, “All of us already know about it. Fu Zhi cheated in the examination. You’re the victim, so you don’t have to apologize to me!”

Very soon, after Xiang Yushen finished speaking, Lu Chuwan sent a voice message to him in a low, hoarse voice. “There must be a lot of people who think that Fu Zhi got selected because she worked hard for it, and you’re the only one in the whole school who put himself in my position and considered how I feel. I really appreciate that, Brother Yusheng.”

“Don’t say that. Everyone thinks that because they don’t know the truth!”

Lu Chuwan was pretty, so she was the belle of the school. Even though Xiang Yusheng was rich, he was plain-looking and his family was lower in status compared to the Lu Family. He had been courting Lu Chuwan since day one, and he got a little excited when he heard her calling him Brother Yusheng. “Don’t worry! I’ll never allow this kind of young good-for-nothing to tarnish the name of our school! I’ll make sure she will not get her way, and I’ll do everything in my power to kick her out of our school!”

The corner of Lu Chuwan’s lips curled upward, but she restrained herself. Then, she said, “All things considered, Fu Zhi is still my cousin. I don’t wish to make things too bad for her, so why don’t we just forget about it? I’m fine with getting the short end of the stick. I just don’t want anybody to get hurt because of this incident...”

However, Xiang Yusheng could not hear what she was saying anymore. He opened their school’s forum, his face distorted with anger as his fingers began to dance nimbly on the keyboard.


The next day, Fu Zhi did not go to school.

She had helped He Ming correct his program the previous night, and by the time she was finished, the sun was already up. When she emerged from her room, she bumped into Lu Yumo, who had pulled an all-nighter playing games. Both of them walked toward the staircase, but all of a sudden, Lu Yumo missed a step and accidentally pushed Fu Zhi, who was walking in front of him, down the stairs.

There were two flights of stairs in the Lu Mansion, and Fu Zhi had been standing on the lower one. Due to the fact that she had not had enough sleep the previous night, she was a little slow to respond. She fell hard down about six steps before she finally regained her balance amid Xu Wei’s cries.

The first one to come back to his senses was Lu Yushen. He squatted in front of Fu Zhi, not knowing what to do. He wanted to help her up, but he was afraid that he might hurt his sister.

Lu Yumo finally snapped out of his drowsy spell. He hurriedly went up to Fu Zhi and asked, “How do you feel, Zhizhi? Where does it hurt?”

Fu Zhi did not know how to explain either. Her tailbone felt kind of numb, but sharp pain radiated in her legs. She tried to get up, but to no avail.

Right now, she just wanted to break Lu Yumo’s legs.

The Lu Mansion descended into chaos in the morning.

Xu Wei hastily called Dr. Liang and screamed, “Yeah, it’s Zhizhi! Hurry up, Dr. Liang. My daughter’s legs are broken, and her body is covered in her own blood! What should I do?

“I can’t calm down right now! This was intentional homicide. It was my eldest son. He wants to kill my daughter. I have to call Mr. Xu. I want to sue him!”

Lu Yumo said, “Huh?”

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