The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 131: Yubai Protecting Zhizhi – 4

Chapter 131: Yubai Protecting Zhizhi – 4

Bai Yao knew things were not working in her favor when she saw Fu Zhi leave with Xu Wei without finishing their meal.

The remaining people sat around the dining table as a disconcerting silence reigned in the hall. All of a sudden, Bai Yao’s phone rang.

She picked it up. When she saw that it was Dong Cun calling, she finally could not hold back anymore and snarled, “Jingqing had to pull some strings to get his daughter into this school. Now that Fu Zhi snatched the opportunity that should have been Wanwan’s away, what am I supposed to tell Dong Cun? What will he think of Wanwan?”

Madam Lu did not want to have anything to do with this topic anymore. She suspected that Fu Zhi was bluffing, so she was going to test it out by taking three bowls of medicine tonight.

Even though Madam Lu was not listening, Bai Yao continued speaking. “I knew she was an egoistic girl who doesn’t care about other people. All we ever wanted was for her to give this chance back to Wanwan, that’s it. How could she say no to such a simple request? She’s really the most ungrateful...”

“Aunt Bai Yao.” Before Bai Yao could finish her sentence, a voice rang out from the other side of the table.

She looked toward the source of the sound and realized Lu Yubai was looking at her. Even though he was smiling, his smile did not reach his eyes. Just as Bai Yao thought he was not going to say anything, he opened his mouth and his voice filled the room. “How do you know Zhizhi was chosen by Professor He because of Uncle Jingqing? Did you see it yourself, or did someone tell you about it? Besides, it’s occurred to me that you don’t like Zhizhi very much. I have no idea why you would bear such malice toward her, but as someone who’s much older, wiser, and has experienced more things in life, you should know better than us what to say and what not to say, right?”

Lu Yubai did not interact with the Lu Family a lot. Bai Yao knew that most of his mother’s relatives were senior military officers. Since he was a child, his parents had sent him overseas so he could receive training. He had only returned home at the age of 14. He was eccentric and he often exuded an aura of danger. Therefore, even Bai Yao, someone who liked to take advantage of other people, was reluctant to interact too much with him.

Be that as it may, although Lu Yubai was many things, there was one good thing about him: his influence.

In No.1 High School, all the students knew that the only person in school they should never provoke was Lu Yubai, and since Lu Chuwan was his cousin, nobody dared to speak ill of her either.

In some aspects, this was also why Lu Chuwan had been willing to get close to her cousin.

With a grin tugging at the corner of her lips, Lu Chuwan stepped forward and explained. “You’ve misunderstood my mom. She just thinks this is unfair to me. After all, had Uncle Jingqing not donated a building to the school, do you think an academically underperforming girl who has never passed her Physics examinations before would have been chosen? This is not a lottery or anything. This is an examination, and only those who have answered all the questions correctly stand a chance.”

Lu Yubai had only met Fu Zhi twice. The first time had been in town a year ago, while the second time had been during the English Public Speaking Competition. During the competition, her ability to convey her core idea through her speech in a clear and precise way had left a deep impression on him. Therefore, he did not believe that someone like that would be an ignorant or uneducated girl.

“That’s just your guess. Blaming her before there’s any solid evidence will only make others doubt your upbringing and personality,” Lu Yubai scoffed as he rose to his feet. He took his jacket from the back of his chair and then smiled at Madam Lu. “I have to go now. Remember to take care of yourself, grandma.”

“Yubai,” Madam Lu said.

It occurred to her that Lu Yubai was on Fu Zhi’s side as well. He did not care about Fu Zhi using back-door connections to get this chance at all.

When had her grandson begun to side with an outsider? Madam Lu felt upset.

Just as she was about to say something, Mama Liu appeared through the door with a black gift box in her arm. Inside the box were 10 sets of summer clothes from Kimorty.

Lu Chuwan glanced across the gift box but did not say anything. Apparently, she did not feel comfortable with Lu Yubai’s way of doing things.

Everyone in the Lu Family knew that Lu Chuwan loved the clothes made by Kimorty. Her closet was filled with their clothes, and everyone who paid attention to her would notice it.

Madam Lu stretched her arm and pulled Lu Yubai to her side. “You and Wanwan are siblings, so you should not argue with each other. Since you already bought these clothes for Wanwan, hurry up and give them to her.”

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