The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 13: Brother Sets An Example By Flunking Grades

Chapter 13: Brother Sets An Example By Flunking Grades

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The next morning, Lu Jingqing started to go through all the formalities necessary to enroll Fu Zhi in high school after he returned from the Lu Household.

Truth be told, Lu Jingqing had his own reason for enrolling Fu Zhi in No.1 High School, even though he knew she was not likely to get into a good university or catch up with the learning schedule of a key high school considering her grades.

“One, they could look after each other, and two, she would not feel too much pressure if she failed the national college entrance examination. After all, her elder brother has flunked the examination as well.”

While Lu Jingqing was talking, Fu Zhi was preparing for school upstairs. He pitched his voice very low as he laid out his plan for his daughter’s future.

On the other hand, Xu Wei did not want her daughter to emulate her eldest son. Lu Yushen gave Lu Jingqing a look. His hand stopped for a moment before he lowered his head and began writing something.

The young man’s fingers were slender and delicate. His nails were neat and nicely cut, with a tinge of pink color. Then, he pushed the drawing board forward and finally showed Lu Jingqing what he had written.

“You have to make sure you know the difference between flunking grades and skipping grades.”

There was nothing to be proud of when it came to flunking a grade.

Lu Jingqing was speechless.

‘Hold on a second. Have I ever said that I’m proud of him?!’

The car of the Lu Family arrived at the entrance of No.1 High School at 8:10 AM.

Before Fu Zhi got out of the car, Xu Wei rubbed her head and said reluctantly, “Your father has told the director to put you in the first class. Your cousin is in that class as well. Remember to pay attention in class and seek your cousin out if you need any help. If anyone bullies you, call mommy and let her know. Mommy’s phone is on the paper in your pencil case. Got it?”

Fu Zhi nodded. Today, she had put on the uniform that Xu Wei had bought her. The shirt accentuated every pliant line of her legs. She blinked her beautiful eyes, and her slender eyelashes fluttered. “Don’t worry mom. I will.”

Xu Wei’s heart melted. Her daughter was such a good girl. Tears were forming in her eyes as she sobbed. “This is the first time you’re so far away from mommy, so how could mommy not worry about you?”

Fu Zhi fell silent for a short while before she said slowly, “It just took 15 minutes to get from our house to school.”

“But we’ll be spending less and less time together!”

Xu Wei was sentimental. Lu Jingqing knew her very well and was certain that Fu Zhi would be late to school if he did not step in. He gestured with his hand at his daughter and asked her to go ahead. He then closed the door and turned to comfort his wife.

Biting her handkerchief, Xu Wei put her hand pitifully on the half-ajar window and watched proudly Fu Zhi as if her daughter had finally grown up. However, the pride in her heart was soon replaced by sadness as she said with her lips pouted, “She just came to live in a new environment. Will she be able to take care of herself without me by her side? Will she be able to make any friends in class?”

‘Didn’t she take good care of herself in the past 17 years?’

With that thought in mind, Lu Jingqing replied, “Well, you have to give her a chance to grow up.”

Xu Wei shook her head and continued to watch her daughter until she disappeared completely from her line of sight. She gripped the window even tighter with her fingers as a pang of pain shot through her heart. Her voice started shaking as tears streamed down her face. “It’ll only be me and Yushen in the house after Zhizhi goes to school...”

As she was talking, she thought of something and stopped sobbing. Her lips were parted slightly before she lost it completely. “No, Dr. Yuan said he is coming to take Yushen for treatment this afternoon. This means that I’ll be left home alone...”

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