The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 115: Bring Zhizhi Over – 1

Chapter 115: Bring Zhizhi Over – 1

Madam Lu had stopped spasming and vomiting blood after taking Fu Zhi’s medicine.

Dr. Liang arrived at the Lu Household along with Lu Ning, who had gotten wind of Madam Lu’s worsening condition.

The moment he arrived, he immediately took his stethoscope and flashlight out of his bag and began checking on Madam Lu.

“How come aunt’s condition suddenly got worse?”

Lu Ning was the daughter-in-law of the rich and prestigious Dong Family in the capitol. Whenever she pulled a face and said something, she looked impressive.

Lu Chuwan’s face was dark as well.

When she’d gone to help Madam Lu wipe her body just now, she had pushed her away.

Truth be told, Madam Lu was seriously ill and did not have much strength left right now. Therefore, rather than saying she had pushed her, it would be more accurate to say it had felt like a pat.

Lu Chuwan had been a beloved child since a young age. She was loved by everyone in the family, including Madam Lu, so when had her grandmother treated her like this before?

She gritted her teeth, and her fists were clenched tightly. ‘It’s all Fu Zhi’s fault!’

Even at this point, she still thought it was Fu Zhi’s supplement that had caused her grandmother to vomit blood. If her grandmother had not taken the supplement, none of this would have happened. Therefore, Fu Zhi was the one who should be punished, not her.

The more Lu Chuwan thought about it, the gloomier her face became. In the end, she could not hold her anger back anymore and she snarled, “It was Fu Zhi! She gave grandma drugs because she wanted grandma dead. She’s the worst person I’ve ever met! What about you, grandma? You know that it was her supplement that caused you to vomit blood, so why do you still believe her? Aunt, since you’re here, please help us persuade her!”

Lu Ning relapsed into silence when she heard what Lu Chuwan had said. She thought for a while and only then remembered the supplement that she had mistaken for anticancer drugs when she’d visited Madam Lu the other day.

However, she did not say anything.

Very soon, Dr. Liang finished checking on Madam Lu. He rose to his feet and sighed. “The blood circulation in Madam Lu’s body has been severely disrupted. In addition, her blood has begun to coagulate. It has already flowed through the spleen, but it’s now clogged in her liver. Once her blood reaches her kidneys, she will...”

Before Dr. Liang could finish his sentence, Bao Yao sprang up from the chair. “What do you mean by that? Are you saying that my mother’s condition was caused by Fu Zhi’s supplement?”

“I won’t say for certain that it was Ms. Fu’s medicine that put Madam Lu in her current condition, as I haven’t tested the medicine with a professional instrument yet,” Dr. Liang said as he threw a bamboo stick into the dustbin. After doing that, he looked at the bowl of medicine on the table and added, “However, this medicine consists of many Yin-attributed herbs. It’ll surely trigger a heart attack after Madam Lu takes it. Worst-case scenario, she will vomit blood and fall into a coma.”

Dr. Liang was talking slowly, and his tone was calm.

However, everyone in the room could sense that he was blaming Lu Chuwan rather than Fu Zhi.

Bai Yao froze, and every muscle in her body was pulled taut after she heard what Dr. Liang had said. She had thought that Fu Zhi’s supplement had caused the problem the whole time. However, it now occurred to her that if something really happened to Madam Lu, Lu Chuwan would have to shoulder part of the responsibility as well.

“But the doctor told me that this medicine is suitable for all patients who’ve had a heart attack,” Lu Chuwan said softly. Even under the circumstances, she was still able to keep her calm.

“Yes, but Madam Lu has a cold. The doctor did not consider that, so taking this medicine is like adding fuel to the fire.”

When Dr. Liang finished speaking, Lu Chuwan felt as if something had exploded inside her head and could not stay calm anymore.

Dr. Liang did not want to talk to her anymore. He turned around and prescribed Madam Lu some medicine before he said, “There’s nothing we could do right now. I don’t suggest an operation, as it will only cause her more pain.

“I’ve given her an injection to reduce her pain. As for any other issues... I guess you guys should gather all the Lus as soon as possible to take care of the family’s affairs.”

Bai Yao sobbed without restraint.

When Madam Lu finally came around, and the first thing she said was, “Mama Liu, I’m feeling really bad right now. Go bring Zhizhi over here. She’s the only one who can save me.”

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