The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 48 - Pampered Foodie (1)

Chapter 48: Pampered Foodie (1)

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Her bedroom was right opposite her study room and it shared a similarly simple and neat style.

Her laptop was on the shelf by her bedside. Ah Mo took the briefcase from Mu Yuchen who went in to take the laptop and the books she mentioned. Before he left, he opened the wardrobe and took several sets of outfits as well.

“Master, Missus’ apartment is pretty similar to Maple Residence’s style.” Ah Mo laughed after he took a good look at the whole place. He took the bag from Mu Yuchen. “However, renovations like this give people a perception of home.”

“Since when did you study renovation and decoration?” Mu Yuchen asked as he narrowed his eyes at Ah Mo.

Ah Mo looked down and lightly covered his mouth sheepishly. After a short pause, he asked, “Master, is there anything else we should take? Are these all?”

He glanced at the stuff he held doubtfully.

Mu Yuchen fell silent as he looked around and walked towards the kitchen. Then, he opened the fridge and noticed that it was rather empty inside. After closer inspection, he saw some tomatoes and eggs at the bottom tray, but there was nothing else, not even a bottle of juice.

He frowned slightly at what he saw. Turning around, he noticed the cooking utensils and how clean they were. She probably had not cooked for the past week.

He wondered how she survived.

A cold light flashed in Mu Yuchen’s eyes. He closed the fridge after a while and walked out of the kitchen.

“Put the things into the car. We’ll head to the market first,” he ordered as he walked outside the house.

Ah Mo nodded and caught up with him. “Okay, Master. Sis Wang mentioned that there’s no more food in the fridge, so we probably have to buy some. It’s quite late now and I don’t think the Missus ate anything since the afternoon.”

Knowing Mu Yuchen’s rules, the Master was a man who liked to stay in. During his free time, he would usually cook on his own with his unusually impressive cooking skills.

When he was free, he would play golf or cards with his friends. Sometimes, he also played some tennis or went swimming. Without any overwhelming activities, he preferred a simpler way of life.

Mu Yuchen nodded and went towards the lift.

After Mu Yuchen left, Xi Xiaye watched some TV in the living room. Soon, she fell asleep. It was warm inside, so she slept for several hours with just a thin blanket over her.

Mu Yuchen was not back yet when she woke up. The sky had turned dark and the whole villa was silent. The entire living room was dark as well while dim lights came from the street lamps on the cement path outside.

She rubbed her eyes as she tried to adapt to the dark environment. She wanted to switch the lights on, but she did not know where the switches were. Helpless, she stood rooted and gave it some thought. In the end, she took the phone from her shirt pocket out and called Mu Yuchen.

Suddenly, she remembered that she had never noted down his phone number. However, when she opened her contact list, the name “Mu Yuchen” was in it.

She then remembered the day when he had taken her phone and asked her for her password. He must have saved his number into her phone at that time.

She was startled and went blank. Just as she was thinking about whether she should call, the phone started ringing as if it had a sensor on it. It was Mu Yuchen.

Xi Xiaye hesitated for a moment before answering the call.

“It’s me.” The call connected and Mu Yuchen’s deep voice came through.

“Where are you? The sky turned dark and I can’t find the switch for the lights,” Xi Xiaye frowned as she asked.

“Did you just wake up?” Mu Yuchen laughed. “I’ll be home in about ten minutes. Stay where you are and don’t move around. You might injure your wound.”

“Mmm, be quick. It’s all dark here.”

Xi Xiaye then hung up. However, the moment she hung up, her phone rang again. It was her grandpa calling.

She gave it some thought before answering it.

“Hello? Grandpa…” Xi Xiaye greeted quietly.

“You still know that you have a grandpa? Why was your phone turned off yesterday? What happened at the Xi family banquet? Where did you go? Couldn’t you have given us a call? Did something happen?”

Chen Yue’s old voice sounded cross, but he sounded concerned as well.


Xi Xiaye had no idea how to answer the questions he fired at her.

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