The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 32 - Need A Marriage (2)

Chapter 32: Need A Marriage (2)

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The sound of the lift rang and the door opened.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath, seeming a little out of it as she walked out of the lift. She appeared to have forgotten about Mu Yuchen and Li Si behind her.


As Li Si was about to call out to Xi Xiaye, he stopped when he saw Mu Yuchen’s face.

Mu Yuchen’s eyes had darkened slightly as he looked in the direction Xi Xiaye left. He only exited the lift slowly after a short while.

“Master, Director Xi seems to be related to Mayor Xi. If I’m not mistaken, Xi Xinyi is the daughter of Mayor Xi and Han Yifeng is the master of Han Corporation. Both of them have just returned from abroad not too long ago. There’s also news that the Xis and the Hans are going to be connected through their marriage. Han Yifeng is probably getting engaged to Xi Xinyi. As for Director Xi…”

Li Si felt doubtful. Actually, the whole of Glory World Corporation was not very familiar with Director Xi’s background. She was rather secretive and never really talked to anybody aside from work-related matters. It was near impossible to know her personal information.

“Oh right, Master, I’m not sure if you remember Xi Xinyi. The Imperial Sky Jewelry City is finishing up soon and the Public Relations Department was thinking about inviting her to become our company’s jewelry ambassador. She’s very popular now. After all, as a young girl with a very positive image, she’s pretty great overall. The Public Relations Department sent you the proposal several days ago and you gave the green light too,” Li Si explained when he saw that Mu Yuchen did not say anything.

“Imperial Sky Jewelry City? One of the projects within Imperial Sky Entertainment City?” Mu Yuchen asked after giving it some thought.

Li Si nodded. “That’s right, Master! It’s one of the projects within Imperial Sky Entertainment City which is nearly done now. All the shops are filled and we’ll be able to run it very soon. The Planning Department and the Public Relations Department are working on the opening ceremony. By estimates, we’ll be able to have the opening ceremony by the Chinese New Year.”

“Who’s handling this project?”

“Master, this project is handled by Director Xi and Director Chu. After Director Chu shifted away, all the plannings and execution were mostly done under Director Xi’s supervision, including the phase to recruit businesses to join. After that, it’s the Planning Department and the Public Relations Department’s job to work on the opening ceremony. The old chairman was happy with her efficiency, which was why he appointed Director Xi to handle New Era Plaza.

“However, I’m not sure if you’ve read the news in the past few days. Yueying Culture Media that’s run by the Elder Madam of the Xi family initially contracted several big projects with Qi Kai, but Qi Kai suddenly backed out. Moreover, the Vice President of the company embezzled the company funds and ran away to another country. It seems to be in a bad state at the moment. Xi Xinyi is from Yueying. During the meeting with her about the contract, she briefly mentioned that she’s interested in becoming an actress. She’s probably inviting us into the movie and television industry.”

Li Si took a pause after reporting everything he knew about the situation to Mu Yuchen. Then, he asked, “What do you think about the movie and television industry?”

He knew that his boss avoided of such industries but still, he asked quietly and carefully, “The old chairman had such thoughts before and wanted to give it a try to boost Glory World’s image.”

Mu Yuchen suddenly thought of something and a cold light passed through his eyes. He asked as he glanced at the drawing in his hand, “Did the Public Relations Department sign the contract with the ambassador already?”

“Mmm, I heard they signed the contract yesterday. They’ll come over and discuss the specifics in a few days’ time. I heard about it from the people in the Planning Department. However, this matter should be handled by Director Xi’s subordinate, Vice Director Xu. He should know about all of that.”

Mu Yuchen suddenly frowned and looked at the drawing again. After a while, he wordlessly handed the drawing to Li Si.

Li Si quietly observed Mu Yuchen and noticed that his eyes seemed complicated, but he did not ask much and took the drawing carefully, keeping it in the folder in his hand before following him.

The wind was chilly at night. By the roadside two kilometers away from Glory World Corporation building, Xi Xiaye frowned as she tried several times, but the car just would not start at all. She left the car feeling defeated as she realized that something was wrong with the car.

A strong wind blew towards her the moment she stepped out of her car and her whole body shivered as her waist-length hair got riled up into a mess.

She sighed helplessly and tried to fix her messy hair before popping her car bonnet up and looking around. There was a malfunctioned part but she did not have a toolbox even if she wanted to fix it. After some thought, she took her phone out and made a call to the car repair company.

The moment she found the number in her address book, a classy, dark silver Porsche stopped before her. Before she could react, the window rolled down and a strong-willed voice called out to her, “Get in the car!”

Xi Xiaye was surprised to see Mu Yuchen’s handsome face and was not sure how to react.

Mu Yuchen sighed helplessly. He pointed his long finger at Xi Xiaye and said, “Xi Xiaye, get into the car!”

Xi Xiaye finally reacted she heard her name being called. She hesitated and said, “My car broke down. I don’t want to get invited to the police station for a tea session.”

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