The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 2152_END - Growing Old Together (7)

Chapter 2152: Growing Old Together (7)

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Mu Yuchen raised his eyebrows as he looked at Xi Xiaye thoughtfully.

Xi Xiaye shrugged and pulled him into the room as she closed the door.

“Come, let me see!”

As Mu Yuchen said this, he sat down on the sofa and reached out to Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye handed it over and sat down next to him. Mu Yuchen quickly opened the envelope and took a look at the letter inside—

As expected!

It was the love letters that the girls had written to their sons. Moreover, the literary talent of these little girls really surprised him. Xi Xiaye was also very shocked. She could not help but take the letter over and read it one by one next to Mu Yuchen, she even said this as she read.

“This fellow’s really charming. There are so many letters, and they’re only for this week. Counting them, there are already more than 10. Hey, Mr. Mu, do you think he’s dating in school? Although I’m not really against puppy love, isn’t this not too good?”

When Xi Xiaye said this, she could not help but be a little worried.

Mu Yuchen glanced at her disapprovingly. “Don’t make wild guesses. If you really want to know, you might as well ask your son directly.”

“He won’t tell you even if I ask him about this, right?”

“My son doesn’t have such impetuous thoughts. Don’t worry.”

Mu Yuchen had a lot more confidence in his son. Was he not the same back then?

“Looking at you, you still look like you’re enjoying it. I think you must have…”

“You’re the only person I’ve ever chased after.”

Before she could finish, Mu Yuchen had already cut her off. Xi Xiaye was speechless. She thought about it and was about to say something when Mu Yuchen suddenly threw away the letter in his hand and leaned over, before she could react, he had already kissed her soft lips…

“We… We haven’t showered yet…”

He caressed her, and their clothes were in a mess. Xi Xiaye struggled for a moment before she said, “Let’s go.”

When the man heard this, he chuckled softly and immediately got up to carry her by her waist—

“We’re going to shower again later anyway…”


Xi Xiaye’s protest was invalid. More than 10 years had passed, and she still did not have any say in this matter. A man could do whatever he wanted. Moreover, he would definitely not mistreat himself. The older he got, the more insidious he became!

Xi Xiaye thought about it sadly.

A week later, the new semester began. The children returned to school one after another.

Mu Tangchuan, Zhuang Shurong, Xi Mushan, and Shen Wenna’s overseas trip had also been arranged.

Their flight was at nine in the morning on Monday. Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye had come over personally to send them off.

“Mother, have fun when you get there. You don’t have to worry about things here. The news from XI Xinyi earlier must have made things a little awkward between you and Father. Take this opportunity to calm down properly. You know what Father is thinking. Don’t mind too much. She’s already gone. There are some things that you should let go of.”

Xi Xiaye held Shen Wenna’s arm as she lowered her voice.

Shen Wenna was dressed in an elegant blue and white qipao today. Her charm was still there. Time did not leave too many traces on her body. Even though she was quite old now, she still took good care of herself.

When she heard Xi Xiaye say this, Shen Wenna smiled, “Don’t worry. I don’t care anymore. No matter what, your father is by my side now. I’ve thought it through. This is the most important thing. Your father is actually reflecting on himself, so…”

When she heard Shen Wenna’s words, Xi Xiaye felt much more at ease.

“You and Ah Chen have to look out for each other and understand each other. I think that the two of you won’t be in the same situation as me and your father. Xiaye, to me, your happiness is the most important.”

Shen Wenna was actually very gratified because she had such a daughter.

Xi Xiaye smiled happily and nodded gently.

“Alright, quickly board the plane. It’s about time.”

Mu Yuchen’s deep voice suddenly came from beside her.

“Alright, you guys should hurry back too. You still have to go to work. When we get there, we’ll call you. Take care of the children. If anything, give us a call.”

Zhuang Shurong said as well.

“Mmm, you guys can board the plane.”

The group of them got on the plane unhurriedly.

The plane quickly rushed out of the runway and headed towards the blue sky.

Xi Xiaye did not leave immediately. Instead, she watched the plane take off.

After a while, Mu Yuchen’s voice came from behind

“Don’t look anymore. We can’t see them anymore. Let’s go, we still have to hurry to work.”

“I’ve been looking forward to them going out carefree for a long time. I didn’t expect that this wish would only be realized now. However, in the blink of an eye, they’re all older, and we’re old too,” Xi Xiaye said calmly.

“Didn’t you hear that? Before you think about doing something, isn’t it too late? Actually, it’s still early. It’s just the beginning.”

“Now that you mention it, it makes sense. I hope they can have some fun this time.”

“They will,” Mu Yuchen said slowly as he put his arm around Xi Xiaye’s shoulder.

Xi Xiaye’s gaze was still fixed on the blue sky in front of her. After a while, she sighed softly. “Will it be like this when we’re old?”

“Of course. When the children are older and can take over our careers, we’ll travel around the world.”

“Then, how much longer do we have to wait?”

Xi Xiaye sighed softly. “The children are still very young.”

“Let’s endure for another 10 years or so.”

As Mu Yuchen said this, the large hand on her shoulder tightened slightly as he lowered his head to kiss her hair. “We’ve still got a very long way to go. Are you still worried about not having a chance? When the time comes, wherever you want to go, I’ll be with you.”

“Ever since I married you, you’ve never wronged me. Mr. Mu, do you sometimes think that I’m a burden?”

Xi Xiaye turned to look at him as she said this. Her eyes were filled with faint emotions.

Mu Yuchen looked down at her as well. He smiled and hugged her tightly as he turned around. Xi Xiaye had no choice but to follow him.

His deep and gentle voice was filled with doting affection. “Xi Xiaye is unique in this world. Mu Yuchen’s wife and the mother of my child. No one can mistreat you. How could you be a burden?”

His tone was filled with unquestionable determination. When Xi Xiaye heard this, her heart felt inexplicably soft.

She was probably getting old, and she liked hearing him say that he cared about her more and more.

“I… I often think that if all the suffering back then was to wait for you, then all of that was nothing. As long as you’re the one who’ll be by my side in the end, that would be great.”

Xi Xiaye held his hand tightly.

Mu Yuchen was stunned for a moment, then he hugged her tightly. “Do you want to be fated to be with me for three lifetimes, Xi Xiaye?”


“What about forever?”

“This, I have to think about it…”

“Say yes. Marry me, and I won’t let you suffer…”

It seemed like many years ago, when she decided to marry him, he had said the same thing—

He would not let her suffer.

He did it.

And she…

At this moment, she finally thought of the word forever….

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