The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1862 - Goodbye Forever (4)

Chapter 1862: Goodbye Forever (4)

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It was not the end of the year yet. When the time came, you would be busy while we were on vacation. This was not a bad deal at all!

Qi Lei coughed lightly and smiled in his heart. His face was tense. He thought for a moment before looking at the tombstone in front of him and said, “The past is gone. You should be more open-minded. I think Ah Mo and Lingshi are not in a good state either. It should be because…”

“Grandmother’s sudden death was a heavy blow to Lingshi. After Grandmother left, Grandfather couldn’t resist the longing, so he left early. Of course, she didn’t feel good about it. She never forgave Gu Qiwu in her heart. It wasn’t easy for her to ease up recently. With grandfather gone, I’m worried that the previous ease will be in vain.”

As Mu Yuchen said this, he could not help but sigh, “The Mu family has been through a lot. I’ve been pretty tired these past few years too. Aunt’s matter is a thorn in everyone’s heart. Even though it’s been so long, everyone still can’t forget it. All the karma that’s been planted makes us feel sad. Grandmother passed away so suddenly, and now Grandfather…”

“Actually, it’s mostly because of Aunt. He’s been troubled for a long time and he’s never let it go. Today’s results aren’t surprising.”

Qi Lei did not say anything as he listened. He just put away his umbrella and took out a cigarette packet from his pocket. He took one out and lit it up before placing it on Mu Yinan’s tombstone. He took one out himself before throwing the cigarette packet to Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen took one as well. Qi Lei lit the fire for him tacitly. He took a puff and looked at the lit cigarette on the tombstone, “Don’t think too much, perhaps, such a goodbye, is forever. Although we say goodbye[1], we know that we will never see them again .”

“That is a very profound realization.”

Mu Yuchen puffed out a cigarette and said in a low voice.

“I’m afraid no one’s would understand it as deeply as us? When my mother had just left me, the whole world felt unreal. I felt like I was just a person who didn’t fit in with this world. I lived without any attachments. I didn’t seem to care about what I did anymore.”

Qi Lei flicked the cigarette ash between his fingers and laughed bitterly. “Even when I proposed to Liuyun back then, it was just… who knows? I couldn’t help it.”

“Actually, even though I know that the Dongfang family’s matters are complicated, it’s not strange that you like Dongfang Liuyun.”

“I didn’t expect it myself. Even if she doesn’t do anything staying by her side made me feel full with anticipation too. I think Grandfather Mu was probably like this too, so after Grandmother Mu left, he had nothing to live for. All he wanted was to be with Grandmother Mu.”

Qi Lei could empathize with him.

“Is that so? I remember that you had someone you liked before. I didn’t expect your feelings to be so pure.”

Mu Yuchen chuckled softly.

Qi Lei glanced at him and said nonchalantly, “I admit that my past life wasn’t that pure, but I’ve never talked about love in a relationship. All these years, I’ve dated women. I admit that I respect the Gu Lingsha from before. And Xiaye, I know that this matter was a knot in your heart too. I’ve doted on her a little or even liked her a little, but…”

When he said this, Qi Lei paused for a moment. His gaze suddenly became gentler. Mu Yuchen knew very well the kind of feelings that were contained within. Was he not the same with Xi Xiaye?

“But Liuyun is different… Gu Lingsha was an unreachable childhood dream. Xiaye was not fated and in sight but unattainable. Only Liuyun feels most real. We play games together, drink together. She cheers me on and cares for me. When I’m with her, I feel… an unprecedented peace of mind. I don’t know if my love for her is engraved in my bones or not, but if I don’t see her and hear her voice one day, I’ll feel inexplicably anxious and uneasy.”

Mu Yuchen listened quietly as Qi Lei spoke. He could even clearly see the humble feelings of a man in Qi Lei’s eyes.

He remembered that some time ago, they had also talked about Dongfang Liuyun like this. Every time they talked about Dongfang Liuyun, Qi Lei’s emotions would become very different. If this was not love, then what was love?

“Su Chen told me that you’ve already met Fujiwara before. Don’t you have anything to say?”

After some thought, Mu Yuchen asked.

When he heard this, Qi Lei frowned and exhaled a puff of smoke. His tone was very calm—

“Fujiwara… he’s indeed a very powerful opponent. His feelings for Liuyun aren’t any less than mine. I’ve seen his file. He’s a decisive person and very strong. He has a very unforgettable past with Liuyun. They were once deeply in love. To be honest, in this competition for love, I’m actually at a disadvantage.”

“Why do you say that? I think that Dongfang Liuyun is at least very determined about your marriage. Moreover, she’s a very intelligent person. To a large extent, she’s even more resolute and decisive than Xiaye before. Xiaye and I really admire her on that.”

Mu Yuchen recalled the information Xi Xiaye had gotten someone to look up before. When she returned, she even told him about it.

“When I didn’t give up on Xiaye back then, I don’t believe that you didn’t feel uneasy. and Han Yifeng before that, didn’t you worry about these things? You were married to Xiaye back then too.”

Qi Lei asked directly.

When he asked this, Mu Yuchen fell silent. After a long while, he replied, “Okay, I understand. But I have faith in you. You and Dongfang Liuyun can definitely be together for life.”

“Xiaye said the same thing.”

Qi Lei replied and squinted at Mu Yuchen. “Thank you!”

Mu Yuchen smiled.

“Alright, the sky is dark. It looks like the rain will continue. Since Grandfather Mu has left, let him go in peace. What we can do is to miss them. We still have to live the life we should live and do the things we should do.”

Qi Lei took a deep drag on his cigarette before tossing the cigarette butt to the still burning brazier. He said softly, “That’s what you advised me to do back then. Now, I’m returning these words to you.”

Mu Yuchen was stunned when he heard that. Then, he smiled. “When did you become so smart? You know how to use my words against me now?”

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