The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 1752 - Not Interested? (2)

Chapter 1752: Not Interested? (2)

Dongfang Liuyun chuckled silently.

Only then did the couple slowly leave the ward and walk out.

At this moment, when she heard the soft sound of the door closing, Song Siting slowly opened her eyes—

She had obviously heard the conversation between her daughter and her son-in-law. In fact, it seemed like the couple got along very well. In fact, their conversation was very natural, as if they were a couple who had gotten used to each other.

Could it be that she was overthinking it?

However, when she thought of the tough problems that Dongfang Liuyun will have to face, her heart tightened again. She did not say anything. The old lady was just like her, Song Siting, they had always wanted Fujiwara to be Dongfang Liuyun’s husband, and..

Because of Dongfang Liuyun’s insistence and Dongfang Gan’s persuasion, she did not have much prejudice against Qi Lei. It was just that…

What else could she say?

What else could she do?

“Master, the flowers have been sent to Officer Qin.”

A respectful voice broke the silence of the morning. It reverberated in the clear air and appeared exceptionally clear.

Zhou Zimo held the railing in front of him with one hand and a cup of tea that had been brewed with the other. Looking at the various flowers that bloomed not far away from him, he appeared very relaxed.

“She didn’t say anything?”

Zhou Zimo did not even look at Lian Ziyao, but instead asked indifferently.

“Master, Officer Qin didn’t say anything special. She just asked you not to send her flowers anymore. She said that she would have to give it to someone else later. It’s very troublesome. She doesn’t seem to like these flowers.”

Lian Ziyao naturally braced himself and answered very honestly.

Hearing this, Zhou Zimo’s eyes instantly darkened. His face immediately tensed up. He turned his head and narrowed his eyes at Lian Ziyao. His voice instantly turned cold. “What else did she say?”

Lian Ziyao coughed lightly and looked at Zhou Zimo uneasily. Then, he lowered his head, lowered his voice, and carefully continued, “Officer Qin also said that if Master has the free time, you might as well practice your skills. Also, she said that you’re being nice for no reason, which means that you’re either evil or a thief. She doesn’t like to play games, especially with people like Master. If you like to play games like this, she asks you to go to a street in the east of the city. There are all kinds of women there, and there must be one that suits Master’s taste, for 300 yuan a night, all kinds of beauties…”

After saying these words, even Ziyao’s back was soaked with a layer of cold sweat. He raised his head nervously and carefully looked at Zhou Zimo’s handsome face—

Sure enough, Zhou Zimo’s face had already darkened. However, he was still able to suppress the emotions that surged in his heart. He took a deep breath and could still maintain his calm.

“It does sound like her, Qin Su. What if I insist on her?”

Zhou Zimo’s lips curled into a meaningful smile as he said indifferently.

“Master, why don’t you ask Officer Qin out some other day? She seems to be quite busy recently. I’m afraid that she’s been slightly worn out…”

Lian Ziyao suggested in a low voice.

Zhou Zimo calmly raised his hand and drank two mouthfuls of tea. He leaned against the railing at the side. His deep eyes flickered a few times before he inexplicably smiled. He raised his hand and touched his tall nose as he said, “Do the same as before. Send her a large bouquet of flowers every day. Monday, Wednesday, Friday is the flirtatious blue enchantress, while Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday the champagne rose. Do you understand?”

“Yes! Master!”

Lian Ziyao naturally did not dare to disobey Zhou Zimo’s orders. However, after some thought, he still did not understand. After thinking about it for a while, he finally summoned up his courage and asked, “Master, but Officer Qin doesn’t seem to like it…”

“It doesn’t matter if she likes it or not, whether I send it or not is the key. If not, I’ll send one flower every day from the entire flower shop. There’s no need to do anything else, I’ll just send her a large bouquet of flowers every day.”

Zhou Zimo did not wait for Lian Ziyao to finish his sentence and cut him off. His tone was naturally firm and could not be resisted.

In fact, Lian Ziyao really did not understand. He really did not know what Master meant. Could it be that he had taken a liking to Officer Qin?

He was looking for information and sending flowers. He had never seen him put so much effort into any girl before. Previously, Doctor Liang had been very worried about him. It seemed that Master had known Officer Qin for a long time.

Could it be that the Master had always had her in his heart? That was why he did not take a liking to those women.

However, speaking of which, Officer Qin was really good-looking. Moreover, her family background was not bad, and her character was even better. If she was really suitable for their Master, then it would be perfect!

However, Officer Qin was like an iceberg. She would not melt at all, she was even stingy with a smile. With their Master’s manner, would Officer Qin be interested in him?

Lian Ziyao struggled for a while. After that, he was considering whether he should find an opportunity to report the situation to Chief Zhou and Doctor Liang. Perhaps, they could help?

Was that Officer Qin not from Chief Zhou’s Military District’s subordinate jurisdiction?

After making up his mind, Lian Ziyao was thinking about when he would find an opportunity to quickly report the situation.

However, Zhou Zimo had already regained his composure and sat down leisurely in the rattan chair behind him.

It was already autumn, so the weather was naturally a little cold. Although the four seasons of City Z were not very distinct, there was still some autumn scenery now. A few yellowed leaves had already fallen under the corridor.

“Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking. If this matter were to be spread out, I’ll be the first to cut you open and chop you into pieces! Keep your mouth shut. I don’t want to hear any unnecessary rumors. Do you understand?”

Zhou Zimo glanced sideways at Lian Ziyao. Of course he saw Lian Ziyao’s fleeting gaze, so he warned him in a cold voice.

Even Lian Ziyao was scared out of his wits and broke out in a cold sweat. He hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes! Master, please be rest assured. I will definitely not say anything. Master, you haven’t done anything. As always, you are an insulator to any woman. You are completely innocent!”

Hearing that, Zhou Zimo silently withdrew his gaze. He lowered his gaze and sipped his tea calmly. After a moment of silence, he continued, “She is a very good woman. What do you think? What do you think of her?”

Zhou Zimo rarely commented on women like this, but he still could not help but ask.

Even Ziyao was stunned by Zhou Zimo’s question and didn’t react for a long time…

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