The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 925 - 925 Becoming Fierce, Sleep Some More

925 Becoming Fierce, Sleep Some More

“Good lord! Absolute domain?”

Outsiders could only watch the show, but Xiao Fan’s palm technique just now couldn’t escape Ye Qiu’s Dharma Eyes. He had never underestimated Xiao Fan even with his intentional bragging. He had been staring at him the entire time.

He could clearly feel that when Wang Teng’s sword energy arrived a few meters away from Xiao Fan, it couldn’t take another step forward. It was as if it had encountered some uncontrollable obstacle, or had entered some endless cycle. It came and went, but it could not take another step forward.

Xiao Fan, who was a few meters away, could not suffer the attack of this sword at all because no matter what, that sword energy could not slash his body. It would only slowly decrease in the endless cycle until it disappeared.

“Good move!” Ye Qiu exclaimed again. He was convinced by Xiao Fan’s dazzling performance. This kid was… unfathomable.

“What did you see?” Lian Feng looked over curiously. Just now, she was too focused on watching Wang Teng explode and didn’t notice Xiao Fan’s every move. She couldn’t help but be curious.

After all, which girl could withstand the temptation of such a beautiful mushroom cloud? How beautiful was it?

Although she did not place all her attention on Xiao Fan, Lian Feng could roughly analyze that Xiao Fan had used a very strange method just now.

“This kid has already grasped the external realm.”

“What? Lian Feng was shocked. She had only grasped this external realm when the embryonic green lotus appeared. She knew very well how difficult it was. However, she did not expect Xiao Fan, who looked ordinary and was known as a profligate son, to have one too.

Judging from the situation just now, this person had probably just broken through to the early-stage Dao Sacrificial realm and comprehended the profundity of the external realm.

Such talent was rare in the world. Which little bastard was the one who spread rumors and called him a profligate son?

Wasn’t this fake news? The unscrupulous media had harmed a lot of people.

Look at how he had beaten up Wang Teng. His own father couldn’t even recognize him. His face was black and charred. Those who didn’t know better would think that he was a bastard from some Southern Wasteland tribe.

“Using the power of a supreme holy power to evolve into an external realm. The universe in his sleeve is unpredictable. This person’s strength is hidden. He could be heaven’s choice.” Ye Qiu evaluated in a low voice, but he wasn’t very surprised. After all, the external realm was no longer a rare thing.

When he first entered the Heavenly Venerable realm, he used the Twelve Heavenly Sanctums to form the Ring of Life. At that time, he had grasped the external realm. Later on, after Ming Yue returned from the Immortal Ancient Ruins, she also grasped the external realm and found the small pagoda to make up for her shortcomings.

Later on, Lian Feng also grasped this technique after she successfully comprehended the Green Lotus Incarnation.

To others, the external realm was a supreme immortal technique that could only be grasped above the Dao Sacrificial realm. However, to true geniuses, there was no need to do this. As long as the time was right, they would grasp it themselves. It was very hard work.

The so-called harsh conditions were only used to make things difficult for ordinary people, and to geniuses, they were no threat at all.

Therefore, Ye Qiu didn’t find it strange that Xiao Fan could master the external realm.

“Pfft,” Under the intense impact, Wang Teng spat out a mouthful of blood and was seriously injured. He was sent flying.

“Young Master!” Wang Xuanzhi was shocked. At this moment, he couldn’t care less and rushed up to catch his young master.

“No, this is impossible. I can’t lose. I can’t lose so badly.” Even now, Wang Teng couldn’t accept the fact that he would be defeated so easily by Xiao Fan. He had lost. He had lost miserably. He did not even have the qualifications to make Xiao Fan take out his weapon. He who was proud could not accept this reality.

“Young Master, victory and defeat are common in war. You have to pull yourself together. We can’t destroy our Dao Heart and lose our fighting spirit because of a moment of loss. That will be the true day of never turning the world upside down.” Wang Xuanzhi comforted him as he healed his young master.

He regretted bringing Wang Teng to Violet Cloud Training Hall. If he hadn’t come, he wouldn’t have encountered such a thing. However, he could not be blamed because this was a mission arranged by the Patriarch. He could not go against it.

If someone had to take the blame for this matter, Xiao Fan could only take the blame.

Who asked this kid to hide so deeply? Not only did he deceive all of them, but he also deceived the Fifth Elder, who was closest to him.

“F*ck! Is this still my young master? Oh my god, am I seeing things? When did my young master become so fierce? That shouldn’t be the case. Could it be that some super big shot had possessed my young master?” The Fifth Elder shook his head crazily. He could not believe his eyes.

It must be an illusion. It was a huge joke to see his young master beating Wang Teng up early in the morning. I’ll sleep a little longer.

Clap, clap, clap…

Everyone turned around and saw a huge ship docking. A green-clothed youth was the first to fly down from the ship. There was a huge word “Ye” written on the huge ship.

“The Ye family is here too?” The Fifth Elder frowned. He did not expect Violet Cloud Training Hall to be so lively. Three super clans had come.

The first to come down was none other than Ye Qingxuan, who had disappeared for two months.

In the past two months, he had been staying in his family clan and using the power of his family clan to continuously improve himself. He was preparing to amaze the world at this Heaven Mending Assembly.

He, who had advanced by leaps and bounds, had returned with great confidence this time. He did not expect to encounter such a critical hit as soon as he returned to the mountain.

“F*ck, are these little perverts starting to walk around now? I just regained some confidence and came back to see Xiao Fan fighting Wang Teng.” Ye Qingxuan’s heart was pounding. He watched in surprise as Xiao Fan sized up for a long time. He estimated that according to the combat strength Xiao Fan had displayed just now, it would take him at least five minutes to take down Xiao Fan.

Moreover, he could not guarantee that he still had a trump card.

“Exciting, exciting, really exciting!” Ye Qingxuan came from the ship and clapped his hands, praising Xiao Fan from the bottom of his heart.

Everyone looked at him silently. Everyone’s hearts trembled when they felt that invisible pressure.

“Late-stage Dao Sacrificial! Did this guy… take drugs?” Even Ye Qiu was shocked. Two months ago, this kid was still at the early-stage Dao Sacrificial realm. How did he reach the late-stage in the blink of an eye?

Apart from taking pills, Ye Qiu couldn’t think of any other way for him to break through so quickly in such a short period of time. Even Lian Feng could break through to the peak of the Dao Sacrificial realm in such a short period of time with the help of the Netherworld Fruit and the power of the Corpse Ancestor.

However, it made sense. A super clan like the Ye Clan would definitely have a lot of resources.

Moreover, Ye Qingxuan’s foundation was already very firm and he was extremely talented. It was very normal for him to soar into the sky with a huge amount of resources. And this was already very conservative. If he was a little more crazy, it was not impossible for him to reach the peak of the Dao Sacrificial realm.

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