The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 586 - Demon Sword! Heavenly Evil

Chapter 586: Demon Sword! Heavenly Evil

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“F*ck!” Ye Qiu suddenly stood up in shock. “Holy sword? Oh my god, did it return a legendary divine weapon?”

Ye Qiu couldn’t believe that a holy sword had dropped this time. His eyes were filled with fear and disbelief as he looked at the rotten Godslayer Sword lying quietly in the system space.

This sword emitted a rotten and turbid aura, as if it was an ancient holy artifact that had once created an immortal legend. In terms of aura, the Overlord Halberd was completely unable to match it. It did not even have the qualifications to carry its shoes.

Ye Qiu was already very satisfied with the Overlord Halberd. He didn’t expect an even more terrifying holy sword to appear. How could he remain calm at this moment?

Sensing her master’s abnormality, Lin Qingzhu looked at him with concern and said, “Master, what’s wrong?”

Ye Qiu came back to his senses. His eyes gradually calmed down. He pretended to be calm and smiled faintly. “I’m fine.”

Ye Qiu didn’t intend to tell anyone about the Holy Sword because it was too important. Unless he had no choice, it was better not to take out this sword easily. Otherwise, it might involve a lot of karma and attract the evil intentions of some people.

At the very least, Ye Qiu’s current strength wasn’t enough to control this legendary divine weapon.

After dispelling Lin Qingzhu’s doubts, Ye Qiu immediately said, “Alright, it’s getting late. You should go back and rest. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

After a day, although they were still very excited about obtaining the treasure, Ye Qiu still let them go back and rest. Hearing Ye Qiu’s words, they didn’t refute. They nodded and obediently returned to their rooms.

Seeing that night was falling, Ye Qiu returned to the Qianqing Hall and his room. He set up a formation in his room and completely isolated himself from the outside world.

After doing all of this, Ye Qiu wasn’t in a hurry to take out the holy sword. Instead, he continued to shout, “System. Continue to activate.”

This return was not over yet. Linglong’s trident returned a holy sword, but Little Mengli’s Demon Subduing Pestle had yet to return. Currently, Ye Qiu couldn’t completely control the Holy Sword, so he could only place his hopes on the Demon Subduing Pestle. He wanted to see if it could return a good divine weapon and use it for the time being.


With a ding, the system’s cold voice sounded again.

[Congratulations, you have triggered a thousand-fold critical strike and obtained a Chaos Immortal Treasure, the Heavenly Evil Sword.]

“Hmm… Heavenly Evil?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Ye Qiu’s heart trembled. He didn’t expect the Demon Subduing Pestle to return such a thing.

Heavenly Evil? The legendary demon sword divine weapon was the divine weapon of the Nine Nether Demon God at the beginning of the Immortal Ancient.

This sword was like a demon and was incomparably evil. It was forged from the foundation of the Demon World and contained endless ruthlessness. If an ordinary person had this sword, they would easily be corroded by the demonic energy and become a great demon.

Ever since the Nine Nether Demon God died in battle, this sword had been suppressed by a human mighty figure under the Demon Spirit Tower and disappeared for tens of thousands of years.

Ye Qiu didn’t expect that this Demon Subduing Pestle would trigger a return and actually get it out. He was more or less overjoyed.

“Hehe, demon sword? Interesting. I want to see how evil it is.”

Because he had previously set up a forbidden technique in his room to block contact with the outside world, he did not have any worries and directly took out the demon sword.

As Heavenly Evil appeared, a shocking demonic aura instantly spread out, and a bone-chilling ruthlessness filled the entire room.

Ye Qiu was a little abnormal for a moment, but he quickly calmed down. This was because he had eaten a Chaos Green Lotus before. Its medicinal effects were extremely cleansing and could completely ignore this demonic energy.

Heavenly Evil had a spirit. It wanted to occupy Ye Qiu’s heart and corrode his mind. Unexpectedly, it kicked an iron plate and wanted to take the opportunity to slip away. But how could Ye Qiu let it do as it wished? Since it was already his divine weapon, Ye Qiu couldn’t let it continue to do whatever it wanted.

Ye Qiu definitely wouldn’t allow a second different voice to exist in his things.

“You want to leave? Haha… Suppress.” With a cold laugh, Ye Qiu instantly exerted strength. A terrifying force instantly pressed down towards the demon sword.

The sword spirit panicked. It felt the pure power from Ye Qiu and struggled with all its might. It was the most evil incarnation in the world. It was the combination of evil thoughts and resentment of the world and could not accept this pure power. Moreover, after the Nine Nether Demon God died back then, a trace of his evil thoughts also existed in the demon sword. His unwilling will wanted to find a host and borrow his body to be reborn.

Therefore, it resisted very much and wanted to break free. It didn’t want to be purified by Ye Qiu just like that.

“No! The sword spirit let out a heart-wrenching roar and looked at Ye Qiu fiercely. Anger and despair filled his heart.

Ye Qiu looked at it coldly and said coldly, “Don’t resist fearlessly. You only have one path, and that is to submit. Submit to me and be at my disposal. Otherwise, you will only die.”

Ye Qiu exerted strength again. His actions were simple and crude. It was to wash away all the evil thoughts of the sword spirit and completely purify it.

Ye Qiu didn’t want it to suddenly attack him when he was seriously injured in the future. That wouldn’t be worth it.

Under Ye Qiu’s full strength, the sword spirit still didn’t show any intention of submitting and resisted with all its might. For a moment, the precious technique runes in the entire room moved randomly. Rumbling sounds rang out as the flying runes continuously attacked the forbidden barrier. It wanted to escape.

However, no matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t break free from Ye Qiu’s shackles.

“Damn human ant, you want me to submit to you? Dream on!” The sword spirit had its own pride. It only respected the strong. In the world, only an existence like the Nine Nether Demon God could become its master. In its heart, Ye Qiu wasn’t worthy at all. He didn’t have the qualifications.

Hearing its stubborn clamor, Ye Qiu smiled disdainfully. “You? You’re just an artifact spirit formed from thousands of grudges. Hmph… Ridiculous. Since you’re unwilling to submit, I’ll kill you today.”

With a cold snort, Ye Qiu suddenly slapped out with his palm. A ball of Karmic Flame instantly pounced over. The sword spirit’s face instantly turned pale. It looked at the flames in disbelief and let out a shocked voice.

“Red… Red Lotus Karmic Flame.”

That was the Red Lotus Karmic Flame that could burn even the most terrifying karma in the world. At this moment, the sword spirit completely panicked. It didn’t expect Ye Qiu to have such methods. Its eyes revealed fear. It instantly changed its train of thought and knelt on the ground, wanting to submit.

It only said, “Master, don’t kill me. I’m willing to submit.”

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