The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 40 - Gathering of the Prodigies

Chapter 40: Gathering of the Prodigies

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“Father, what should we do now?” The atmosphere at the scene was somewhat oppressive. Yang Xiao walked to his father’s side and asked softly.

“Hmph, you unfilial son. How dare you ask. I told you before to restrain yourself. Not only did you not listen, you even became worse. Now, you even provoked a colossus like the Heaven Mending Sect.

“Now, you are asking me what I should do? Fortunately, their master isn’t here. Otherwise, Immortal Mountain might not have been able to protect you.”

Yang He had expected better from him. After hearing what he said, Yang He was so scared that his face was pale and filled with regret.

Yang He didn’t care about what his son had done. The most important thing now was to settle this matter. No matter what, he was the head of the family. Yang He was really thick-skinned.

His tense face suddenly squeezed out a smile, and he said, “So it turns out to be Heaven Mending Sect’s outstanding disciple! This is just a friendly fire. A family doesn’t recognize a family. I and your Heaven Mending Sect’s Qi Wuhui have a deep friendship. If you all had said earlier that you were from the Heaven Mending Sect, we wouldn’t have created such a huge misunderstanding. It’s my fault for my poor eyesight. I almost caused a huge disaster…”

Yang He looked regretful. His acting skills were superb. Even Xiao Zhan was impressed. He admitted that he was not as thick-skinned as him.

Lin Qingzhu did not say anything when she saw that he had found an excuse for himself. After all, she did not want to blow things up.

Ye Qiu hadn’t returned yet. Enraging him wouldn’t do them any good.

“Clap, clap, clap…”

At this moment, there was a round of applause from a nearby roof.

Everyone looked over curiously. At some unknown time, three people were standing on the roof. One young man was sitting elegantly on the roof, and two old men were standing behind him.

The young man was dressed in green and white. He had an extraordinary aura, and his fringe fluttered in the wind. He looked very carefree.

“Amazing, amazing… How exciting! I never expected to witness such a good show in this tiny Guangling City today.” The young man smiled and teased, he even gave Yang He a thumbs up for his actions just now.

However, what made people curious was that Yang He did not get angry at his provocation at all. Instead, he showed fear.

Zhao Wan’er was very confused. “Who is this person?”

Lin Qingzhu shook her head. She did not know him either. However, Xiao Yi, who was beside her, showed fear. “Saint of Heaven, He Wushuang…”

“What do you mean?” Lin Qingzhu frowned. This name sounded a little scary.

Xiao Yi immediately explained, “This person came from an ancient clan, the ancient clan of the He Clan. He was born with a sacred body. He was the only Saint of the current Heavenly Mountain Holy Land. At such a young age, he had already reached level nine of the Celestial realm.

“He has extraordinary aptitude and stunning talent. He, the Heavenly Holy Son, was said to have the highest chance of becoming a Martial Monarch. Along with the Saintess of the Jade-Lake Holy Land, Fairy Fu Yao, Lu Yan of the Supreme Hall, etc…”

This was the first time Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er had heard of such a thing. They looked at each other.

“Ninth grade Celestial realm? No wonder. Our Heaven Mending Sect’s chief senior brother, Liu Qingfeng, is only in the fifth grade of the Celestial realm, yet he has already reached the ninth grade…”

Lin Qingzhu suddenly felt the pressure multiply.

Before they left the mountain, Ye Qiu had told her that apart from training, this trip would broaden her horizons. She had the chance to experience the breathtaking grace of these geniuses of the same generation.

He told her not to be complacent because of her results. She has to understand that there is always someone better than her. There are many people more outstanding than her.

Compared to Lin Qingzhu’s pressure, Zhao Wan’er’s pressure was much less. Because Lin Qingzhu was the chief disciple, she represented the reputation of Violet Cloud Peak, so the pressure was very great. However, she was different. Other than being surprised, she was more curious.

He Wushuang’s sudden appearance broke the original silence. Everyone’s breathing became heavy, nervously looking at the three people above. What frightened them was not He Wushuang, but the two old men behind him.

Judging from the aura, there was actually one who had already reached the Cardinal realm.



“He is worthy of being a direct descendant of the He Ancient Clan, the Saint of Heaven, even when he travels, he has Cardinal level experts protecting him.”

Xiao Zhan secretly sucked in a breath of cold air. Although he had the attribute of becoming stronger when facing strong opponents, he would be miserable when fighting Cardinal.

That was a completely different concept.

It was normal for such a privileged person to have the protection of such an expert. Thinking about it, that Cardinal elite warrior should be an elder of the Heavenly Lake Holy Land.

Right now, Yang He was scared out of his mind, not knowing how to respond to He Wushuang’s mockery.

Just then, another aurora flashed, and several figures appeared on the other side of the loft.

Everyone looked over and was shocked.

On the roof, a gorgeous beauty floated in the air barefooted.

Everyone could sense that the power of laws that revolved around her was an aura that approached the Infinite Distance realm.

“Hiss… Why is Fairy Fuyao here?”

Xiao Yi’s words broke the silence.

The woman on the roof was none other than Fairy Fuyao of the Jade-Lake Holy Land, the goddess of dreams in the hearts of millions of young men. Her beauty was in no way inferior to Lin Qingzhu’s. Perhaps only Zhao Wan’er could barely compare to her.

This was because the noble aura she exuded was simply too intense. Lin Qingzhu was born into a poor family, so she naturally felt inferior. So, she backed off a little.

“What’s going on today? Why are there so many legendary figures in Guangling City?” At this moment, Xiao Yi was completely terrified.

No matter how arrogant they were, they could only be arrogant in Guangling City. Once they encountered these people, they had to give in.

When He Wushuang saw Fuyao, he only glanced at her before saying to Yang He, “Chief Yang, you showed us what it means to be shameless today. I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed. Compared to Chief Yang, we’re still too young.”

The corners of Yang He’s lips twitched. He knew that He Wushuang was purposely mocking him, but he could only feel anger, not daring to say anything. Now, he was a little unsure. Why were these young masters suddenly interested in coming to Guangling City?

The pressure on everyone present multiplied. The only one who could remain calm was probably Zhao Wan’er. After all, her background was not simple.

“Young Master He must be joking. How would I dare to embarrass myself before you?”

Yang He still wanted to explain something, but He Wushuang waved his hand and interrupted him, completely not respecting him. He did not want to hear anything from Yang He, nor did he want to bother with him.

Instead, he looked at Lin Qingzhu. At first, he was amazed by her cold and aloof temperament, but he was only amazed.

As a saint, he was not someone that a profligate son like Yang Xiao and Xiao Yi could compare to. His horizons were very high. To be able to catch his eye, other than beauty, one had to have strength.

“Violet Cloud Sword! Back then, Perfected Xuantian was extremely elegant. I never expected that his sword would appear in the hands of a junior many years later.”

He Wushuang revealed a look of pity, and then said, “Young lady, can I borrow a sword to take a look?”

Lin Qingzhu was confused. What was so nice about the Violet Cloud Sword in her hand? “This is just an ordinary treasure, not even a Spirit Treasure.”

He Wushuang did not refute. He only said, “Although this sword’s grade is not high, its owner was once an existence that many people could not catch up to.”

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