The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 38 - Who Dares to Bully My Son?

Chapter 38: Who Dares to Bully My Son?

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At this moment, in the restaurant opposite Xunyang Pavilion, Yang Xiao’s anger was raging. The more he thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt. He smashed a wine glass and shouted angrily, “Watch closely!”

“Humph, Situ Changfeng can protect them for now, but he can’t protect them forever. I don’t believe that they won’t come out. I don’t dare to attack Xunyang Pavilion. I’ll see if you have any other excuse when I attack outside.”

“Young Master, this matter involves Xiao Yi. Should we go back and report to the family head?” The accompanying servant asked. Yang Xiao thought about it. He did not want to alarm his father over such a small matter.

However, since Xiao Yi had taken the initiative to get involved in this matter, then he could not blame him for being rude.

The Yang family and the Xiao family had always been at odds. His father had never had an excuse to suppress the Xiao family. Xiao Yi happened to give him this chance.

“Okay. Go back and report this to my father.”

“Alright, I’ll be right back.”

In the room, a beautiful lady was serving Young Master Yang and helping him reduce his anger.

Time slowly passed.

The streets were crowded with people, as if they did not realize that an invisible danger was approaching.

In front of Xunyang Pavilion, Xiao Yi walked down happily with Zhao Wan’er and the others following behind him.

Just as they were about to walk home, a group of men in black suddenly surrounded them and blocked them on the street.

Xiao Yi’s heart tightened after seeing this situation. He immediately knew it was Yang Xiao’s doing and was about to say something.

“Hehe, they’re quite fast.” Zhao Wan’er was the first to walk out. She looked to the front, and in the blink of an eye, a man in green slowly walked over.

That person was precisely Yang Xiao. After the young lady’s help, his anger had subsided quite a bit and he had regained his usual demeanor. He said with a smile, “You two sluts, let’s see where you go today. Do you think that Xiao Yi, this useless person, can really protect you?”

Zhao Wan’er’s expression didn’t change as she observed the surrounding black-clothed people.

Elder Xu reminded, “Everyone, be careful. There are many experts among them. The strongest among them has a cultivation level of level six Infinite Distance.”

“He’s only a level six Infinite Distance expert. Elder Xu, you’re a level nine expert. Why are you afraid of him?” Xiao Yi said unhappily.

Elder Xu shook his head and did not refute. If the other party only had a level six Infinite Distance expert, he would definitely not be afraid. But was that even possible?

How could Yang Xiao only call a level six Infinite Distance expert to come when he clearly knew that he was present? There were definitely many experts hidden in the streets within a few miles.

The few of them were tightly surrounded in a corner of the street.

Yang Xiao was extremely happy right now. He came up to Zhao Wan’er and said, “Slut, aren’t you quite arrogant? You said I wasn’t qualified. Let’s see who can save you today.”

Zhao Wan’er didn’t refute him. She didn’t express anything from beginning to end, and there wasn’t even the slightest bit of fear on her face. As a princess of the royal family, if she were to panic in such a small situation, then she would be a princess in vain.

“Impudent! Open your dog eyes and take a look. How dare you speak to my princess like that. Have you eaten the guts of a leopard?” Little Ling immediately became furious and scolded after seeing the other party insult Zhao Wan’er like this.


The crowd was stunned by her words.

“She’s the princess? The princess of Liyang?”

Yang Xiao looked at Zhao Wan’er in disbelief. If the other party was really Princess Liyang, then his Yang family was indeed not qualified enough in front of her. No matter how powerful the Yang Clan was, they were only a clan under the control of the Liyang Dynasty. How could they be compared to the dynasty?

As far as Guangling City was concerned, the General of the City Lord Residence was not someone the Yang Clan could afford to offend.

Compared to Yang Xiao’s shock, Xiao Yi was more surprised.

“Gosh! She’s a princess? Hehe, I’ve really managed to cozy up to her this time. I’m really too smart. I could actually tell that she was different from the rest with a single glance. I’ve been trying to be nice from the start.”

Xiao Yi was overjoyed. Moreover, looking at Yang Xiao, he looked as if he had eaten sh*t.

“No, I don’t believe it! Hmph… How can you prove that you’re a princess?”

Zhao Wan’er smiled and said elegantly, “Young Master Yang, how do you want me to prove it?”

“At the very least, you have to produce a token that can prove your royal status.”

“Sorry, I can’t show you.” Zhao Wan’er said regretfully. She had escaped this time and didn’t have any royal token with her.

“Haha, since you can’t prove it, then don’t blame me for being impolite. Your crime is even greater since you pretend to be the royal princess. Today, I’ll see who can protect you.” Hearing that Zhao Wan’er could not prove it, Yang Xiao immediately smiled.

Regardless of whether Zhao Wan’er was a princess or not, the main thing was that she could not prove it. Yang Xiao would treat it as an impersonation and deal with it. Even if he was investigated, he could also find an excuse.

“Hehe, the feeling of conquering a princess that’s as beautiful as a celestial fairy must be good.”

Yang Xiao was overjoyed in his heart. Under the strong desire to conquer, he raised his hand.


“Let’s see who dares to…” Xiao Yi stood in front of him instantly and acted like a hero.

“Hmph, take him down too.” Yang Xiao did not care so much. The only thing he wanted to do now was to take down Zhao Wan’er.

At his command, more than ten people behind him attacked.

Elder Xu stood at the front and fought against everyone.

At this moment, two black-robed elders charged out from the street behind him at the same time. They were actually all Ninth Grade Infinite Distance experts.

Elder Xu immediately felt the pressure multiply. Just as he had expected previously, Yang Xiao came prepared.

At this time, on the second floor of Xunyang Restaurant, Situ Changfeng was watching this scene and didn’t interfere. Because he had already sensed a shocking aura rushing over.

“Young Master, I’ll hold them off. Leave quickly!” Elder Xu said loudly as he blocked the attacks of the experts by himself. Even when facing the joint attacks of two Ninth Grade Infinite Distance experts, he was still not at a disadvantage.

“Haha, you won’t be able to leave!” Right at this moment, an extremely arrogant voice sounded from afar. They saw a tall and burly middle-aged man running over.

“Yang He!” Elder Xu’s heart trembled. This person was none other than the clan lord of the Yang Clan, a Five Realms expert.

“No one can save you today! All of you, stay here.” As soon as Yang He appeared, he struck out with his palm. Elder Xu was severely injured and almost lost his life.

At this moment.

“Shameless old man, let’s see who dares to touch my son today…”

In an instant, the street of Guangling lost its luster, and a terrifying pressure pressed down. Looking down the long street, a middle-aged man wielding a saber slowly walked over.

“Father…” When he saw the person, Xiao Yi was overjoyed as if he had found his backbone.

“Don’t be afraid, Yi’er. I’m here. I’ll see who dares to touch you today.” Xiao Zhan said proudly, his heart burning with anger.

Someone actually dared to bully his son in front of him. Wasn’t this a slap to his face?

In an instant, Xiao Zhan came up to Elder Xu and checked his injuries. He was even more furious.

“Three against one, so shameless…”

The broadsword in Xiao Zhan’s hand slashed forward. Xiao Zhan’s firepower was fully unleashed and he immediately engaged in a fierce battle with Yang He.

The two of them were both experts of Five Realms and were of the same generation. They had fought for their entire lives and were always on par.

Now, with the support of his anger, Xiao Zhan actually had the upper hand.

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