The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 376 - Son of Heaven

Chapter 376: Son of Heaven

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“What’s going on?”

They felt two terrifying forces separating everyone. Everyone was confused and at a loss with weapons in their hands.

“What happened?”

Everyone was dumbfounded. They looked up and saw the big shots on both sides flying over from the sky and returning to their teams.

“Junior Brother, what are you doing? We’re in a heated battle here. I almost twisted off the head of that disgusting thing opposite me just now.” Qi Wuhui said unhappily when he saw Ye Qiu return. He was just worried that he had nowhere to vent his anger.

The people from the other Holy Lands also surrounded him. They all knew very well that the people who could represent both sides on this battlefield were Ye Qiu and the Lord of the Nether Clan.

Because their strength was enough to turn the entire battlefield around.

Everyone looked at Ye Qiu in confusion. Some people might not have figured out how this battle started. They all looked up.

Ye Qiu calmly looked at them and didn’t say anything. He then turned around to check on a few heavily injured descendants of the Monarch’s bloodline.

Their injuries were extremely complicated, and they were almost on the verge of death. Ever since the battle began, hundreds of geniuses had died. There were at least thousands of heavily injured ones. It could be said to be extremely cruel. If this continued, Great Desolate would probably be cut off.

This was definitely not a joke. The providence that the Eight Desolates had gathered for hundreds of thousands of years had been exchanged for such a golden age. If they were crippled just like that, who knew how many years it would take for them to recover?

Of course, the situation here was very tragic, and the other party was not much better.

The Nether Clan army suffered heavy casualties. The various commanders were either dead or injured.

The Lord of the Nether Clan’s heart ached.

With a raise of his hand, a force entered the body of a descendant of a Monarch’s bloodline, finally easing his injuries. Ye Qiu took out thousands of Connate Great Recovery Pills and gave them to them.

Then, he said, “Eat it and rest on the spot. There’s still a tough battle ahead.”

Everyone was grateful. They looked at Ye Qiu respectfully and said, “Thank you, Senior.”

They didn’t expect Ye Qiu to give them pills. Perhaps this was because they were in the same world. When faced with an enemy from outside, the various Holy Lands inexplicably swarmed forward, appearing especially united.

Ye Qiu slowly stood up and watched the battle within a few kilometers. With these Connate Great Recovery Pills, the injured could finally keep their lives.

Turning around, Ye Qiu checked Meng Tianzheng’s injuries. When he was fighting previously, a commander of the Nether Clan had pierced his body with a blood spear. Many vicious auras gathered in his body. Fortunately, his body was strong enough and he survived.

After handing him a Connate Extreme Spirit Pill, Ye Qiu said, “Everyone, if this battle continues, both sides are destined to suffer.

“You don’t want the genius disciple you spent so much effort nurturing to die just like that, right?”

Everyone nodded silently and agreed with Ye Qiu.

Immediately after, Ye Qiu continued, “In order to ensure that our bloodline remains, I set a fair battle with that demon. With the altar as the arena, both sides will send out ten people and start a ten-on-ten fair battle.

“If we win, the Nether Clan will leave the Heavenly Palace and return to the forbidden area. They can’t invade the realm for a hundred years. If we lose, we will leave the Heavenly Palace and not take another step into it.”

Looking at everyone’s expressions, Ye Qiu explained in detail the arena battle he had just fought with the Lord of the Nether Clan.

After saying that, Ye Qiu said, “What do you think?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone fell into deep thought. It would be best if they could start a fair battle and greatly reduce the casualties. It would be fine if they won, but if they lost, the treasures on the ground would be theirs.

Some people were unwilling and remained silent.

The Martial Monarch experts of the older generation pondered for a moment. A middle-aged burly man said, “I agree! My Great Desolate World is filled with outstanding people and geniuses. How can we lose to these dregs who live in the dark corner?”

“Yes… that’s right.”

As soon as these words were spoken, he immediately received a response. Another Martial Monarch continued, “Isn’t it just a small Nether Clan? Let’s deal with him.”

Ye Qiu smiled in relief when he saw their boiling blood, but he still dealt a blow.

“This battle is a battle between young people. Both sides will send out ten geniuses. It’s a fair battle and has nothing to do with you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the scene fell silent. It turned out that this stage belonged to the young people and had nothing to do with them. This was too much. So what if he was old? This was discrimination.

When Ye Qiu said this, all the young people present immediately became excited. They had fought too aggrievedly just now. They were completely surrounded, and the more they fought, the angrier they became. Now that there was a chance to have a fair battle, they had already begun to rub their palms together, preparing to crush the other party’s head.

“Hmph… I’ll do it.”

A young man in luxurious clothes with extraordinary looks walked out domineeringly. He held a cauldron in his hand and gave off a dignified aura.

Just like his personality, he was extremely cold and domineering.

“Senior, Xiao Hanyi requests to fight.”

Xiao Hanyi’s tone was firm and filled with fighting spirit.

Ye Qiu looked at him with satisfaction and asked an old man beside him, “Where is this person from?”

The old man stroked his beard and said in relief, “Haha, this person is the direct son of the Xiao Clan in the Northern Region. He’s a descendant of the Monarch’s bloodline and was born a Paragon.

“He entered the Immortal Ancient Trial ground three times and broke the youngest King-Ranked record in history.

“The Son of Heaven is undoubtedly the chosen one.”


Ye Qiu’s heart trembled when he heard this. He didn’t expect this kid to have such a powerful background. He was not a genius of this battlefield, but someone who came later.

Just now, Ye Qiu seemed to have noticed that his performance on the battlefield was very stunning. He was very satisfied with his aura. He hurriedly sized him up. His cultivation had already reached the peak of the King-Ranked realm.

It could be said that among his peers, he had the absolute advantage.

“Amazing, amazing. A twenty-year-old King-Ranked expert is unprecedented.” Ye Qiu couldn’t help but praise in his heart. No wonder others often said that the heavens rewarded them.

Comparisons were odious.

Back then, when he was twenty years old, he was still a salted fish on Violet Cloud Peak. At that time, his master had just left and he didn’t even know the basics of Qi Mastery. He studied and fumbled around.

Sigh… Look at him. He was born a Paragon and became a King-Ranked at the age of twenty. Damn it, there was no way to compare.

He was ashamed, too ashamed.

The most terrifying thing was his title. Son of Heaven? Oh my god, only those with powerful providence would dare to hold this title.

“You’re it!”

Ye Qiu no longer hesitated. He directly slapped the table and locked onto Xiao Hanyi. He had already chosen the first person. Next, he had to choose nine more.

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