The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 35 - Isn't This Young Master Xiao? What a Coincidence

Chapter 35: Isn’t This Young Master Xiao? What a Coincidence

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“Alright, Family Head. I’ll get it done right away.” Wang Hai nodded and left the hall.

He had no objections to Xiao Zhan’s decision because he had personally experienced how terrifying Ye Qiu was. There was no benefit for them to be enemies with him after knowing how formidable this person was. Therefore, it was necessary to express goodwill.

After making these arrangements, Xiao Zhan and Wu You left the hall in satisfaction and walked towards Xiao Yi’s room.

Through the window, they could clearly see that he was cultivating seriously inside, unlike his previous laziness. Perhaps it was because after going out this time, he had seen so many of his peers who were stronger than him. In addition, Ye Qiu had dealt a blow to him psychologically. It gave him the determination to become stronger. Hence, he started cultivating madly after he returned home.

“Haha, Madam, did you see that? My son has really changed.”

Wu You nodded. While she felt gratified, she was also worried that Xiao Yi would have some mental problems if he did not go out to relax after training so crazily. Therefore, she suggested, “Honey, ever since Yi’er came back, he has been hiding in his room to cultivate almost every day. Will he get sick from holding it in?”

Xiao Zhan thought for a while and felt his heart ache. He said, “Forget it. Cultivation is not something that can be done in a day. Going out for a walk at the right time will be extremely helpful to broaden your mind.”

At this point, Xiao Zhan pushed open the door. Hearing the noise, Xiao Yi immediately opened his eyes.

“Father, Mother, why are you here?” Xiao Yi immediately stood up to welcome his parents.

Actually, after he came back, he had thought about many things. It wasn’t entirely because of Ye Qiu’s pressure. Recalling how much his father had done for him all these years, as well as his mother’s selfless love for him, he felt very touched. Thus, his filial piety was not just for show. He was showing his true feelings.

“Yi’er, cultivation requires a balance between work and rest. You can’t do much even if you train hard at home. You should also go out from time to time to relax and see the glory of the geniuses of the world to make up for your shortcomings.”

Xiao Yi’s heart trembled. This was the first time he heard his father asking him to go out for a walk. In the past, he had put in a lot of effort to go out to play, but his father had refused. Now, he actually took the initiative to ask him to go out. It seemed that his change made his father feel much more relieved and had a new understanding of him.

Xiao Yi’s heart warmed as he smiled. “Yes, Father, I understand.”

“Okay, go ahead. I’ll get Old Xu to go out with you.”

Xiao Yi did not refuse. Coincidentally, he had not gone out for a long time. Ever since he came back, he did not dare to go out because of the trauma he felt towards Ye Qiu. Now that he had his father’s encouragement, Xiao Yi was revived.

A few minutes later, Xiao Yi walked out of the house in a red silk robe with a fan in his hand.

Elder Xu was the only one following behind him as he wandered the streets of Guangling. He was not as arrogant and domineering as he usually was, but was much more low-key.

“Xunyang Pavilion?” Xiao Yi stopped before a restaurant.

This was one of the most prestigious restaurants in Guangling City. The owner of this restaurant was a Hidden Life Five Realms expert. Therefore, this place had become a place where the big families visited. Xiao Yi used to like coming here.

Xunyang Pavilion’s Pear Blossom Brew was very delicious. Almost everyone who came here was here for this jar of wine.

“Young Master, do you want to take a seat inside?” Elder Xu could not help but suggest it when he saw Xiao Yi standing at the same spot.

He had worked by Xiao Yi’s side for many years and knew his preferences well. It was nothing more than beautiful women and good wine. Now that he didn’t dare to think about beautiful women, he only had good wine left.

“Mm… Let’s go drink.” Xiao Yi thought for a while. Anyway, he didn’t believe that he was so unlucky to meet Ye Qiu at a cocktail party.

As soon as he entered, the errand boy came to welcome him.

“Young man, arrange the seats on the second floor.”

“Alright, Young Master Xiao, please go upstairs.”

With the errand boy’s support, Xiao Yi walked upstairs confidently.

“Young Master Xiao, you haven’t been here for a long time. The private seats that were reserved for you have already been reserved.” The errand boy explained.

Xiao Yi said unhappily, “Who is so bold to steal my seats?”

Xiao Yi went upstairs confidently and walked to his private seat. He lifted the curtain and looked inside. When he saw three beautiful women frolicking inside, the corner of his mouth twitched and he suddenly turned around.

The errand boy was just about to explain to him when he unexpectedly scurried downstairs.

Elder Xu was puzzled. “Young Master, what’s wrong?”

“Let’s go, let’s go. That bastard is here too.” Xiao Yi felt a lingering fear and said hurriedly. When Elder Xu heard this, his face instantly turned pale.

Of course, he knew who the person Xiao Yi was talking about was. Without any hesitation, the two of them left.

At this moment, a cold voice came from the window on the second floor. “Isn’t this Young Master Xiao? Why are you running the moment you see me?”

Xiao Yi froze on the spot after hearing this voice.

That was it. He’s toasted. Damn.

Who asked me to go out today? Why did I have to come at this time? Why am I so unlucky?

It’s been a long time since I’ve been out here, and now I’m meeting you again.

Xiao Yi wanted to cry. That cold voice belonged to none other than Lin Qingzhu.

Xiao Yi could neither leave nor stay when he heard Lin Qingzhu’s call. He could only return with a smile and look up. “Hehe, Fairy, long time no see. I didn’t expect you to be here either.”

Lin Qingzhu smiled playfully and said, “Young Master Xiao is in such a hurry. Where are you going? You’re not avoiding us on purpose, are you?”

“Don’t say that. Fairy, you’ve misunderstood. I just suddenly remembered that I still have some matters to attend to at home and need to go back to settle them. Why would I hide from you? You’ve wronged me.” Xiao Yi said guiltily as cold sweat kept flowing down.

He didn’t know where Ye Qiu was hiding, but he felt very guilty. Oh no, he was really here. What should I do? Am I really going to die? No, I’m still so young. I don’t want to die.

The window revealed another red-robed beauty.

“Senior Sister, who is this?” Zhao Wan’er asked curiously. Just now, this person suddenly barged into their private seats. She thought that Yang Xiao had found someone to take revenge on them.

Lin Qingzhu wanted to laugh at the mention of Xiao Yi, and explain to her what happened before.

After knowing this, Zhao Wan’er also smiled. She hadn’t expected her master to have such a sly side. Poor Eldest Young Master Xiao. He was already traumatized and ran away the moment he saw them.

Lin Qingzhu looked at Xiao Yi below and felt that he was especially funny, so she wanted to tease him. “Young Master Xiao, since you’re not avoiding us, why don’t you come up and take a seat?”

“Uh… this isn’t appropriate, right?” Xiao Yi looked around. He wanted to confirm if Ye Qiu was here. He wouldn’t dare to have designs on Lin Qingzhu even if he had ten guts now.

At this moment, Elder Xu suggested. “Young Master, I think we can go up and have a seat. This person is Perfected Ye’s disciple. If we can befriend him, we might be able to ease our relationship.”

“Hmm?” As soon as he said that, Young Master Xiao felt that it made sense. Why didn’t I think of that?

“Ahem… Since you don’t mind, I won’t stand on ceremony.” Xiao Yi revealed a confident smile and walked upstairs again.

What he didn’t know was that on the other side of the restaurant, several black-clothed men were watching this place.

One of the burly men said, “Quick, report to Young Master. These three people are related to Xiao Yi.”

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