The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 261 - Immortals From Heaven, Do You Dare to Come to This World?   

Chapter 261: Immortals From Heaven, Do You Dare to Come to This World?


Ye Qiu fell silent after hearing Lian Feng’s voice transmission. He finally understood why Patriarch Pixiu dared to speak to him like this.

So he had a background.

In that case, Ye Qiu really couldn’t touch him, although he wasn’t afraid of the terrifying existence behind him.

However, it did not mean that the Heaven Mending Sect was not afraid, that the people close to him were not afraid.

Moreover, he was not only facing the Pixiu Clan, but also the strange origin that disappeared and hid in various mysterious corners of the Eastern Wasteland.

“Junior Brother, why don’t we just let it go? We can’t afford to offend him…”

Under such an oppressive atmosphere, Qi Wuhui also began to retreat.

Okay, I admit I spoke a little too loudly. I’m sorry. I originally wanted to slap the other party to vent my anger. Who would have thought that the other party actually had a powerful background and was not even afraid of a Martial Monarch? Let alone a small Paragon like me. Damn it!

A man can submit and stand tall. There were many people outside just now. I’ll kneel down for you.

Hearing Qi Wuhui’s words, Ye Qiu nodded and prepared to spare the other party’s life.

At this moment.

Lian Feng conveyed another message.

“Qiu, don’t worry. His Pixiu Clan has ancestral land in the Heavens. My Heaven Mending Sect also has one. There’s no need to worry about anything. I’ve already inherited the position of the Goddess and contacted the Heavens. If there’s a need, I’ll always be behind you.”

Ye Qiu was instantly amused. See, at the critical moment, it still depended on his beloved wife. He felt a sense of security when she stood up for her husband who was being humiliated.

“Haha… The so-called Martial Monarch is nothing much. He’s just a coward. Try touching me if you have the guts.”

Seeing that Ye Qiu was afraid, Patriarch Pixiu immediately felt that he could do it again and prepared to humiliate the Martial Monarch in front of everyone.

However, he didn’t know that Ye Qiu’s eyes instantly turned cold.

“Damn it! Endure? Endure my ass…”

Ye Qiu suddenly couldn’t take it anymore.

This was the first time he had seen someone so arrogant. If he didn’t teach the other party a lesson, his name wouldn’t be Ye Qiu.

How could he survive in this circle in the future if he was frightened by a Paragon?

In an instant, a monarch’s aura pressed down. Ye Qiu’s eyes were filled with killing intent, and his cold sword intent instantly locked onto Patriarch Pixiu.

Patriarch Pixiu was instantly shocked, but he still couldn’t believe that Ye Qiu really dared to attack. He thought that he was just furious from embarrassment. Then, he said, “Hmph, pretentious. Try touching me if you dare…”

As soon as he finished speaking, before Patriarch Pixiu could react, he saw a sword energy slashing over.

His arrogant eyes were filled with fear, and Patriarch Pixiu’s face instantly turned pale. He didn’t expect Ye Qiu to really dare to attack.

Ye Qiu was really not bluffing. His temper rose and he attacked just like that.

At this moment, everyone was shocked. No one expected Ye Qiu to dare to attack even though he knew the other party’s background.

The sword energy tore through the sky and slashed towards Patriarch Pixiu.

“Father!” Little Pixiu let out a desperate roar and watched as the sword slashed towards his father, but it was helpless.


A deafening sound came from afar. The ground shook, and blood instantly dyed the sky.

On the ground, a corpse fell onto the desolate land. It was Patriarch Pixiu’s corpse.

Ye Qiu only needed a light strike to kill him on the spot. From beginning to end, he didn’t say a word and killed him.

After killing Patriarch Pixiu with a single strike, Ye Qiu gently jumped up and arrived on the desolate land. He stepped on Patriarch Pixiu’s corpse and turned around to look coldly at Little Pixiu.

He didn’t kill him because he was a junior and wasn’t worthy of Ye Qiu. His disciple would naturally deal with him.

Looking at the cold corpse, Ye Qiu sneered, “This is the first time I’ve heard such a request. Ever since I became a Monarch, I’ve been peerless and have never tasted defeat. No one has ever dared to threaten me like this. You’re the first.”

With a cold smile, Ye Qiu slowly stood up and took away Patriarch Pixiu’s precious bone. He looked at Nine Heavens. The surrounding people all revealed fear.

Clearly, no one expected Ye Qiu’s courage to be as decisive as the rumors said.

Everyone immediately understood a principle in their hearts, which was: never try to anger this guy. Don’t try to provoke his bottom line. Otherwise, no matter how terrifying your background was, you wouldn’t be able to protect your life.

“Phew… This is too scary. How dare this guy?”

“Once Patriarch Pixiu dies, his ancestral land will immediately receive the news. At that time, won’t the world fall into complete darkness when the immortals descend from the sky?”

Everyone was incomparably shocked. Ye Qiu’s sword had a huge impact. Everyone was afraid that karma would affect them.

Ye Qiu looked up at the sky in silence. He saw a ray of light soaring into the sky. That light was coming from Patriarch Pixiu.

Ye Qiu ignored it and looked at a golden light flickering in the sky, as if a Heavenly Gate had opened.

In an instant, a supreme aura crushed over from the Heavenly Gate. Everyone’s breathing became tense.

“It’s here! It’s really here…”

Everyone’s faces instantly turned incomparably pale, and they were incomparably afraid.

Qi Wuhui, who was standing beside Ye Qiu, was so frightened that his legs went limp.

“Oh my god, it’s over, it’s over. This is a big deal.”

He was incomparably panicked in his heart. Qi Wuhui wanted to curse. Why did you bring me along? Now I’m toast. It wasn’t easy for me to regain my youth. I was preparing to take another wife and experience the joy of being a young man. I don’t have a chance now.

The people from the Heaven Mending Sect were even more shocked. No one expected Ye Qiu to really kill Patriarch Pixiu.

Meng Tianzheng’s old face darkened as he watched the terrifying aura gradually reveal itself. He said sternly, “Prepare to face the enemy!”

With an order, the three hundred elders instantly flew out and entered their positions. A powerful Heaven Mending Formation was formed.

The opponent this time was even more terrifying than previous opponents. Everyone was incomparably nervous.

While he was afraid, his fighting spirit gradually rose.

As the Sword-Wielding Elder of the Heaven Mending Sect, Ye Qiu’s decision was the Heaven Mending Sect’s decision. No one dared to say anything wrong.

Looking at the flickering golden light on the horizon, he turned around to look at the Heaven Mending Sect’s formation.

Ye Qiu remained silent. He slowly took out a rusty broken sword and stabbed it into the ground.

In an instant, a shocking sword intent spread out. Blood dyed the sky red, and it was silent.

He shouted loudly, “Another guest has arrived. How about it? May I ask who dares to come to this world?”

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