The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 25 - Famous throughout the Wasteland, Princess Liyang

Chapter 25: Famous throughout the Wasteland, Princess Liyang

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“Who is this person?”

Everyone present questioned with their souls as they looked at the lone white figure in the sky. Under his terrifying sword force, there was actually not a single person that dared to step forward and seize the precious bone.

Everyone was very puzzled. Where did this person come from? He looked so young, but he was already a Hidden Life expert. If he was given a few more years, would he break through to the Cardinal realm?

Cardinal realm! That would be an overlord of an entire region! Even a colossus like the dynasty might not dare to provoke such an existence.

Someone said, “I know him. This person is our Heaven Mending Sect’s youngest martial uncle, Violet Cloud Peak’s master, Ye Qiu…” This person was also a Heaven Mending Sect disciple. He immediately recognized Ye Qiu.


“Violet Cloud Peak’s master?”

Everyone was secretly shocked. However, they no longer felt shocked when they heard that Ye Qiu came from the Heaven Mending Sect. Only an ancient sect like the Heaven Mending Sect could produce such a stunning individual.

“Too strong! He heavily injured two Hidden Life elites with one strike, and then forcefully took away the precious bone.”

“Such battle strength can be said to be at the peak of the Hidden Life realm!”

Everyone sighed. Ye Qiu’s sudden appearance was too eye-catching. It was hard not to be shocked.

“Heaven Mending Sect!” Li Changkong thought for a moment, and then he suddenly began to laugh heartily. “Haha, I was wondering who had such great ability. Turns out it was the Heaven Mending Sect’s fellow daoist. Nice to meet you, nice to meet you…”

Ye Qiu put the bone into the Mystic Spirit Jade and turned around to look at Li Changkong. “You are?”

“I am Li Changkong from the Immortal Mountain! I am old friends with your Heaven Mending Sect’s fellow Daoist Qi, Qi Wuhui. Seeing my fellow daoist’s elegant demeanor today has truly shocked me. Fellow daoist, if you don’t mind, how about we become friends? ” Li Changkong politely said. Since he couldn’t steal the precious bone, he might as well make friends.

But what he didn’t know was that he shouldn’t have mentioned Qi Wuhui. Otherwise, Ye Qiu wouldn’t have minded making friends with him.

“Qi Wuhui? I don’t think that’s necessary…” Ye Qiu said lightly and turned around to leave.

The giant ape was already dead. The matter here had already ended. There was no point in staying here.

Li Changkong didn’t understand Ye Qiu’s reaction. He didn’t understand why Ye Qiu would suddenly change his attitude.

“Could it be that this person has a grudge with Qi Wuhui?” Li Changkong thought to himself and suddenly felt a little regretful. Why did he mention him for no reason?

Returning back to the group, Ming Yue looked at Ye Qiu with a smile and said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, congratulations on obtaining the giant ape’s precious bone! This precious bone is a Hidden Life realm descendant’s precious bone.

“With this precious bone, you should be able to break through to the Cardinal realm soon, right?”

Ming Yue was a little envious, but she couldn’t do anything about it because it was Ye Qiu who took the bone. She only knew that her luck wasn’t good and that her strength wasn’t enough. Otherwise, how could she let Ye Qiu snatch this treasure bone?

Ye Qiu could see the disappointment in Ming Yue’s eyes, but he couldn’t give her the precious bone because he needed it to increase his strength.

“Yeah, I was lucky! If it wasn’t for your help, I wouldn’t have been able to easily take the precious bone.” Ye Qiu said politely. He turned around and nodded at Lin Qingzhu, then said, “Senior Sister, this matter is settled! I still need to bring my disciple to train. We’ll part here.”

“Yeah.” Ming Yue didn’t urge them to stay. She watched as Ye Qiu and Lin Qingzhu gradually disappeared into the distance.

She felt neglected.

The cultivation and strength of this junior brother that she had once looked down on had already far surpassed hers. She had a feeling that in the future, he might become an existence that she could only look up to.

The disciples behind Ming Yue discussed.

“Martial Uncle is too strong!”

“This incomparably tyrannical sword technique gives off a feeling of unparalleled independence. Furthermore, he’s so handsome. He’s totally the ideal perfect Prince Charming.”

“Moreover, did you all notice? Martial Uncle hasn’t used any treasure at all. He only moved his finger and suppressed everyone here.”

“This is too domineering.”

“Wow… I like it.”

Liu Ruyan’s lips twitched after hearing this. Were all girls so unrestrained these days? However, she could understand their mentality. For someone who had lived deep in the mountains for a long time and cultivated in the Sky Water Peak, she could not even see a man. Besides, it was normal to be attracted to an outstanding and elegant martial uncle.

At that moment, she even felt her heart stirring. She blushed with embarrassment at the thought of it.

Soon, Ming Yue led them away.

After this battle, Ye Qiu’s name resounded throughout the Wasteland.

This was the first time many people learned that apart from Meng Tianzheng and Qi Wuhui, Heaven Mending Sect actually had such a powerful master.

At this moment, on the Ancient Wasteland Path, a restaurant was situated here. Many people were gathered inside.

“Hey, have you all heard?”

“Heaven Mending Sect produced another exceptional expert! His strength is unfathomable.”

“He heavily injured two Hidden Life experts of the Lin family with just one strike. Those two experts are among the best in the entire Liyang realm.”

“To think that they couldn’t even withstand a single strike from him! This is way too terrifying!”

In the restaurant, the discussions became more intense.

“Violet Cloud Peak’s master, Ye Qiu, seems to be very young. He likes to wear white and has an exceptional beauty by his side. There’s a piece of spirit jade and a pendant on his clothes. It’s very easy to recognize. If any of you meet him, remember to be smart. Don’t provoke him, or you might lose your life.”

On the window seat on the second floor, there was a beautiful woman in a red robe with a veil covering her face. She looked at the cup in her hand slowly. She muttered, “Heaven Mending Sect, Ye Qiu…”

“Princess! What are you thinking…” Just as Zhao Wan’er was thinking, the maid beside her asked curiously.

A smile appeared on Zhao Wan’er’s beautiful face. Her actions were elegant as she placed her fair fingers on the teapot and slid it down. If it weren’t for the screen, all the men in the restaurant would have been mesmerized by her.

This was a very elegant woman. This elegance had already been carved into her bones.

Zhao Wan’er said calmly, “Nothing. I’m just curious. Is this Ye Qiu really as terrifying as they say?”

Little Ling tilted her head and thought for a moment before replying, “We’ve seen those two experts from the Lin family. They are indeed quite strong. He must have some ability since he was able to heavily injure those two with a single strike.

“Princess, haven’t you always been troubled over which immortal sect to cultivate on? I feel like this Heaven Mending Sect is quite good.”

Zhao Wan’er’s eyes lit up. “Hmm… that’s a good idea.”

She had escaped from the palace this time because her father wanted her to marry the prince of the Oceanic Dynasty. But she was unwilling. Hence, she wanted to enter the immortal sects or holy lands to cultivate and use this opportunity to avoid the marriage alliance.

As a princess of a dynasty, marriage was an unavoidable fate. It was just that she did not want to submit to this fate.

During this month, she’d visited many immortal sects and holy lands, but unfortunately, she wasn’t satisfied. Now that she heard the name Heaven Mending Sect, she suddenly became interested. Especially the master of Violet Cloud Peak, Ye Qiu.

“I think we can continue to observe.” Zhao Wan’er blinked, put down the cup in her hand, and tugged at her red robe. “Let’s go!”

The two of them left the restaurant.

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