The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 1024 - 1024 Brainless Thing

1024 Brainless Thing

In this abyss, Ye Qiu didn’t have absolute friends. All the living beings in front of him could be imagined as enemies. Therefore, he was very cautious with every step. In the dark and desolate ruins, Ye Qiu slowly walked forward. The yellow sand that filled the sky continuously devoured this land.

It was already dilapidated after tens of thousands of years of baptism.

Tap, tap…

Ye Qiu’s footsteps made tapping sounds as he stepped on the wasteland. The limestone bricks under the floor emitted a strange rune power. There seemed to be some man-eating monster hidden in the distorted void.

“What a strange place!”

Unlike the tombs of the fallen Immortal Ancient experts, this was more like an ancient capital. It was extremely huge and endless. Even a huge beast hundreds of meters long seemed especially small here.

Not far away from Ye Qiu’s gaze, there was a huge beast. It let out an angry roar and woke up the undead that had been sleeping for many years. It seemed to be in great trouble, but Ye Qiu didn’t intend to care because he had more important things to do.


Suddenly, there was a violent explosion in the ruins in front of Ye Qiu. A sleeping great ferocious beast poked its head out of the bottomless cave. This sudden change shocked Ye Qiu. He hurriedly used the Kun Peng Treasure Technique to dodge its fangs.

“An ancient ferocious spirit?” Ye Qiu’s heart trembled and he broke out in cold sweat as he looked at the furious ferocious beast. It was really too dangerous just now! This ancient ferocious spirit was hiding under this ruin, waiting for its prey to appear.

Even though Ye Qiu was already cautious enough, he almost fell for its move.

“Roar!” The ferocious spirit roared at Ye Qiu indignantly and quickly retreated into the cave.

How could Ye Qiu let it do as it wished? He instantly unsheathed the Heavenly Evil. “You’re courting death!”


The sword suddenly slashed down, and a shocking power erupted. In an instant, the ferocious spirit was cut in half by Ye Qiu’s sword. He thought that it was already dead after being cut in half, but he did not expect its body to begin to stick back together in a strange way.

“It’s not dead? What the hell is this?” Ye Qiu was shocked. He had never seen a mutated beast with such powerful recovery ability. Its body had already split open, but it could still heal? What the hell was this? How did it do it?

Ye Qiu didn’t understand and was shocked. Just this heaven-defying ability was already abnormal enough. However, what was even more abnormal was that the strength of the ferocious spirit that had recovered had actually increased by a level.

“F*ck…” Ye Qiu was dumbfounded. Damn it, it was fine if it could revive after dying once, but how could it become stronger? A cheat?

The ferocious spirit that had healed again was completely enraged. It originally wanted to shrink back into the cave, but instead pounced towards Ye Qiu.

“Roar!” A deafening roar spread throughout the entire battlefield. Ye Qiu felt his blood boil and he felt dizzy.

“Damn it, this damn thing has a sound wave attack.” Ye Qiu cursed and dodged repeatedly. Facing the ferocious spirit’s crazy attacks, he continuously dodged and didn’t dare to fight head-on. It originally had the strength of a peak-level Dao Sacrificial. After dying once, its strength directly reached the extreme realm of the Dao Sacrificial realm.

Ye Qiu didn’t dare to kill it anymore. At the very least, he couldn’t attack easily until he found a way to kill it in one strike. Otherwise, all the attacks would be a huge increase to it.

Ye Qiu gradually discovered something as he dodged. The ferocious spirit was furious and filled with killing intent that it wished it could eat Ye Qiu.

However, no matter how angry it was, it wouldn’t go too far from the cave. Once it passed a certain distance, even if it already had a chance to touch Ye Qiu, it would choose to give up attacking and return to that area to maintain a distance.

“I understood.” After discovering this, Ye Qiu finally knew the weakness of this ferocious spirit. The most important factor was that cave. There was definitely some huge secret hidden inside, and this secret might be one of the reasons why it was undying.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu’s eyes gradually became crazy and excited. “Hehe, looks like they’re right! There are treasures everywhere in this so-called Immortal Ancient Ruins. Looks like I’m going to be lucky.”

After repeatedly confirming it, Ye Qiu crazily pulled the ferocious spirit as if he was walking a dog.

“Haha, idiot! Come on, hit me, hit my face. If you don’t, I’ll look down on you. Come on! Aren’t you impressive, awesome? Come and hit me. Oh, so you don’t understand human language. Then it’s fine. After all, you’re just an animal.” Ye Qiu mocked crazily. The ancient ferocious spirit was furious. It was as if a ball of fire was held in its chest and it arrived at the edge of eruption.

“Roar!” With a furious roar, the ancient ferocious spirit let out an angry roar. It was completely enraged. No matter what, it had to eat this stupid human in front of it today to relieve the hatred in its heart.

Ye Qiu suddenly pounced forward. Coupled with the terrifying sound wave power, his body trembled. Just as he was about to fall into its mouth, it suddenly dodged another attack. This time, it completely flew away from that distance and was about to walk back.

Ye Qiu continued, “Aiyo, you’re anxious. Incompetent fury! An animal is still an animal. Apart from being incompetent and furious, you’re useless. I’m just standing here for you to hit. What can you do? Brainless thing, it’s as easy as walking a dog for me to slip past you.”

Under the repeated bombardment, the last rationality of the ancient ferocious spirit was destroyed by Ye Qiu.

“Roar!” It roared angrily and charged towards Ye Qiu irrationally.

Eat it, eat it all.

This was the only thought in its mind.

Seeing this, the corners of Ye Qiu’s mouth subconsciously curled up. One step, two steps. It was getting closer. Very good!

Ye Qiu instantly attacked and targeted its throat. The ferocious spirit that had been roaring for a long time was executed by Ye Qiu before it could even touch him. However, it was not dead yet. Its powerful recovery ability could completely recover in less than five minutes.

Ye Qiu naturally knew this, but these five minutes were enough.

“Go!” Ye Qiu took the opportunity to kick it away. It turned into a meteor and flew somewhere. In any case, it was quite far away. It would take some time for it to return with its clumsy speed. This pure intelligence suppression. Apart from its annoying undying ability, this brainless animal really did not pose much of a threat.

After dealing with it, Ye Qiu’s figure flashed and he entered the cave. In this limited time, he had to find the reason why the ancient ferocious spirit was undying as soon as possible. The moment he rushed into the cave, Ye Qiu could feel a shocking death aura circling in the cave.

Ye Qiu watched for a few seconds and plunged in. He was in a daze and lost his vision. “This is the power of Bewitchment?” Ye Qiu was shocked when he felt the power in his body being suppressed to the extreme.

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