The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism

Chapter 1263 - Are You The System?

Chapter 1263: Are You The System?

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Fangzheng gave a thumbs up and said, “Your dad is right.”

 Little Sun said smugly, “Of course. My parents are all teachers in the village. They’re really impressive.”

 Fangzheng was even more surprised when he heard that. There were teachers deep in the mountain?

 From the way the two little guys talked and behaved, they were polite, kind, bright, optimistic, and generous. Clearly, these were the children who had been educated since they were young.

 Fangzheng began to be interested in the children’s parents. Just what kind of parents could bring up such children?

 Perhaps he should learn from them and use it to teach those wretched men in One Finger Village. He could also teach those brats a lesson, so that they wouldn’t chase after chickens and dogs all day…

 When he thought of this, Fangzheng completely forgot that when it came to brats, he was the undeserving king of brats back then…

 Fangzheng chatted with the two children for a long time. Unknowingly, time passed quickly and the sky gradually dimmed.

 As the sun set, the two little fellows appeared to be excited. However, after their excitement, Jin Jiatong’s eyes were tinged with worry. It was obvious that he was troubled about how his sister could see the fireflies.

 Fangzheng still pretended not to notice it as he asked, “Do you know where there are fireflies on this mountain? Just saying that they are on the mountain isn’t enough. The mountain is huge, so it’s not necessarily possible to see them.”

 Jin Jiatong scratched his head and said, “I’m not too sure either. I’ve never been here before. But Grandpa Zhang said that there are many fireflies here, and one can see them anywhere. At least, he saw many of them a few years ago…”

 “Then let’s wait wait.”

 With that said, Fangzheng came to the elephant’s side and whispered, “Do you know where the insects that glow at night are?”

 The elephant thought for a moment and shook its head. “Here! There were many in the past. Later on, a group of people came to catch the insects and the numbers have decreased. However, there are still some here.”

 “As long as they are here…” Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that there were no fireflies on the mountain. It would disappoint the two kids.

 As night fell, the stars jumped out from behind the darkness, bringing light to the mountain. However, to the people below the giant tree, the light was almost negligible…

 Darkness enveloped the ground, and one couldn’t even see their hands.

 Little Sun appeared to be a little scared. She held onto her brother’s hand and refused to let go. She looked around nervously with her eyes wide open. Unfortunately, her eyes couldn’t see anything clearly in the darkness. She felt fear of the unknown, and this fear only grew.

 At that moment, a warm hand landed on her head. She looked up and saw Fangzheng smiling gently at her. “Don’t be afraid. Darkness isn’t scary. On the contrary, there is beauty in the darkness that doesn’t exist under the sun. Look at them with your eyes and discover their existence.”

 Little Sun frowned and said, “But I can’t see.”

 Jin Jiatong also asked in puzzlement, “That’s right. Master, my younger sister can’t see it. I think we should capture two. Besides, there aren’t any fireflies. It’s dark. I haven’t even seen a single one…”

 Fangzheng smiled. “Do you trust This Penniless Monk?”

 Jin Jiatong and Little Sun subconsciously nodded. Fangzheng smiled and said, “That’s enough. Listen to This Penniless Monk. Close your eyes and focus on thinking about fireflies. Communicate with them in the hidden darkness. They will hear you…”

 Upon hearing this, the two little guys exchanged looks before nodding slightly. Then, they held hands and closed their eyes.

 “Very good. Take a deep breath and try your best to think about how fireflies look like…” Fangzheng said in an extremely gentle and firm tone. However, if the two children were to open their eyes to look, they would definitely realize that the darn baldy was looking around for fireflies with his eyes wide open. He was thinking: “Fireflies, you are my ancestors! The weather is good today. Don’t sleep. Come out and have some fun?”

 Unfortunately, it remained dark. There was no light at all.

 Fangzheng got the two children to keep their eyes closed as he rushed into the grass. After looking around, he found nothing!

 “Master, I’ve been thinking and feeling it for a long time, but I still haven’t felt the existence of any fireflies,” Jin Jiatong said.

 Fangzheng looked embarrassed when he heard that…

 Little Sun said, “Although I didn’t sense it, I feel that I might not have been serious enough… I want to continue working hard until the fireflies appear! Brother, all the best!”

 “Alright, all the best!” Jin Jiatong chimed in.

 Fangzheng looked at the two children who trusted him with great seriousness. He felt a little anxious. He ran to the elephant’s side and whispered, “Didn’t you say that there are fireflies here? Where are the fireflies? Why haven’t I seen any of them?”

 The elephant yawned and said, “Yeah, they are around when the weather is especially hot. It’s getting cold now, so they aren’t here.”

 Fangzheng immediately had the urge to slap him to death when he heard that! He didn’t finish his sentences in one go! Was he like a System-branded elephant? Or did the System drape an elephant’s skin to tease him?

 However, Fangzheng realized bitterly that this was common knowledge!

 It was normal for the two children to not know. After all, they were too young and had yet to come into contact with such things. However, Fangzheng was not a child. He should have thought of it long ago!

 However, he came from the snow-covered northeast. Due to Vietnam’s greenery, his mind was muddled. As he looked at the sun and felt its warmth, he thought that it was summer. He had completely forgotten that in Vietnam, the warmth of spring in the northeast was already cold to some creatures here… It was time for them to enter hibernation!

 Although he knew this, how was he to tell the two little kids about this?

 Fangzheng could not bear to tell them the truth when he saw the two children’s looks of anticipation and the way they worked hard to climb the mountain.

 “Forget it. We were destined to meet. Since the real fireflies are gone, I’ll help you see a fake show.” With this in mind, Fangzheng willed A Golden Millet Dream and instantly led the two children into a dream.

 Fangzheng whispered, “Open your eyes and take a look.”

 When the two children heard Fangzheng’s words, they opened their eyes slightly. Jin Jiatong and Little Sun only saw pitch-blackness in front of them. They could vaguely see the outlines of their surroundings, but it was mostly pitch-black.

 “There’s nothing…” Jin Jiatong said.

 Little Sun rubbed her eyes in disbelief. She realized that she could see things far away!

 At this moment, a breeze blew by and a leaf fell. Little Sun subconsciously grabbed it, but the leaf suddenly turned around and a bright light gleamed on its back…

 “Brother, a firefly!” Little Sun cried out in pleasant surprise.

 Jin Jiatong tugged at his sister’s hand excitedly and nodded. “It’s a firefly!”

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