The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 890 - 890 Little Calamity of the Nether Capital

890 Little Calamity of the Nether Capital

“It ate people!”

“What evil thing is that? It actually eats people!”

“…He didn’t even let the children off!”

The crowd erupted with uncontrollable screams.

Xiaobao’s neck was covered in blood and he had fainted.

Yu Wan did not forget the first time this little fellow saw her, it was drooling over her. At that time, she thought that it was a real child and even found candy for it. After that, she understood that it had taken a fancy to her blood.

Yu Wan walked over without hesitation and carried Xiaobao over. A few darts made of black iron appeared on her fingertips as she looked at him coldly. “Don’t come over!”

Little Rakshasa stopped in his tracks.

Little Rakshasa was small, even smaller than Xiaobao. He had to raise his head high to see Yu Wan. It had a body that was much thinner than ordinary children and a pair of eyes that were much bigger than ordinary children. Coupled with the blood in its mouth, it was indeed terrifying.

Yu Wan felt that she should not be able to defeat it. If it insisted on messing around, then she could only give it a try. She was calculating how to send Xiaobao out when she heard a sound. Someone in the crowd had thrown a rotten egg at Little Rakshasa.

However, Little Rakshasa nimbly avoided it. The rotten eggs did not smash onto its body, but fell onto the bloodstained street. This scene seemed to have opened a vent. After the first rotten egg, quickly, a second and a third smashed over, and the smelly swill also splashed towards Little Rakshasa.

Little Rakshasa bared his teeth angrily, revealing a bloodthirsty ferocity.

“Get lost!”

“Where did this little bastard come from? Get lost!”

No one saw Xiaobao being kidnapped by the thief, nor did they see why he fainted. Everyone only saw this little evil thing suck the man’s blood dry and even place the child in the man’s arms on the ground. It was obvious that it planned to suck this child’s blood.

“What kind of evil thing was this? It actually harmed the Nether Capital like this?”

Little Rakshasa glared fiercely at everyone, his anger on the verge of erupting.

Yu Wan looked at it warily. It also took one last look at Yu Wan. It bit its fangs and disappeared with a whoosh!

After confirming that it had left, Yu Wan heaved a sigh of relief. This little thing was clearly locked in the Chaoyang Hall, but it had followed her silently. The Blood Rakshasa’s strength was indeed terrifying.

“Is the child alright?” A kind-hearted uncle walked forward and asked Yu Wan.

“I don’t know yet. Let me take a look first,” Yu Wan said as she stretched out her fingertip to check Xiaobao’s neck. However, she was surprised to find that the blood on his neck didn’t belong to Xiaobao. Xiaobao didn’t have any wounds! She quickly took Xiaobao’s pulse and looked at his entire body carefully. Xiaobao didn’t have any external or internal injuries, but he was drugged.

It was impossible for the Blood Rakshasa to drug Xiaobao. Firstly, it did not have such medicine, and secondly, it was unnecessary. It could kill the Asura King with a flick of its finger, let alone a child like Xiaobao.

Yu Wan remembered that Xiaobao had been kidnapped by an adult man. She chased after him right on the heels of that man, but in the blink of an eye, the man seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Could it be—

“Aiyo, don’t just care about your children. Look at that man! Is he a servant in your house?” The old man sighed.


Yu Wan frowned strangely. She looked in the direction the old man was pointing and saw a corpse on the ground. Because it was blocked by a stone lion in front of a bank, Yu Wan did not see him at first glance.

Yu Wan carried the unconscious Xiaobao over. This person was lying facedown on the ground, his head tilted to the side. His eyes were wide open, and the blood in his body had been sucked dry.

Even though she saw this scene in broad daylight, she still felt a chill run down her spine. However, Yu Wan quickly sensed that something was wrong. This was not the youngest disciple, Jinghong, nor was it the eldest disciple, Jingchen. There was no doubt about it, but this man’s sleeve was bulging, as if he was stuffed with something.

Yu Wan pulled out the things from his sleeve. It happened to be a familiar outfit and a handkerchief sprinkled with knockout medicine.

It was this man! He was the one who kidnapped Xiaobao!

The old man clicked his tongue. “Aiya, you didn’t see how fierce that evil thing was. It bit your servant to death the moment it came up!”

Little Rakshasa bit the thief who kidnapped Xiaobao to death…

She had misunderstood Little Rakshasa. Little Rakshasa did not want to hurt Xiaobao. It had saved Xiaobao…

Yu Wan straightened her body and turned around, looking around.

Where’s Little Rakshasa? Where did it go?

Little Rakshasa actually did not go far. Instead, he sat on a tall roof, spread his legs, and looked in the direction of Yu Wan and the others.

Yu Wan searched for a long time but still could not find Little Rakshasa. She thought that Little Rakshasa was no longer here, so she could only get into the carriage and leave with the three children.

This time, Little Rakshasa did not chase after them. It was not until the carriage had gone far and disappeared at the end of the street that Little Rakshasa turned over and landed. It drooped its head and took out the candy from its pocket. It glanced at it indifferently and threw it away expressionlessly.

It walked through the silent alley, down the noisy street, and squeezed into the endless crowd. Its clothes were already big. After rubbing and lying down, they had long become loose.

The sky gradually darkened. Its out-of-place hair and big eyes were covered by the night. No one looked straight at a thin little thing.

“Mother, I’m hungry!” In a rice shop, a four-year-old girl in a dress walked to the door and grabbed a woman’s sleeve.

“It’s a total of ten copper coins.” The woman settled the bill for the customer and turned to hold the little girl’s hand. “Okay, I’ll go bring the food now!”

The little girl sat on a chair happily. The woman went to the kitchen and brought over a bowl of hot food. When she looked up, she saw a thin little beggar. She put down the bowl and grabbed the broom. “Where did this beggar come from? Get out! Get out!”

Little Rakshasa was chased away. In the next second, Little Rakshasa turned back and rushed into the room. He bared his teeth fiercely at the little girl sitting on the chair and she cried!

“You bastard!” The woman grabbed a broom and hit Little Rakshasa.

Little Rakshasa disappeared with a whoosh.

“Daddy, I want to eat candied hawthorn!” A little boy riding on the man’s neck said.

“Okay!” The man smiled dotingly and walked to the stall selling candied hawthorn. He bought a stick of sparkling candied hawthorn and handed it over his head. “Here.”

The little boy took the candied hawthorn and was about to stuff it into his mouth when a hurricane suddenly blew past. The little boy’s hair was scratched into a chicken nest. When the little boy came back to his senses, he realized that the candied hawthorn in his hand was gone.

The little boy also cried—

Little Rakshasa held the candied hawthorn and walked out. It ate a mouthful of candied hawthorn as it walked. “Bah, bah, bah!” It spat it out in disdain and threw away the candied hawthorn without a word.

“Fourth Brother, it’s him!”

A young voice suddenly sounded behind Little Rakshasa. He sounded like he was no more than seven or eight years old, but the youth he called Fourth Brother was twelve or thirteen years old. These were a few beggars who had been in the Nether Capital. The one called Fourth Brother was their leader.

Fourth Brother strode over. “Hey! Where did this wild kid come from? Do you know that this is Master Hu’s territory? If you want to beg, go somewhere else!”

Little Rakshasa did not understand and walked forward with its head lowered.

The young man was furious. “Eh? I’m talking to you! Are you deaf or stupid? Who brought you here? This is my place!”

Little Rakshasa continued to walk forward with his head lowered.

The young man flew into a rage out of humiliation after being humiliated by a little beggar. He raised his leg and kicked Little Rakshasa. He clearly saw that he was going to kick him, but the moment he really kicked him, the little beggar disappeared!

The young man was stunned!

Almost at the same time, a small figure pounced on him from ahead and threw him to the ground.

When the little beggars accompanying them saw this scene, they ran away in fear.

The young man was pressed to the ground. At such a close distance, he could finally see Little Rakshasa’s face clearly. It was a terrifyingly thin face, but it had a pair of copper bell-like big eyes. Dried blood was stuck to the corner of his mouth and he revealed a ferocious expression, like a little malicious ghost that was about to bite him at any time.

“W-what are you going to do?” The young man asked with a trembling voice.

Little Rakshasa opened his bloody mouth, bared his teeth, and bit towards the young man’s neck.

“Little Brother!”

A carriage stopped at the entrance of the alley. Xiaobao jumped down and ran towards Little Rakshasa.

Little Rakshasa looked at Xiaobao and then at the young man who was trembling from fear. With a whoosh, he disappeared.

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