The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 588 - 588 She's the Princess, Domineering Old Madam

588 She’s the Princess, Domineering Old Madam

At dusk, Yu Wan estimated that Yan Jiuchao’s end should have been dealt with properly, so she brought the old lady back to the manor.

Yan Jiuchao and the others had just arrived at the courtyard.

Although the Old Madam didn’t want to leave because she was shopping, when she really reached home, she pouted and complained to her little grandson aggrievedly. “…Your wife almost tired me to death. She has to see this, and she has to buy that. My old bones are falling apart because of her…”

Yu Wan was dumbfounded. She was wronged! In all honesty! Who was the one who wanted to see this and buy that!!!

Yu Wan had returned to the Helian family for so long, but she had never seen the Old Madam leave the manor. She thought that the Old Madam did not like to go out on the streets. It was not strange when she thought about it. After all, the Old Madam was old and her stamina was not as good as the young. It was fine if she took a walk in the courtyard, but it would definitely be very strenuous for her to walk the streets.

In the end, Yu Wan realized that she was wrong. Oh, why did she accompany Old Madam to shop? If she had known earlier, wouldn’t it have been better to go to the Gu Temple to offer incense?

The Old Madam pulled Yan Jiuchao along and complained. Yu Wan’s face darkened. The Old Madam hugged Yan Jiuchao’s arm and glanced at Yu Wan resentfully. “Ugly granddaughter-in-law!”

Yu Wan instantly exploded. What ugly granddaughter-in-law? I’m your biological, BIOLOGICAL, beautiful granddaughter!

Yan Jiuchao gently coaxed her. “She’s my wife, can you bear with it?”

“On your account, I’ll bear with it!” The Old Madam raised her chin and asked the servants to bring the seventeen to eighteen boxes of things she had bought and return to the house.

Yu Wan raised her sore arm and threw herself into her husband’s arms. “It hurts so much.” When the Old Madam was buying things in front, she would carry them behind. Even farming was not so tiring.

Yan Jiuchao patted her little head. It was rare that he didn’t bully her. “I’ll rub it for you when we get back to the house.”

Yu Wan nodded pitifully. “Mhm!”

“Ahem!” Helian Beiming coughed behind them.

Yu Wan straightened her body and turned to look at him with Yan Jiuchao. Helian Beiming’s injuries had almost recovered, and his complexion was rosy. Even though he had been in jail for the entire night, he did not seem to have suffered or worried for nothing judging from the calmness between his eyebrows.

Helian Beiming said seriously, “Come to my courtyard. I have something to ask you.”

Yu Wan’s heart skipped a beat. What was supposed to come had come. They were going to pay the price for hiding it from him in the past.

When she first entered Nanzhao, Helian Beiming asked her to confess her identity and her goal of entering the Capital. She said everything except for two things: the holy artifact and the Prince Consort.

Helian Beiming was arrested and imprisoned because he was hiding the heir of Yan City. The rumors that the Prince Consort was Prince Yan only appeared after he was imprisoned. Helian Beiming did not go to the throne room, so he must have only heard the news in prison. He wanted to verify the authenticity of the rumors with the two of them.

However, he had already admitted it once in front of the Emperor of Nanzhao. There was no harm in admitting it again.

In the study room.

Helian Beiming really asked about the Prince Consort. “…Is he really your father?”

“Doesn’t Uncle know?” Yan Jiuchao asked.

“Why would I know?”

“Didn’t Uncle not take action this time because you received instructions from the Prince Consort?”

Helian Beiming choked. How did this guy guess this?

That’s right. An hour before he was summoned to the palace, he received a letter from the Prince Consort. The letter said that no matter what the Emperor summoned him to ask later, he should not be in a hurry to refute.

He did not have much contact with the Prince Consort. It could even be said that he did not have any personal relationship with him. To be fair, he was a little hesitant when the Prince Consort suddenly sent him such a letter.

However, the moment he was summoned by the Emperor, he chose to believe the Prince Consort’s words. He could not say why he trusted a man who might be his political enemy. Then, in prison, he heard that the Prince Consort was Prince Yan.

The Prince Consort did not say anything about that in the letter. Therefore, he was the last to receive the news. Moreover, he was not sure if this so-called “information” was true.

“It’s true,” Yan Jiuchao said.

Helian Beiming gasped and suddenly didn’t know what to say. After a long while, he found his voice. “You… you… you… you too…”

He looked at Yu Wan.

Yu Wan said in a low voice, “Yes, I know too.”

Helian Beiming’s chest heaved. “How can you hide such an important matter from me? It was fine if you hid it in the past, but now that you know that you’re a member of the Helian family, why are you still hiding it from me?! Do you know how big of a trouble you almost caused?”

They were his biological niece and nephew-in-law. They could not be beaten to death. Helian Beiming silently chanted it seventeen to eighteen times in his heart and barely suppressed his anger. He looked at the two of them sharply and said, “If you still have me in your hearts, make yourself clear here today. What else are you hiding from me?”

“Do I have to say it?” Yu Wan asked with her head lowered.

There was really something she was hiding from him?!! Helian Beiming was so angry that smoke almost rose from his head. “Tell me the truth! Don’t hide anything!”

“Oh.” Yu Wan pursed her lips and said, “The holy artifact is in my hands.”

Helian Beiming : “…”

Helian Beiming: “!!!”

What did this girl say? The stolen holy artifact of Nanzhao was actually in her hands? How did she get it?!

“It’s not my fault. The holy artifact had actually been stolen a long time ago. It was just that the Queen had been hiding it and not saying anything. The news had leaked out of the pugilistic world and someone was snatching it. I was more unlucky. When I was escaping, someone threw the holy artifact into the basket.”

Unlucky? Could such unluckiness pass to the Queen?

Biological niece, biological niece, biological niece, she can’t be beaten to death…

Helian Beiming silently chanted seventeen to eighteen more times. He took a deep breath and realized that his voice was trembling. “What, what else is there?”

“Xiaobao is calling you,” Yan Jiuchao suddenly said to Yu Wan.

“Really?” Yu Wan looked up in a daze.

“Yes,” Yan Jiuchao said without changing his expression.

“Oh, Uncle, I’ll go first. I’ll tell you in detail about the holy artifact later.” With that, Yu Wan turned around to look for Xiaobao.

Helian Beiming’s gaze landed on Yan Jiuchao’s face. “You too…”

He wanted to say, You should go too. Let me digest it alone. Unexpectedly, Yan Jiuchao interrupted. “Ah Wan is the little commandery princess, and her mother is the Princess of Nanzhao.”

Helian Beiming’s eyes rolled back and he fainted!

The sky was dark and the wind was strong. Asura turned off the lights and set off to carry out this mission. He was going to assassinate someone.

In order to ensure that nothing went wrong, Nangong Li repeatedly checked the other party’s information and even showed him the portrait. The little commandery princess and the Eldest Princess had very similar eyebrows. Nangong Li told him not to kill the wrong person.

Hmph, he was not a fool. How could he have killed the wrong person?

Asura had gone to kill someone. This was not the first time Asura had killed someone. There was nothing to be afraid of. He would just pinch the other party’s neck and break it.

In the Helian Manor, the sacrificial soldiers and guards were waiting in the dark.

Asura swept past a sacrificial soldier. The sacrificial soldier did not notice. Asura flashed back from his side and stuck out his tongue at him.


The sacrificial soldier still did not notice. Asura rolled his eyes in boredom and turned to infiltrate the manor. He first went to Xixia Garden.

The old man and the others had fainted every time he appeared at the beginning, but now, they were very calm.

The old man continued to meditate.

Yue Gou continued practicing his fists.

The others did not know what they had gone to fool around with. Only Ah Wei sat in the courtyard and seriously refined Gu worms.

Asura placed his hands on his hips and glared at everyone.

I’m here to—

“You’re here,” Ah Wei said. He pointed at the pot beside him. “It’s cooked. It’s almost cold. You can drink it now. Give me the water bag.”

Gulp ~

Asura, who had come to kill, swallowed his saliva and obediently handed over the little milk bottle. Asura grabbed the little milk bottle and sat back on the threshold. His little friends were not around. He was so lonely drinking.

Huh? That’s not right!

He was here to—

“You’re here?” Yu Wan came out of the small kitchen with a bowl of medicine. She touched Asura’s forehead. It was no longer hot. She retracted her hand. “Just nice, drink the medicine.”

Asura grabbed the little milk bottle and turned around.


“Why are you here if you aren’t here to drink the medicine?”


Asura looked up at Yu Wan, who looked at him solemnly. He obediently took the medicine bowl, pinched his nose, and drank it in one go.

Alright, now he could finally kill someone. Asura handed her the medicine bowl and returned the little milk bottle. From now on, he will not come again. After killing this person, he had nothing to do with this place.

He was an Asura with a bottom line. He could not kill someone else’s people and still come to freeload on their goat milk.


Asura held an invisible butcher’s knife and went to Wutong Courtyard with a sorrowful expression. The night wind blew his loose hair. He was like a malicious ghost walking on earth.

When he passed by the main room, the old lady rushed out and pushed him down the steps. “Bull Egg—”

The stunned Asura : “…”

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