The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 795 - They Were All Corrupted

Chapter 795: They Were All Corrupted

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The sun had just risen.

A group of people was patrolling near Qingcheng Mountain.

The people were somewhat listless after patrolling for an entire night. They sat down and rested for a while at the entrance to the demi-world.

“What’s the point of patrolling? It’s not like those natives dare to attack us,” someone muttered.

“That’s right! Those natives might be quite powerful, but now that we’ve formed an alliance, they won’t dare to come!” Someone agreed.

They still felt some contempt toward the natives.

After resting for a moment, the group of people stood up.

Right at this moment, they heard a series of rumbling sounds coming from the sky not far away.

A cargo plane flew past at a low altitude, dropping down several parcels.

The people were stunned for a moment. Then, they laughed.

“It must be the same thing from last time. Are those natives idiots? Do they really think that we’ll believe what they write! Mutual respect and development? They’re all lies.” A person laughed mockingly.

“Someone light a bonfire! The elders say that if we see that thing again, we’ll have to burn it immediately.”

As he said that, he walked around in search of firewood.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Parcels fell one after another in a concentrated spot. There were nearly a hundred of them.

“Hm? It’s a little different this time. They’re all wrapped up.”

They were surprised when they saw the parcels.

Their eyes were wide open as they stared fixedly at the parcels in front of them.

An extremely beautiful and seductive woman was printed on the exterior of each of the parcels.

The people of Qingcheng blushed after staring at it for a while. The younger ones blushed even harder, and their noses were about to bleed.

They had never seen a woman’s body before in their entire lives!

“Too obscene! Too shameless!”

“That’s right! It’s too indecent to wear so little!”

They all put up righteous expressions as they spoke, but they could not shift their gazes away.

“Ahem! Stop looking. What’s there to see? This is definitely the enemy’s plot! They want to entice us. We won’t be fooled!” The leader of the group said righteously.

“Do you remember the sect leader’s teachings? Cultivators should be free of mortal desires!”

After saying that, he walked towards the parcel.

After staring at the beautiful woman for a while, he muttered, “It’s a pity that we’ll have to burn the parcel.” Following that, he said loudly, “Let’s see what’s inside.”

He opened the parcel very carefully, trying his best not to destroy the picture.

As soon as he opened it, his eyes grew wide.

He swallowed his saliva a few times. Then, he felt something hot in his nostrils, and blood flowed out.

When the others saw that, they all gathered around the parcel and stared at it.

“Damn! This is hot!” One of them muttered and wiped his nose. His hand was smeared in blood.

However, he did not notice that at all. He stared straight at the parcel, dumbfounded.

Inside the parcel were bundles of magazines. The woman on the cover dressed so little that made their noses bleed.

They stood there while wiping the blood from their noses. They were almost drooling.

“This is outrageous! The natives must be deceiving us. We can’t be fooled!”

The man in the lead wiped his saliva and shouted righteously.

However, he quickly pulled out a magazine and stuffed it into his Taoist robe.

“What are you doing, Senior Brother?” Immediately, someone reprimanded him.

‘Dammit, I’ve been discovered!’ The man was shocked, but he quickly resumed his serious demeanor. “Oh? I was planning to take it back so that I can study the enemy’s deception.”

“Then I want one too!”

The people rushed forward and stuffed the magazines into their Taoist robes.

Then, they opened another parcel.

“Hmm? What’s this?”

They saw square boxes in the parcel.

“Tablet computer? What’s that?”

The leader saw several paper labels stuck on the box. One said “Tablet Computer,” and the other said “Open here.”

He followed the instructions on the label, opened the box, and took out the tablet inside.

There were a few pieces of paper stuck on it. One of them said “Tap here.”

He hesitated for a moment and tapped the button lightly. The screen lit up, and the image that appeared on it almost caused his nose to bleed.

The other people surrounded him, and they became dumbfounded. Blood started to flow out of their noses.

“F*ck! This is too much! I can’t take it anymore!”

They all crouched down, and their faces flushed red.

The leader was a little nervous. He poked at the screen a few times before the video on the screen paused.

He finally heaved a sigh of relief. However, when he looked at the tablet, his eyes lit up.

‘This is a treasure!’

Everyone was excited.

“We can’t burn these things! We have to hide it and not let the elders see it.”

“Right, right. We have to dig a hole and bury all these!”

They immediately set off and found a safe place to dig a hole.

Meanwhile, the other people opened some more parcels and found magazines, video game consoles, smartphones, novels, and even more tablets.

They watched the promotional short film and were shocked. They felt that their entire worldview had been overturned.

‘F*ck! Are those natives so rich?

‘That’s impossible!

‘Shouldn’t the natives be very poor? That’s why they’re called primitive natives!

‘However, there are so many Artifacts, beautiful women, gold bars, and even alchemical pills in the video. How dazzling!

‘Compared to our sect, it’s like heaven and earth!’

“I’m so envious! So many beautiful women!”

“So many Artifacts!”

They all swallowed their saliva enviously.

“It must be fake!”

After they were done being envious, they could only comfort themselves and bury those items. They took a little of everything and brought them into the demi-world.

From then on, they slowly began to be addicted to games and pornography.

They even shared those things among the disciples.

The disciples became addicted one by one.

As the days passed, the Qingcheng disciples became thinner and thinner and more and more dispirited. All they could think of were video games and beautiful women.

As they became more and more depraved, their yearning for the outside world also grew stronger.

The elders eventually discovered those items. They confiscated and burned them, but the cargo planes keep on bringing new batches. They could not stop everything.

Finally, the elders fell to the temptation. They started playing video games and watching videos, and they were even more excited than the disciples.

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