The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 741 - To the Capital

Chapter 741: To the Capital

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The next five days passed in the blink of an eye.

Preparations for the Dongying branch company were underway.

Haotian Group had a lot of products. To enter the Dongyingese market, they needed to do a lot of paperwork. Tang Hao had informed Tamamo in advance, and she would expedite the procedures for him.

The news that Haotian was entering Dongying caused a sensation.

Huaxia was in a jubilant mood.

“We’ll show those Dongyingese the magic of Huaxia!”

For many commenters on the Internet, they were happy to see Haotian’s products dominate the Dongyingese market and bring glory to Huaxia.

The news also created shockwaves in Dongying.

Many commenters in Dongying’s biggest Internet forum were cursing.

“Boycott Huaxianese products! Boycott Haotian!”

“Haotian is a liar. All the claims that their products are magical are lies. They’ve scammed the Huaxianese before, and now they’re scamming us.”

“We must unite and stop them, my fellow countrymen!”

Tang Hao rolled his eyes when he read those comments.


‘Sigh! Those Dongyingese whelps are ignorant!’

He could not blame them though. Haotian Group’s products had always been in short supply. They were unable to satisfy the local market, much less the overseas markets.

The Dongyingese people had never used their products before, and so they did not know how magical they could be.

Tang Hao was not worried about that.

‘Those people might be stubborn now, but we’ll see when the products are launched over there.’

In these few days, he also went to Qin Gang’s house with Qin Xiangyi and received some good news.

Sun Yi was pregnant.

Both of them were stunned when they heard the news.

They were married in July, but she was pregnant in September. That was a little too fast.

Now that Qin Gang was married and about to become a father, his personality changed a lot, and he became more dependable.

After taking the pills, Qin Xiangyi had reached the peak of the State of Qi Channeling and could not advance any further.

In the modern cultivation world, achieving the peak of the State of Qi Channeling was quite impressive. Not many cultivators could do that.

However, Tang Hao was still not satisfied.

Reaching the peak was nothing. He wanted Qin Xiangyi to be a half-step or even a full Perfected Person. That would have been impressive.

However, to do that, he needed more medicinal herbs to make more pills, as well as a rare beast in that state of cultivation.

He could only depend on luck for those.

Tang Hao notified the Taoist masters and told them to keep an eye out for any rare beasts as they wandered the land.

Those beasts might be rare, but they might exist in the remotest corners of Huaxia.

As for Assistant Han, she had successfully reached the middle period of the State of Qi Channeling. Tang Hao had taught her several sorcery spells.

“Chairman Tang, look! I’ve made it!”

Han Yutong was sitting cross-legged on the couch in the office. She made several hand gestures, which summoned a gust of wind and blew some pieces of paper off the table.

She jumped up excitedly, ran to Tang Hao’s side, and stretched out her neck.

“Yes?” Tang Hao said.

“Give me a kiss! Didn’t you see that I’ve succeeded? I’ve worked very hard. You have to reward me!” She said in a charming voice.

Her beautiful eyes blinked at Tang Hao. He was a little overwhelmed.


Tang Hao coughed lightly and put on the airs of a boss, saying, “We’re in an office! What if someone sees us?”

“Tch!” Han Yutong rolled her eyes and pointed outside. “There’s not even a bird outside!

“Forget it. I’ll help myself!”

She pouted and kissed Tang Hao’s cheek hard. Then, she ran back to the couch and continued to practice.

With her intelligence, she quickly mastered the spell. She had a lot of fun with it.

Tang Hao looked at her and could not help but laugh.

He lowered his head and immersed himself in work.

Suddenly, the phone on his table rang. He picked it up and saw that it was from General Bai.

“Why is it him again?” Tang Hao mumbled and answered the call.

“What’s the matter?” Tang Hao said.

“Comrade Tang Hao, are you free these few days?” General Bai asked.

“Yes!” Tang Hao said, “Is there anything?”

“Ha! It’s good news. Someone wants to see you. It’s the Premier!”

Tang Hao almost jumped up from his seat.


“Of course. The Premier said that you’re a promising young man! Remember that thing you did recently? He wants to meet you and get to know you better,” General Bai said with a smile.

“So, are you coming?”

“Do you even have to ask? Of course I’m coming!” Tang Hao said excitedly.

General Bai smiled and said, “Don’t get too excited, Comrade Tang Hao. There will be more opportunities like this in the future. Why don’t you come over and meet me tomorrow night? What do you think?”

“Sure!” Tang Hao immediately agreed.

The next day, Tang Hao boarded a plane and flew to the Capital.

He met General Bai at the office of the Agency.

“Quick! Put on your military uniform. I’ll bring you there!” General Bai said.

Tang Hao changed into his military uniform. The epaulets had been changed, and the two glittering gold stars represented the rank of lieutenant general.

“You look fantastic. Let’s go!”

General Bai took him outside, and they got into a black car.

The drive was smooth. Soon, they arrived at their destination.

They waited in a room.

Tang Hao sat there, feeling a little nervous.

About seven minutes later, he heard footsteps coming from the corridor. There were more than ten people.

Then, the room door opened, and a group of people walked in.

When Tang Hao saw them, he immediately stood up.

“I’ve finally met you, young comrade!”

The Premier walked over, smiled, and shook hands with Tang Hao. “I’ve often heard of your deeds. You’re a talent! If only we have more people in Huaxia like you!”

“You flatter me!” Tang Hao said humbly.

“Don’t be modest, and you don’t have to be nervous. Please sit down!”

Everyone sat down after shaking hands.

At first, Tang Hao was a little reserved, but he soon felt at ease.

They talked about many things, but the first thing on the agenda was the Yellow Flame Formation.

“That thing is not bad. It would be even better if we have a few more sets.”

Tang Hao could only smile apologetically and explain the production process.

“That’s a pity, but it doesn’t matter. Take your time! Oh right, I heard from Ol’ Zhou that you’re also called a divine doctor because of your medical skills!”

“I don’t consider myself a divine doctor, but I’m quite confident in my medical skills,” Tang Hao said.

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