The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 689 - Birthday Party

Chapter 689: Birthday Party

“Ah! What a beautiful morning!”

A cool sports car drove in from the front gate of Z University.

The car window rolled down and a head wearing a pair of sunglasses popped out of it. That was none other than Fang Qiming.

He feasted his eyes upon the fashionable and fresh-looking female juniors and could not help but exclaim audibly.

The weather was getting warmer, and the girls dressed less.

Many pedestrians stopped walking and looked at the car.

Some female students even looked at it with admiration.

Council President Fang had always been the second most popular person in Z University. Although he was far from number one, he nevertheless had a lot of fans.

Fang Qiming grinned smugly when he saw so many people admiring him.

‘I’m still as charming as ever!’

More importantly, his car was even more charming. It was the perfect tool for picking up girls and showing off.

No one else in Z University had a cooler car than him.

As for that Tang guy, Fang Qiming nearly laughed out loud when he was reminded of his stupid A8. That was no match for his sports car.

So what if he once arrived on a military helicopter? It was not like he rode in one every day!

So what if he could play the piano? His taste was still vulgar!

“Tsk tsk! What a country bumpkin!”

He felt happy when he thought of that.

That comforted the trauma a lot.

He had failed to impress girls time after time, especially that Westerner girl, which made him question his purpose in life. He had been depressed for a while, but he felt as though he was about to walk out of it.

“Hello, Junior Sisters!”

He parked his car by the roadside, leaned against the car door, and called to the people around him.

Then, he lit a cigarette.

He tried to look as cool as he could get and even put on a melancholic expression.

Soon, he could hear female students shrieking around him.

“Look, it’s Senior Fang! He’s so handsome!”

Some girls whispered.

Fang Qiming was elated when he heard that.

He enjoyed the adoring gazes from all around him.

His time in the limelight was short. Not long after, there was a commotion on the other side of the street. Then, the crowd started to move there.

“Whoa! What car is that? It’s so cool!”

“Wow! That’s a Rolls-Royce, and a Phantom too!”

People in the crowd exclaimed.

Fang Qiming’s expression froze. He began to feel awkward.

Those girls that were looking at him earlier had gone away.

He furrowed his brows in annoyance.

“Dammit, where did the Rolls-Royce come from?” He grumbled and walked over.

When he looked in the distance, he saw a Rolls-Royce driving down the road. It was very cool and sleek, which attracted everyone’s attention.

Many people took out their phones and started taking pictures.

“Wow! What a beauty!”

When the car got closer and the driver could be seen clearly, the crowd became even more excited.

Fang Qiming was also stunned.

“F*ck! She’s a masterpiece!”

The car slowed down when it got closer.

More people came over and gathered on both sides of the road to watch the luxury car.

“Oh my god, that car is worth eight digits!”

Someone went online to check the price and was shocked.

“Who do you think that is? She looks like she’s heading toward the university!”

“Who knows! I’ve never seen her before!”

The crowd was buzzing with discussion.

The car stopped in front of the front gate. Then, the driver’s seat door opened, and a graceful figure walked out. She was sexy and charming.

She flicked her hair, a simple gesture that charmed the people around her.

“She’s my goddess!”

The male students’ hearts were about to melt.

When she heard the cheers, she pursed her lips and smiled sweetly.

The smile was like a killer blow.

“Ah! I can’t take it anymore! Quick, help me!”

Many male students were head over heels.

She smiled sweetly, walked toward the back of the car, and opened the door to the backseat. She bowed and called out sweetly, “We’re here, Chairman Tang!”

Everyone was stunned.

‘Wait, what’s going on? This beautiful woman is just a driver?

‘Chairman Tang? Wait… no way!’

All the boys’ expressions changed, especially Fang Qiming’s.

‘Haha! Many rich people have the surname Tang. Maybe it’s just a coincidence! How could that country bumpkin have the taste to buy a Phantom?

‘Besides, how could that guy have such a beautiful driver?’

Fang Qiming tried to comfort himself.

The next moment, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

A figure walked out of the car. It was none other than that Tang guy.

“Dammit! It’s that bastard again!”

Fang Qiming was about to pop a vein.

Just when he thought he had a leg up on Tang Hao, that freak had somehow obtained a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a beautiful driver.

He turned around to look at his car, then at the Phantom and its sexy driver. He was instantly overwhelmed by melancholy.

How could he ever catch up to Tang Hao?

He looked down upon Tang Hao because of his choice of car. However, he could not do that anymore.

“Wow! It’s really Tang Hao!”

“He’s so stylish!”

Countless female students shrieked excitedly.

In the past, Tang Hao drove an ordinary A8. With the Phantom, he finally looked like the billionaire chairman of a corporation!


As for the boys, that was the only exclamation.

There was nothing on their faces but pure envy.

Tang Hao got out of the car and looked around. He coughed lightly and felt awkward.

“I told you that you shouldn’t have done this!” Tang Hao said helplessly.

Han Yutong smiled charmingly and said, “Isn’t this good? You bought such a nice car, so you ought to show it off!”

“Alright, I’m going inside. You can go back now!”

After saying that, Tang Hao wore his backpack and walked toward the gate.

“Goodbye, Chairman Tang!”

Behind him, Han Yutong waved her hand, got into the car, and drove away slowly.

When Tang Hao reached the gate, he caught a glimpse of Fang Qiming from the corner of his eye.

Fang Qiming was squatting by his car smoking a cigarette. He looked sad and despondent while mumbling to himself, “Oh, god! What did I do for you to punish me like this?”

Tang Hao rolled his eyes.

‘Is this guy stupid? What nonsense is he talking about?’

He shook his head and walked into the university.

The commotion lasted for the whole morning, and it subsided in the afternoon.

After two periods of afternoon classes, Tang Hao received a phone call.

He picked up his phone and saw that it was from Uncle Ming.

“Hey, Tang kid! Where are you?” Uncle Ming said.

“I’m at the university!” Tang Hao said.

“Alright, I’ll come over now. Wait for me there!”

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m giving you an invitation card. The Young Miss’s birthday party is in two days. Are you coming?” Uncle Ming said.

“Birthday party?”

Tang Hao was surprised.

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