The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 525 - Where’s the Justice

Chapter 525: Where’s the Justice

The beautiful figure walked amid the crowd.

She was pure and beautiful like no other.

The row of people was dumbstruck as they looked at her.

“F… f*ck! That’s what you call a beautiful girl!” Fang Qiming came to his senses and shouted agitatedly. His eyes were transfixed on that girl.

The other boys around him carried the same infatuated expression.

“Oh my god, she’s too beautiful and pure!”

“Beauty queen! She’s on the level of a beauty queen!”

Their eyes were sparkling.

They were not only the ones who were excited looking at the girl. Even the volunteers wearing name tags were jostling among each other to be the one to serve her.

“Go away! I was the one who saw her first…”

“Nonsense! I’m the one who saw her first. What if you scare her away with that ugly face of yours?”

They shoved each other and nearly broke out fighting.

Yan’er was shocked when she saw the scene.

The commotion soon spread through the entire campus.

“Beauty queen? There’s a new beauty queen?”

Waves of male students rushed from all corners of the university. They were very excited.

For many male university students, the beauty queen of the university was the girl of their dreams.

A year ago, Liu Bingyao’s arrival at the university had caused a massive traffic jam.

Unfortunately, Liu Bingyao already had a boyfriend. Moreover, her boyfriend was incredibly powerful and rich, and no student could hope to defeat him.

Now that there was going to be a new beauty queen, that was good news for all the male students!

They looked around the crowd carrying expectant and excited expressions. They were dumbstruck when their eyes fell on that beautiful figure.

When they came to their senses, they let out a collective exclamation.

“Oh my god! She’s really as beautiful as Beauty Queen Liu!”

“Haha! God bless Z University!”

The people rushed toward her.

“Hello, Junior Sister, what’s your name, and which faculty are you in? Let’s exchange phone numbers. You can count on me if you need any help!”

“Junior Sister! How about I’ll give you a private tour of the campus? We can talk about love… ah, no, I mean, talk about your ambitions.”

Yan’er was shocked by the welcome she received. She reflexively took a backward step.

She did not expect that her appearance would cause such a big commotion.

“Excuse me, make way!”

A yell was heard from beyond the crow. After that were the ear-piercing sounds of a car horn.

The crowd parted, and a cool sports car slowly rolled toward Yan’er.

The car stopped, and Fang Qiming stepped out.

Somehow, he had changed into a black suit and styled his hair with mousse. He stood upright, and his hair gleamed under the late morning sun. There was no other male as cool as him.

After he got out of the car, he bent over to look into the side-view mirror and tidied his hair. Then, he stood up straight once more and looked at the beautiful girl in front of him. “Good day to you, Junior Sister! My name is Fang Qiming, and I am the president of the Student Council!”

He flashed a confident grin.

‘This junior sister should be going crazy over my Lamborghini and my title as the Student Council President now!

‘Hmm, it might be love at first sight, too!

‘Right, this is how a man should impress a girl! Catch her by surprise, leave a lasting impression on her, then strike while the iron is hot!’

He was quite proud of himself when he thought of that.

‘I, Fang Qiming, am an expert in flirting!’

However, his expression soon turned awkward. The junior sister stared at him blankly. There was no hint of admiration, much less love.

“Oh,” she said.

Fang Qiming was feeling embarrassed.

‘The plan didn’t seem to work!

‘I wonder what’s the problem?

‘Any girl, no matter how pretty they might be, would at least show some excitement when they see a handsome man with a cool sports car, right?’

“Ahem! What’s your name, Junior Sister?”

Fang Qiming changed his strategy. He decided to play the friendly and helpful senior.

Yan’er took one step backward and looked warily at him.

‘He must be a bad guy!’ She thought.

“Don’t be shy, Junior Sister! Let me bring you around the campus today. If you have any problems, you can come and look for me. There’s nothing that I, Fang Qiming, can’t solve in Z University,” Fang Qiming said magnanimously while thumping his chest.

“There’s… no need! I’m just here to report in,” Yan’er said weakly, “Also, someone is coming along with me. I’ll be fine.”

“Someone accompanied you here?” Fang Qiming was surprised. He then continued excitedly, “Are they your parents? That’s even better!”

Yan’er nearly rolled her eyes when she heard that.

She was about to say something when an aluminum can sailed across the air and struck Fang Qiming on the head.

“Ouch!” Fang Qiming yelped in pain and was instantly furious.

“Who is it? Who threw a can at me?” He glared at the people around him.

“It’s not me, Council President Fang!”

“It’s not me either!”

Whenever Fang Qiming’s eyes fell on someone, they frantically waved their hands and shook their heads.

Fang Qiming was one of the VIP students at Z University. Who would dare to cross him?

“If it’s not you guys, then who is it?” Fang Qiming said angrily while rubbing his forehead.

“It’s me!” Someone yelled loudly. The crowd parted and Tang Hao walked in.

Everyone was instantly excited.

“It’s Tang Hao! My idol is here!”

Fang Qiming’s face turned red with anger. “Why did you throw a can at me, Tang kid? Did I offend you somehow? Let me tell you, don’t disturb me. I’m trying to help out this junior sister here!”

He then turned to look at Yan’er.

He immediately went cross-eyed. That pure and beautiful junior sister was walking toward Tang Hao!

“Hey, what are you doing, Junior Sister? That person is a bad guy!” Fang Qiming yelled frantically.

“You’re the bad guy!” Yan’er turned around and sneered at him, then smiled and jogged toward Tang Hao.

“Isn’t that so, Brother Hao?” She said as she clung to Tang Hao’s arm.

Fang Qiming froze on the spot, as though he was struck by lightning.

Not only him, but everyone in the area seemed to have turned into stone.

“Bro… Brother Hao?” Fang Qiming mumbled. He could not believe what he heard.

He clutched his chest and shuddered. He felt as though his heart was shattered into a million pieces.

He was losing his mind when he saw how close the two people were.

‘Tang Hao, Tang Hao! It’s him again! First, it was Liu Bingyao, then, it’s this new beauty queen. Why is everyone related to him? Is there any more justice in this world?’

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