The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 292 - An Incident At the Clothing Factory

Chapter 292: An Incident At the Clothing Factory

After planting the ginseng and lingzhi seedlings, Tang Hao went around the area to look for a clearing. He portioned it out and laid a leyline gathering formation in the soil.

Tang Hao had never forgotten about the Flower of Youth he found in the mountains near Dirtclod Village.

The Pill of Everlasting Beauty was a wondrous item. Tang Hao waited eagerly for the day he could make another one.

However, the tree that bore the Flower of Youth grew in poor conditions, and he dared not move it. He had laid a leyline gathering formation at its original location, hoping to improve the tree’s health before transplanting it.

After the transplantation, he could tend to the plant at the same time he tended to his ginseng and lingzhi plantation.

With the leyline gathering formation, the plot of land will eventually be ready for the transplantation.

After doing all that, Tang Hao left the mountains.

He left Dragonrock Village and traveled to Tang Village.

As he neared, he noticed trucks transporting sand into the village. Construction of the plantation had begun.

There was a commotion when his car arrived.

The village elder came to greet him. They went to the construction site.

The specifications of the plantation at Tang Village was the same as that of Dragonrock Village, except that it was a few times bigger.

As demand for the healthcare products grew, so did the demand for rare medicinal herbs. The plantation at Tang Village had to be bigger.

They went around the construction site once, then Tang Hao chatted with the village elder before leaving.

He returned to the company. Liu Yan briefly updated him about the latest happenings.

The weight-loss tea was as popular as ever. Supply could never catch up with demand. With the increase in production, the product was being distributed to other provinces.

A month had passed since Bingji Beauty Cream was launched, and its sales figures had almost caught up to the weight-loss tea. The high price did not deter consumer enthusiasm for the product.

On the other hand, Bingji Beauty Cream sold for only a few hundred yuan. It was not considered expensive among women’s beauty products especially considering that certain name-brand products regularly sold for thousands of yuan.

The beauty cream worked wonders for its price tag. It was a cheap and effective product.

“President Tang, the product has a lot more market potential. If only it’s not limited by its production capacity,” Liu Yan said, a little frustrated.

“What’s the rush? The figures are already quite excellent. Don’t forget that this company has only been around for a little more than three months. It’s already amazing that we’re doing so well,” Tang Hao said with a smile.

“That’s true!” Liu Yan smiled.

She thought for a while and continued, “Our next step is to increase our output. We can still fit several more production lines in the newly-acquired factories. All you have to do is to approve of the expansion.

“When the Tang Village plantation is ready, we should expand the plantation at Dragonrock Village too. That should provide us with enough raw materials for the foreseeable future.

“Also, the company needs to expand. We’ll have to hire more people.”

“Alright!” Tang Hao nodded.

“Right, Sis Yan, when do you think we should launch our next product?”

Liu Yan was surprised. “Not for the near future. Right, President Tang, what is the next product going to be?”

“An aphrodisiac,” Tang Hao said.

“Oh, that! I’ve heard from President Liu that the effects are miraculous, and it’s definitely better than Viagra. There should be a big market for that as well,” Liu Yan said.

“However, the aphrodisiac potion is a different market from our previous two products, which target females. It doesn’t seem appropriate to launch an aphrodisiac all of a sudden.

“How about this. We should start a subsidiary company to market male-targeted products. That should be more appropriate.

“New company, new factories, oh, and new plantations too. What do you think of that, President Tang?”

Tang Hao thought for a while and nodded. “That’s a good idea. I’ll meet up with Big Bro Liu and the rest to discuss how we should run the subsidiary company.”

After the discussion, Tang Hao attended to some company matters, then left the building and crossed the road.

“Oh, Lil Tang, long time no see! You must be having fun in Provincial City, right?” Liu Dajun said jokingly when they met.

Tang Hao smiled. “I’m here to talk about serious business with you, Big Bro Liu.” Then, he explained the suggestion about the subsidiary company to him.

Liu Dajun became excited when he heard that.

“That’s a good idea! We should’ve launched the aphrodisiac a lot earlier. We’ll have to start this company as soon as we can. Right, have you thought of a name for it yet?”

“No!” Tang Hao shook his head.

“Let’s see, for a company producing aphrodisiacs, we need a grand name. Right, what do you think of Masculine Wind? Don’t you think that sounds cool?” Liu Dajun said excitedly.

“Hm… I think it sounds quite cheesy!” Tang Hao said.

Liu Dajun slapped his chest. “No problem at all. That’s how you get people to remember your company these days. I think we’ll call the aphrodisiac Masculine Wind too. It’s a wind that restores your masculinity!”

“That actually sounds not bad,” Tang Hao said. The name was not as cheesy the more he thought about it.

“That decides it!” Liu Dajun said, “So our new company will be Masculine Wind Health Products Co. Ltd. We’ll register the company tomorrow and we can start hiring.”

He suddenly thought of something. He leaned over and said mischievously, “Hey, Lil Tang, how’s your progress with the chick downstairs?”

Tang Hao was surprised, then he quickly realized that Liu Dajun was referring to Ma Fangfang.

“There’s nothing between us!” Tang Hao said.


“Really! We’re only classmates back in school.”

Liu Dajun chuckled mischievously then gave Tang Hao an understanding look. “Fangfang is a diligent and responsible girl. I think she shows great potential! I plan to promote her, then recruit her to the new company.

“That’s as much as your Big Bro Liu can help you!”

Then, he thoughtfully patted Tang Hao’s shoulder.

Tang Hao was speechless.

He went downstairs. He met Ma Fangfang as he passed the front lobby. As usual, she was dressed in her work clothes, and she looked pretty and charming in them. Her legs that were clad in pantyhose were seductive.

She was surprised when she saw Tang Hao. Then, a smile appeared on her face and she quickly walked over to him.

“You’re already back! I didn’t see you go upstairs earlier.”

She knew that Tang Hao had been attending college at Provincial City.

“I’m back!” Tang Hao nodded. “How have things been?”

“Still the same. I’m still working here every day!”

The two people chatted for more than half an hour.

Tang Hao went back to his company. He lingered for a while more, and soon it was time to leave.

His phone suddenly started ringing. He saw that it was from Sis Xiangyi.

He answered the call and immediately heard Sis Xiangyi’s anxious voice. “Can you come over here quickly, Lil Tang? Something is going on at the factory!”

Tang Hao’s expression changed drastically as he stood up.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s a strange occurrence. I think it’s something supernatural. Aren’t you very good at that kind of stuff? Can you come here and take a look?” Sis Xiangyi said.

“Alright, I’ll come over now!”

Tang Hao ended the call, then immediately went downstairs, started the car, and drove toward Sis Xiangyi’s clothing factory.

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