The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 1099 - What a Freak

Chapter 1099: What a Freak

There were fewer and fewer people in Yellow Dragon village.

The trial started with more than ten thousand people. Some went to the Yellow Dragon Sect and White Dragon Mountain, while others went to various big cities to do business. Some wandered around, looking for fortuitous opportunities.

Even the primordial scions went to two big sects and began to cultivate.

Three months had passed, and fewer and fewer people remained.

However, Yellow Dragon Village was the closest to the snake cave. People would come back from time to time to gather information.

Every day, many people gathered at the village entrance to chat and discuss the situation.

“That Ji guy is really a freak. His luck is so good even in this illusory realm. I heard that he had many fortuitous encounters, and his cultivation base improved greatly. He even picked up a treasure sword. I’m afraid that he’ll be able to kill that snake soon.”

“Really? What a freak!”

Some people were shocked.

Everyone knew that Ji Wu’s luck was abnormal, but they were in an illusory realm!

“That Jiang guy is quite lucky too. He didn’t join the two sects, but he encountered a reclusive expert and went under his wing. His power also rose very quickly.”

“The primordial scions are also not bad. They’ve established a foothold in the Yellow Dragon Sect and are fighting against us humans!”

Everyone started to talk.

“What about that Qin guy? Why haven’t I heard of him?”

Someone started to talk about Tang Hao.

“I don’t know. He used to be a peddler, but I haven’t heard of him recently. I guess he’s not doing very well,” someone answered immediately.

“Hah! I wonder what that Qin guy is thinking. With his comprehension ability, he should be cultivating. What business is he doing? Does he think that it’s easy to run a business? Besides, he has so many enemies. The cultivators will come and kill him.”

“Who knows? He must be out of his mind!”

Everyone was puzzled.

Obviously, cultivation was the best way. The businessmen were powerless and were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. They did not even know when they would be killed.

Moreover, there were many secrets to doing business, which was much more difficult than cultivating.

In their opinion, that Qin guy made an unwise choice.

“The first place must be that Ji guy! That Qin guy won’t be succeeding any time soon!”

The crowd started to talk again, arguing about who would be the first to kill the snake.

Not long after, they heard a sound coming from afar. They looked up and saw a horse carriage speeding over, followed by a group of people.

“What’s that?”

Everyone was confused.

The carriage was quite luxurious, so it should belong to a local figure in the illusion. Why would the local people go there though?

As the people got closer and closer, they became more and more confused.

More people walked out of the village.

The carriage came close and stopped. Everyone looked at it and cursed silently. That carriage was too luxurious; there must be a tycoon inside.

The people came from behind at lightning speed and lined up on both sides of the carriage.

When everyone saw it, they could not help but gasp.

Those people had extraordinary auras and spirited eyes. They were all great experts!

A luxurious carriage and a squad of expert guards. Which big shot could it be?

The people were looking at the carriage with excitement.

The person in the carriage was definitely a local big shot. If they could befriend him and borrow a few experts, they would be able to complete the mission!

At that time, they would be number one!

The more they thought about it, the more excited they became. They all rushed forward.

“I wonder which big shot is here!”

“What brings you here, Sir?”

They jostled among each other.


A playful chuckle came from inside the carriage.

In an instant, everyone was stunned. They thought that the voice was somewhat familiar.

“Don’t you recognize me?”

Tang Hao smiled and drew the curtain.

Everyone froze there as if they had been struck by lightning.

In the next moment, their eyes widened as if they had seen a ghost.

That big shot was actually that Qin guy!

How was that possible?

Who said that the Qin guy was not doing well in his business? He was already a big shot in the illusory realm.

How did he do it?

“Seniors, those people are all accomplices of those people earlier. Kill them all!” Tang Hao grinned and smiled at them.

“Leave it to us, Brother Qin!”

Those people shouted, jumped from their horses, and charged toward the crowd.

The crowd had not recovered from their shock just now. When they saw blood and heard screams, they came to their senses and became terrified.

That Qin guy was going to massacre everyone in Yellow Dragon Village!


“You’ll pay for this, Qin!”

In an instant, the crowd was in chaos.

Of course, the experts caught up to them and chopped them to death.

“That Qin guy is here. He’s hired many experts and wants to slaughter us!”

When the crowd fled into the village, the entire village was in an uproar.

“Haha! That must be fake!”

The people in the village did not believe it. They all knew that that Qin guy was not doing well. How would he have the money to hire experts?

When they went out of their houses to take a look, their eyes almost popped out.


‘There are really experts!’

They were scared out of their wits, so they packed up their belongings and ran.

“Ahh!” “Ahh!” “Ahh!”

People cried out miserably and fell one after another. Those who died turned into white light and disappeared.

The village had about eight hundred people inside it. Almost all of them were slaughtered, and only a few managed to escape.

“Let’s go and kill some more people!”

Tang Hao waved his hand and left with his men.

Not long after, the cultivators in various cities and the wilderness were all killed one by one.

It was a complete bloodbath!

In the beginning, those people did not understand what was going on. It was only when they heard a shocking piece of news that they realized that the Qin guy was behind it.

That Qin guy was the boss of Qin’s Merchant Guild!

He was the one who hired those people and massacred the cultivators!

In only three months, while others were still working hard, he had already reached the peak and became the strongest among all the trial candidates.

Ji Wu and Jiang Tianwu were nothing compared to that guy.

The guild master of Qin’s Merchant Guild was astonishingly rich and had gathered several great experts under his command!

The other cultivators did not know how to surpass him.

“Damn, he’s a freak! Is he cheating?”

“How did he do it?”

After the shock, everyone was extremely puzzled, but no matter how hard they tried to think, they could not figure it out.

In their eyes, that was a miracle.

They tried to escape the pursuit of that Qin guy, but no matter where they ran, that Qin guy always had a way to catch up to them.

There were fewer and fewer cultivators in the illusory realm. Even the cultivators from the two sects were not safe. Once they left their mountains, they would be caught and removed from the illusory realm.

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