The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 1088 - So MuChapter Food

Chapter 1088: So Much Food

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A few days later, more and more people came.

The mountain and the marketplace were full of people.

“Selling pills, high-quality pills! Take one pill, and you’ll be a new man. You’ll need it for treasure hunting!”

“Come and take a look! Ten percent off all Artifacts!”

It was an extremely lively scene.

The stores were filled with customers. Business was booming.

Other than pills and Artifacts, there were also many fortune-tellers and peddlers of good-luck charms. Those were the scammers.


Tang Hao mingled in the market every day, but his attention was on the opposite side of the river.

The river separated the humans and the primordial scions. The market was located next to the river, and he could see what the primordial scions were doing beyond the river.

Every day, huge beasts flew over from the sky and landed in the mountains. He could also see huge beasts walking there.

There were many kinds of primordial scions in different shapes and sizes. The only similarity was that they all had primordial blood in them. They were born with supernatural powers and were immensely strong.

Many of them were species in myths and legends, such as the golden-winged great roc and the nine-headed roc. They were all extremely terrifying creatures.

They were the strongest among the primordial scions, and they were qualified to live on the Divine Mountains.

The black tigers and blood lions were relatively low-level. They were barely considered primordial scions and were not qualified to live on the Divine Mountains.

Every day, people would look at the huge beasts in the sky and exclaim in admiration.

In their eyes, those terrifying creatures were worthy of respect.

However, Tang Hao thought differently.

“Wow! What a big bird! Those wings should be delicious!”

“Wow! A three-headed lion! It can make three plates of braised lion heads!”

In his eyes, the primordial scions were all top-grade food ingredients. Every day, he would look at them and devise new recipes.

He could not help but drool when he thought of that.

“Write it down, write it down!”

He wrote down all kinds of recipes in his notebook.

Braised lion’s head, steamed giant turtle, and savory snake soup were the dishes that he wrote down. He even prepared all the seasonings.

One morning, news came that the entrance was about to open today.

In an instant, the entire mountain range was in an uproar. Countless people packed up their belongings and rushed toward the entrance.

The entrance was in a valley. The humans occupied the left, and the primordial scions occupied the right.

There were several elders on the human side. They were not faction leaders but Path Seeking experts from the major factions. On the other side was an old tortoise.

The tortoise was frighteningly large, and it barely fit in the valley even though the walls were broken down. Its shell was covered with thick layers of rock and moss.

The old turtle closed its eyes as if it was dozing.

That was the leader of the baxia tribe from the Southern Divine Mountain.

It was said that the baxia was the descendant of tortoises and dragons. Its strength was quite terrifying.

That baxia was the divine envoy of the Southern Divine Mountain.

The humans and the primordial scions continued to arrive on both sides and faced each other.

“Hmph! A bunch of pests!”

The primordial scions would grunt disdainfully from time to time.

They thought that humans were lowly and referred to them as two-legged pests.

The humans were angry when they heard that.

“Hmph, how arrogant! We’ll see who the real pests are!”

Someone in the sky shouted and descended. He was in a suit of pitch-black armor and carried an ancient battle sword on his back. It was the Path-Chosen of the Great Allheaven Sect.

“Me too! I’d like to see what’s so great about the primordial scions!”

The Path-Chosen of the Deathless Sect followed closely behind.

They stood in front of the crowd and stared coldly at the other side.

As Path-Chosen of great sects, they were not afraid of primordial scions at all.

“Heh! I was wondering who it was. So it’s the prodigies from the Allheaven and Deathless Sects!”

An enormous black roc with nine heads landed on the cliff on the other side and looked down from above. It was from the nine-headed roc tribe.

“Heh! Prodigies? They’re all beaten up by that Qin guy. How could you even consider them prodigies?”

A golden beam of light grunted coldly and arrived. It was a three-headed lion.

Its entire body was a bright golden color, and it had a thick and majestic mane.

“They’re nothing but trash. To think that they can’t deal with one individual! If it were up to us, that Qin guy would have died long ago!”

The primordial scions immediately erupted in laughter.

The expressions of the two Path-Chosen faces sank.

“Do you think that you’re his match? I bet that you’ll die horribly if you meet him!” The Path-Chosen of the Great Allheaven Sect sneered.

“Hah! If I see him, I’ll slap him to death! He is nothing in front of the noble primordial scions!” The lion said disdainfully.

They had heard that even human faction leaders were helpless against that Qin guy. However, he only had one technique that scared them.

What else did he have? As strong as his physical body might be, the primordial scions were stronger.

The Natal Soul was also nothing compared to what the primordial scions had!

The only reason why the Qin guy was still alive was that he had not met them yet.

“What a boast! Do you want to fight?”

The Path-Chosen of the Great Allheaven Sect said angrily, and the Allheaven sword on his back buzzed.

“Let’s fight. I’m not afraid of you!”

The lion roared and brandished its qi aura.

“Alright, calm down, everyone! Let’s talk inside!” The elders said to alleviate the situation.

As the forces grew on both sides, the atmosphere became tenser and tenser.

Tang Hao saw many familiar faces on the human side. Anyone in the younger generation worth their salt was there. Even Ji Wu and his black python descended from the sky.

On the opposite side, the primordial scion tribes continued to arrive. The golden-winged great rocs, the six-eared macaques, and even the mythical beast dijiang.

They sat on the top of the cliff. It was a terrifying sight.

After a tense moment, the elders raised their heads to look at the sky and shouted, “It’s already noon. Let’s go in!”

After saying that, they walked to the side and made way for the others.

Ji Wu stashed the black python away and dashed toward the cave like lightning. At the same time, the golden-winged roc also rushed over. The two of them arrived almost at the same time. After a single exchange of blows, they entered the crack in the mountain wall.

“Let’s go!”

The Path-Chosen followed closely behind and raced with the primordial scions to be the first ones to enter.

After those people entered, the remainder of the group went in.

Tang Hao mingled among the crowd and went through the crack.

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