The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 1000 - Barbarian God, the Mightiest God!

Chapter 1000: Barbarian God, the Mightiest God!

The beam of annihilation clashed with the ancient sword of Broken Sword Mountain first. The sword qi instantly vanished.

Next were the supreme treasure of Treasure Trove Mountain and the Primeval Flag…

One after another, the supreme treasures were all silenced by the power of annihilation.

Tang Hao could not hold on any longer after blocking ten of them. The output of the beam of annihilation was far greater than the speed he could draw the life force from his surroundings. Moreover, he could only draw out the life force of a Foundation Establishment cultivator.


The ancient barbarian tribe’s spear smashed toward him. He swung his cauldron to block it, but he was forced back and fell toward the direction of Ritian Valley.


As soon as he landed, he immediately somersaulted and stood on his feet. He flicked his wrist and was completely fine.

The old monsters who attacked were all dumbstruck.

That kid had blocked more than ten of their attacks!

He used the Path of Life and Death to draw out the life force of living people!

The surrounding onlookers were stunned too.

The scene just now was too shocking.

They felt a chill in their hearts as they looked at the withered land and dried corpses.

What sorcery was that? It could forcefully draw out the life force and could hold up against the attacks of more than a dozen Nascent Soul experts using supreme treasures!

“You villain! How dare you do such a heinous thing!”

“Hmph! You are indeed a devil with a wicked heart. People like you shouldn’t be kept alive!”

The Nascent Soul monsters roared harshly.

They were secretly happy with the turn of events. To the onlookers, they were the bullies who coveted the kid’s treasures. Now that the kid had made himself the villain, they could eliminate him in the name of justice.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The ultimate-grade Artifacts changed direction and continued to bombard Tang Hao.

Gu Jianzi and the others once again activated their supreme treasures, wanting to launch another wave of attacks.

“Devil?” Tang Hao sneered disdainfully.

“If that’s the case, I shall be the devil today!”

As he spoke, he gently raised his hand. Behind him, a series of rumbling sounds could be heard as beams of light shot into the sky.

Beams of sword qi, flames, lightning, and frost transformed into gigantic beasts and charged forward.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The beasts blocked the ultimate-grade Artifacts.

“Is… is that a formation?”

Everyone was shocked.

“What a guy. He even set up a formation!”

“What formation is that? How is it so powerful?”

They were quite shocked because they had never seen such a powerful Artifact formation before.

“I call it the Mega Devil-Slaying Formation!” Tang Hao said indifferently as he held the formation disk in his hand.

“Mega Devil-Slaying Formation? I’ve never heard of it!” They thought hard but could not make any sense of it.

“Of course you’ve never heard it before, because… I invented the formation! It’s called the Devil-Slaying Formation because I created it to slay you guys!” Tang Hao said.

“F*ck your mother! Who are you calling a devil? You’re clearly the devil!”

Some impetuous Nascent Soul monsters blurted.

A moment later, they were dumbfounded.

‘Wait, what did that kid say just now? Did he say that he created the formation himself?’

Their eyes widened in shock as they gasped audibly.

It was already unbelievable that the kid could make pills, and he had just admitted that he invented an Artifact formation!

‘What in the…’

They could not think of any words to describe their current feelings.

“Kill him! We can’t let him live!”

They were truly afraid. A monstrous prodigy who had superb pill-making skills and could even create his own formations would definitely be a nightmare in the future.

They once again activated their supreme treasures and attacked.

Tang Hao controlled the formation with the disk, and endless sword light, flames, and frost surged out from behind him. They transformed into the shapes of dragons, phoenixes, lions, and tigers.

“All of you, attack!”

More and more people joined in the attack on Tang Hao. Tens of thousands of light beams converged from all directions and bombarded the Artifact formation.

In the distance, everyone watched the scene with shock in their hearts.

“I didn’t expect that he could do all this!”

To most of the onlookers, that kid should have been killed instantly the moment he showed up. However, that kid managed to hold on with so many shocking displays of power.

“He still has to die in the end! The formation might be powerful, but it won’t be able to hold on for long. It’ll break in fifteen minutes at most!”

“Yeah! With so many people attacking at the same time, he definitely won’t be able to hold on for long! Once the formation is broken, he’ll have to escape!”

Everyone shook their heads.

“He should be proud of himself for achieving such a feat. He’ll be a legend if he actually escapes!” Someone lamented.

The young people were cheering on excitedly.

“That’s not going to be easy!” The old man with the club narrowed his eyes and muttered, “He’s not a legend if he dies in the end. He’ll only be a fool!”

The attack was still going on, and the screams of agony were incessant. From time to time, people would fall from the sky after being attacked by the strange beasts made of sword light, flames, and frost.

Tang Hao countered their attacks and killed one Golden Core cultivator after another.

It took the attackers six minutes before breaking Tang Hao’s formation.

“Hahaha! F*cking brat, let’s see what else you have!”

Gu Jianzi laughed out loud.

Once the formation was broken, that kid would have no other tricks up his sleeve. What awaited him was only death.

The other Nascent Soul monsters also laughed happily.

The kid had escaped from them time and time again. Today, they could finally get what they wanted.

Next, it was time to split the loot.

They laughed loudly and flew over, hovering in the sky above the valley.

“That kid’s life is mine!” Gu Jianzi said coldly with a savage expression on his face.

“That won’t do. The kid has killed many people from my Hillrazer Sect. I have to slash him a few times first.” The Hillrazer Sect leader said hurriedly.

“My Di family too! I have to slash him a few times first!” The Di family patriarch said.

The Nascent Soul monsters began to fight over who got to kill Tang Hao as they glared at him coldly.

Tang Hao stood there and raised his head to look around. Suddenly, he laughed coldly. “It’s still too early for you guys to celebrate. I’ve been waiting for this moment for too long!”

As he spoke, his eyes flashed with excitement.

Then, he lifted his arm and beckoned upward.

In an instant, there was a buzzing sound.

The ground trembled slightly, and an invisible ripple spread out. The Nascent Soul monsters’ expressions changed when they sensed that ripple.

“What’s going on?”

“This qi flow… Something’s not right!”

They looked at the ground under Tang Hao’s feet in shock.

The air seemed to have frozen, and the intense uneasiness made them gasp for air.

Some terrifying creature was slowly awakening.

The ground trembled a few more times, and the uneasiness in their hearts grew stronger.

“Hmph! He must be bluffing! What else can that kid do?”

A Nascent Soul monster grunted and said disdainfully, “Let’s cut him first!”

Then, he raised his hand and commanded his flying sword to slash at Tang Hao.


The ground cracked open, and an enormous palm reached out and grabbed the Nascent Soul monster at an unbelievable speed.

The Nascent Soul monster was caught off guard. He only had time to activate his defensive Artifact.

Bang! The enormous hand crushed the light barrier.

“Ahh!” The Nascent Soul monster was crushed next. His flesh and blood splattered everywhere, and even his nascent soul was unable to escape.

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