The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 493 - Picking Out a Prize

Chapter 493: Picking Out a Prize

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“Ye Mo, this is your Fire Dragon Pearl, I’m returning it to you.” Gu Yuan handed Ye Mo the Fire Dragon Pearl.

Tomorrow, the three of them would head to the Spirit Treasure Hall under the guidance of the hosting Elder and pick out a spirit weapon of their choosing.

Receiving the Fire Dragon Pearl, Ye Mo held his hands together towards Gu Yuan. With a sweeping glance, he saw Xiao Yue’s silhouette disappearing.

Ye Mo was secretly excited with the prospect of meeting Xiao Yue once again.

Ye Mo had initially wanted to return the Fire Dragon Pearl to Nangong Yurou, but she rejected it. Claiming that she had no use for it herself anyway, she gave it to Ye Mo.

Returning to the Asura Dao Palace, Ye Mo went straight to sleep, not waking up until noon the next day.

Today was the day for them to head to the Spirit Treasure Hall and collect their treasure weapon reward.

Leaving the Asura Dao Palace after saying hi to Miao Miao and company, Ye Mo flew to the Outer Peak of the Desolate Mountain at speed.

Soaring through the heavy clouds and fog, making his way past hundreds of towering mountains, the Spirit Treasure Hall was finally in Ye Mo’s sights. Gui Che, Gu Yuan, and the Elder who hosted the trials yesterday were already standing in front of the hall. It looked like they’d been waiting for a long time.

“Apologies for making you wait so long, Elder,” Ye Mo said as he retracted his Caged Dragon Wings and landed in front of the three of them.

“No need to apologize,” the Elder said. “We’ve only just arrived as well. You three are the best of the best among the newcomers. All of you must continue to work hard and train in the future. Now, I shall bring you all to choose your prize.”

As he spoke, the Elder walked into the Spirit Treasure Hall, with Ye Mo and the other two following behind.

Inside the Spirit Treasure Hall, there weren’t a lot of treasure weapons, and they were mostly hidden away. After all, disciples who were able to exchange credits for treasure weapons were extremely rare.

Exchanging for a treasure weapon required 50,000 credit points. Even if one was able to accumulate the credit points by completing missions, it couldn’t be done overnight.

When he entered the Spirit Treasure Hall, the Elder waved his finger in the air, and the space around him started to warp wildly before everything became calm again. To the surprise of the three of them, the treasured items before their eyes had all completely changed appearance, and no longer looked like they did before.

“This is the second level of the Spirit Treasure Hall,” the Elder said. “Disciples of the Six Dao Palaces are not permitted in here. The items placed here are all of extremely rare and precious. I’ll give you the a burning joystick’s worth of time for you to pick your treasure weapon.”

After that, he disappeared from where he was standing.

Before their eyes were a myriad of items floating in mid-air – pills, spirit liquids, seals, weapons, defensive tools. They were spoiled for choice.

Every single item there was of the utmost rarity – any one of them was enough to fill the most gifted talents with jealousy.

Without hesitating, Ye Mo walked forward and cast a sweeping glance around as he looked at the items and their respective introductions.

With the Sky Blood Spear already in his possession, Ye Mo didn’t need a treasure weapon so much. And the reward specified that only treasure weapons could be chosen. All other items were out of bounds.

“What’s this?” His eyes fell on a sparkling, glowing ice-blue crystal stone. Ye Mo took a look at the text below it.

Ice Frost Crystal Stone – capable of increasing a fighter’s frost aura, requires 15,000 credit points to redeem it.

It was completely useless to Ye Mo.

After wandering around some more, he was met with a wood-elemental heartstone floating in mid-air, right at the center of the space.

Ye Mo couldn’t help taking a closer look upon reading the introduction:

“The heartstone of the Six-Eared Ape, a beast in the Transcendence Realm that possessed a huge amount of wood elemental Transcendence Power. Able to be used to cultivate Level Four wood elemental seals. Requires 200,000 credits to be exchanged. ”

“Ye Mo, you’ve got to get this Six-Eared Ape’s heartstone,” Hong Ling chimed in.

I already have three heartstones, Ye Mo thought to himself, With this, I’ll have all of the Four Spiritual Monkeys’ heartstones.

“You’re training to master the Five Elements Cultivation,” Hong Ling said. “You’ll need these four heartstones to successfully advance to the Transcendence Realm.”

Ye Mo had never even heard of using heartstones to advance to the Transcendence Realm. But the Five Elements techniques were extremely mysterious, and many fighters choosing to avoid attempting to train in the technique, instead choosing other sets of martial skills.

I wonder what my Transcendence Golden Body would be like. Ye Mo pouted his mouth, his heartbeat slightly increasing upon that thought.

Normally, the type of Transcendence Body that one trains is related to one’s own training and martial techniques. But with the Five Elemental Cultivation being so mysterious, there was no telling what Ye Mo’ s Transcendence Golden Body will end up looking like.

“Your Transcendence Golden Body will definitely end up among the Transcendence Rankings,” Hong Lin said calmly.

“Transcendence Rankings?”

What was that?

“Across the spiritual martial lands, there are different levels of martial techniques – the same applies for Transcendence Golden Bodies,” Hong Ling explained. “Some are weaker, some are stronger. Thus, a ranking system. Your father’s Hellfire Battle Deity Transcendence Body was ranked in 89th place.”

Ye Mo started felt a hint of excitement about advancing to the Transcendence Realm, as well as the type of Transcendence Golden Body that he would end up cultivating.

“Ye Mo, 10 meters ahead and take a right,” Hong Ling said. “I detect a special force wave – there should be a decent treasure weapon there.”

“Alright!” Ye Mo walked forward 10 meters and took a right. He was faced with a small dagger in its sheath. It looked completely ordinary.

“The Shadow Demon Sky Blade.”

Its description said, “Low-tier treasure weapon. The weapon that Ying Jun kept with him at all times. Can easily penetrate defensive armor formed by fighters of the same level. Requires 500,000 credits to be exchanged.”

“What’s the use of this dagger?” Ye Mo shook his head. Even if he had no use for it, there was no point choosing a dagger – the credits would be better used to exchange for some sort of swords and knives.

A dagger was not the weapon of choice for many fighters.

“This dagger is the Shadow Demon Sky Blade,” Hong Ling said. “The weapon used to assassinate Ying Jun. You have to understand that the Sky Blood Lady has a good relationship with him. This dagger has some history.”

“A dagger?” Ye Mo asked.

“That’s right,” Hong Ling said. “Cut the nonsense, let’s pick this as our weapon.”

Hearing Hong Lin’s stubborn tone, Ye Mo sheepishly followed, choosing the dagger as his prize in the end.

The joystick had finished burning, and the Elder showed up once again. He asked the three of them, “Have all of you finished picking the weapon that you want?”

The three of them stood beside the weapons of their choosing, each looking extremely excited.

Gu Yuan chose a giant hammer, which was fitting for his personality and style. Gui Che chose a Ghost Blade, while Ye Mo picked out the dagger.

The Elder pulled those weapons down for them, and the three of them left the hall excitedly, each with their weapon in hand.

Returning to the Asura Dao Palace, Ye Mo knelt on the floor and took out the Shadow Demon Sky Blade and started to scrutinize it.

After some time, he still couldn’t find anything unique about the blade.

“Hong Lin, did you trick me?” Ye Mo started to lament.

“What are you saying?” Hong Ling sounded insulted. “Why are you so anxious? Didn’t you feel that there wasn’t a trace of spiritual aura the moment the Shadow Demon Sky Blade was inserted back into its blade sheath?”

Hearing that, Ye Mo kept the blade back in its sheath, and the pressure of the spiritual force immediately calmed down, leaving the weapon nothing but an ordinary-looking blade. How amazing was that?

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