The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

Chapter 1344 - Can't Kill  

Chapter 1344: Can’t Kill

“Nine-tailed green crow!” The elder with white brows, who was standing beside Shi Rui’er, immediately gasped in shock. “Quickly disperse!”

Upon hearing this, the crowd was stunned and rapidly moved backward!

Nine-tailed green crows were legendary fiends! They were very ferocious and had strong combat skills! The most important thing was that they always traveled in groups!

Once one was surrounded by nine-tailed green crows, it wouldn’t be so easy to escape!

Following this, the crowd saw a patch of black rapidly flying toward them! In the blink of an eye, it was already before their eyes.

Every one of them couldn’t be considered big, but they were entirely a dark grayish-green color. Their pairs of black eyes were cold and sharp, and their sharp white beaks seemed like they could bite off a piece of meat at any point in time!

At their behinds, they had nine long and hard tails that usually gathered together and drooped down slightly. But when they were going to attack, all those tails would immediately expand and reflect rainbow light under the sun. It was very pretty but very dangerous.

In the vast white snowy field, their appearance was very eye-catching.

The crowd retreated.

They were fast, but the nine-tailed green crows were even faster! As their wings flapped, the nine-tailed green crows had already brushed past the snowy ground and quickly flew up!

Elder Hua Feng and the rest were originally standing at the front, so they were implicated in the situation.

Elder Hua Feng’s gaze turned harsh, and he rapidly set up a barrier before him!

Bang bang! 

The few nine-tailed green crows slammed into that barrier harshly!

Hearing this noise, Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but turn around as shock flashed across her eyes.

Those nine-tailed green crows actually seemed like they didn’t want their lives. After they moved back slightly, they rushed straight up with even greater force!



A crack appeared on Elder Hua Feng’s barrier!


Another nine-tailed green crow hit against it as if it didn’t want to live. This time, the crack started rapidly spreading in all directions!

These nine-tailed green crows were indeed ferocious! They clearly could turn in from another direction and attack him, but they refused and stubbornly kept hitting the barrier that stopped them.

As legendary fiends, their intelligence could be compared to humans or even better than humans. It was impossible that they didn’t know there was another easier way out, but they still chose to face it head-on!

This was the ferocious temper that was built in their bones! Of course, the more important thing was that they had the ability to go against the barrier head-on.

The barrier broke, and Elder Hua Feng felt stifled. He chose to leave rapidly.

“Although nine-tailed green crows have great explosive power, their stamina isn’t great. After about 15 minutes, they will leave if they can’t get to anyone!” As Elder Hua Feng ran forward, he hurriedly reminded everyone, “Remember—you must not take their lives!”

The long walk through the snowy field had already exhausted quite a bit of everyone’s force. Thus, their speed slowly started decreasing.

The nine-tailed green crows kept catching up from behind, and they rushed to them in no time!

Jiang Zhiyuan—who was originally standing at the back—became the safest person when escaping. But before she could feel lucky about it, a rush of air went by her ear. Then, a nine-tailed green crow flew before her and stopped her path!

The nine-tailed green crow stared at her nonchalantly as if it wanted to skin her alive!

Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart skipped a beat.


The nine-tailed green crow rushed straight toward her.

Almost instinctively, Jiang Zhiyuan whipped out her sword and slashed down harshly. However, the nine-tailed green crow was faster as it easily used its claws to stop the sword.

Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart sank!

Right at this moment, the nine-tailed green crow took the longsword in her hands and threw it out!

Jiang Zhiyuan immediately ran in another direction! But at this point, she had long lost her physical strength, so how could she be the nine-tailed green crow’s opponent?


Jiang Zhiyuan fell to the ground, and more than half her body sunk into the thick snow.

An ear-piercing sound was heard.

Jiang Zhiyuan looked back in horror.

That nine-tailed green crow was already very near, and it was right about to rip her face!

Everyone else had also seen this, but as they were quite far apart and Jiang Zhiyuan kept running to the side anxiously to avoid the nine-tailed green crow, their distance between each other grew increasingly bigger.

Shi Rui’er knitted her brows.

The next moment, a gigantic black figure appeared above her head! It was the fiend she had an agreement with—a legendary three-eyed eagle that had just reached maturity!

“Go!” Shi Rui’er commanded!

The next moment, the legendary three-eyed eagle’s figure instantly disappeared before their eyes. At the same time, a shrill shriek rapidly spread!

The shriek that was filled with suppression caused all the nine-tailed green crows present to be dazed for a moment.

In comparison, the legendary three-eyed eagle was more distinguished than nine-tailed green crows. The strong bloodline power in its bones made these nine-tailed green crows have a sense of fear, respect, and hesitation—including the one in front of Jiang Zhiyuan.

Hearing this noise, their movements finally had a moment of hesitation.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Zhiyuan was elated and rapidly took action! She flung something out.

It was a golden metal container, and it looked ordinary.


Flying dagger leaves, which were as thin as cicada wings, suddenly flew out from within!

These flying daggers were extremely quick, and she chose the most crucial moment. The nine-tailed green crow before her wanted to avoid them, but it was too late.

Countless flying daggers had pierced through its body!

The incredibly sharp weapons had cut its feathers and muscles, making an extremely soft sound that made one’s hair stand on end.


An immeasurable amount of fresh blood spurted out and landed on Jiang Zhiyuan’s face!


The nine-tailed green crow fell to the ground. The crystal-white snow beneath rapidly melted due to the blood, dyeing everything red.

And its body was already cut into many pieces. It lost its breathing in the blink of an eye.

The surroundings suddenly fell into silence.

Everyone dazedly stared at this scene, shocked.

Even the nine-tailed green crows were stunned to the ground.

Only Jiang Zhiyuan—who was half-lying on the snow ground—pushed against the ground with one hand and held the golden metal container tightly with another. She clenched her teeth tightly and breathed heavily.

Her chest heaved up and down violently, and she widened her eyes as she stared at the deceased nine-tailed green crow before her harshly. Happiness from the success flashed across her eyes.

Her originally pale face had blood on it now, causing her to look ominous for some reason, and people feared her.

After some time, as if detecting everyone’s gazes, she then looked up slowly.

Not waiting for her to announce her victory, the elder with white brows angrily scolded, “Are you crazy?”

Jiang Zhiyuan was slightly dazed. This shout was like a bat to her head, causing her to be dizzy.

She raised her brows in disbelief. “It wanted to kill me! If I didn’t retaliate, am I supposed to just sit here and watch?!”

As she spoke, she looked at Elder Hua Feng to ask for help. “Elder, I know that Senior Sister Shi Rui’er doesn’t like me. But no matter what, she can’t disregard my safety, right?”

However, Elder Hua Feng’s expression was extremely ugly. “Didn’t I say just now that you’re not allowed to take their lives?!”

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