The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

Chapter 1341 - Legendary Three-Eyed Eagle  

Chapter 1341: Legendary Three-Eyed Eagle

Elder Hua Feng sighed. “Rui’er, I know that you’ve never really liked her, but she’s still a student of the academy after all. And out of the 300-plus people that came to the Flood-Desert Northern Region, she is the only one we’ve met. We can’t just leave her here.”

“Elder Hua Feng, I’m disagreeing with bringing her along, not because of personal reasons, but…” Shi Rui’er paused. “You also said that a total of 300-plus people came from the academy. Why is she the only one who appeared here? Not to mention the elders, there are also many students who are stronger than her, right? In my opinion, it’s very suspicious that she appeared alone.”

Elder Hua Feng stroked his beard. “Rui’er, your worries are justified, but I’m afraid we don’t have any other choice, right? If she’s really problematic, do you think it’s safer to let her go or to put her right in front of us?”

With so many people around, it couldn’t be that they could not handle one Jiang Zhiyuan, right?

Upon hearing this, Shi Rui’er thought for a moment and nodded. “You’re right. I’ll listen to you then, but if we realize that she has some problems, I won’t show any mercy.”

Elder Hua Feng heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, smiled, and said, “Okay! You’ve always been sensible, so I trust you!”

Shi Rui’er also smiled.

“But… there’s something I never really understood. Why do you dislike Jiang Zhiyuan so much? I recall that you had returned to Flying Star Sect a few months after she came to the academy, right?”

These two people basically didn’t have much interaction, so he didn’t know where the unhappiness came from.

Shi Rui’er pushed her loose strands of hair behind her ears, faintly smiled, and said, “Actually, it’s nothing much. She just did some things that I don’t really like, so… But don’t worry. As long as she behaves herself during this journey, I won’t do anything to her.”

It’d be a waste of my time. Not to mention Jiang Zhiyuan, I don’t really care about the entire Fairy Water Mound. 

Elder Hua Feng looked at her genuine expression and knew that she was speaking the truth, so he felt more at ease. “That’s great, that’s great.”

After the two finished talking, they quickly went back.

At this point, the wounds on Jiang Zhiyuan’s body had basically been treated. After taking one pill, her face finally had some color to it.

She obediently stood behind the crowd and tried to lower her existence to the minimum.

All of those people started walking in the direction she talked about previously.

“Chu Yue, I heard that you have a red-tailed phoenix?” Shi Rui’er seemed to like Chu Liuyue very much and was very curious about her. After walking for a distance, she started talking to Chu Liuyue again.

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded. “Yeah.”

Elder Hua Feng—who was standing in front—rubbed his nose.

“That’s great. Why don’t we exchange some blows some time?” Shi Rui’er’s eyes lit up. “Ever since I had this one, I didn’t really duel with anyone.”

It must be very interesting to watch a legendary three-eyed eagle and a red-tailed phoenix fight. 

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment before saying, “Tuan Zi has been very lazy lately, and it keeps sleeping. It’s not energized at all. Why don’t we talk about such things at a later date?”

Shi Rui’er felt slightly regretful, but such things really couldn’t be forced, so she said, “Okay then. I just feel that it’s pretty lonely. From a thousand years ago, legendary three-eyed eagles haven’t appeared in the God Residence Realm again. My father found this one in some twist of fate. I don’t know when I can find another one…”

“Legendary three-eyed eagle?” Upon hearing this, Jiang Zhiyuan—who was quiet all along—couldn’t help but say, “There’s one in the Sky-Cloud Empire. Senior Sister Shi Rui’er. Why don’t you go over there and exchange blows with that person?”

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