The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

Chapter 1281 - King of Mountains!  

Chapter 1281: King of Mountains!

The legendary three-eyed eagle quickly realized that things were more complicated than it had thought. This was because… it realized that Chu Liuyue seemed to be very familiar with the place as if she had come here many times before.

She was very familiar with the road and accurately reached the golden-cloud leopard’s home.

The closer she was, the stronger the golden-cloud leopard’s aura. This made the legendary three-eyed eagle believe what she said previously—she did know the exact position!

After knowing about Chu Liuyue’s relationship with the adult steel-ridged fiend, the legendary three-eyed eagle roughly guessed that Chu Liuyue had come here before. But isn’t she too familiar with it? With many mountains around, the paths here are extremely complicated, and one will become lost if they aren’t careful. And the most important thing is that most of the mountains are already occupied by legendary fiends and are their territories. 

Chu Liuyue sometimes had to avoid offending them, so she had to take another path. However, she seemed to be very relaxed about this. She clearly knew every mountain and every river here.

The legendary three-eyed eagle even suspected that she knew what fiends were on every mountain.

After about another hour, Chu Liuyue finally reached a mountain. It was a very secluded one, and its peak seemed to be scraped off by something. It was flat and revealed a grayish-white stone.

There weren’t many trees around, and most of the surroundings were rocks. This was the kind of space golden-cloud leopards loved the most. They liked to run around between these kinds of narrow cliffs to train their stunning climbing abilities and explosive power.

Of course, there wasn’t much meaning in talking about this now.

Probably because the news of the silver-eared flower-pattern fiend’s injury had already spread, but there weren’t many fiends who came around to steal benefits when Chu Liuyue came.

After cleaning the cliff once, Chu Liuyue clapped her hands energetically and surveyed her surroundings. “Where should I start…”

The legendary three-eyed eagle asked curiously, “What?”

“Ah, nothing much. I just feel that there’s still more than 20 days here. It would be very boring if I kept cultivating in the cave, so I wanted to find a few fiends and duel with them. Chu Liuyue laughed. “Of course, those that I don’t need to use the Chi Xiao Sword on.”

She stroked her chin, paused for a moment, and said thoughtfully, “I remember quite a few of the fiends who were preparing to attack me yesterday live around here… Hm, let’s start with the anti-sky sparrow!”

Anti-sky sparrows were ninth-grade fiends and were very fierce. They had good combat skills and the vermilion bird bloodline, so their status wasn’t low. In Fiend Park with many legendary fiends, they also had their own place.

Just when Chu Liuyue arrived near the mountain, an anti-sky sparrow squawked on the top of it.


More than ten anti-sky sparrows flew out from all areas of the mountain! They instantly gathered together, and it was very dark.

They stared at Chu Liuyue like they had great enmity toward her.

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Don’t misunderstand. I came here to duel with you; I don’t have any other intentions. Don’t be nervous.”

The anti-sky sparrows exchanged glances, and the atmosphere was still very tense.

Chu Liuyue said, “I won’t use my sword today. You can just randomly send someone out to fight with me. We’ll just fight till it’s enough, and we won’t harm each other’s lives. How about that?”

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s friendly attitude, the anti-sky sparrows conversed noisily for a while before one of them flew out.

Anti-sky sparrows weren’t big and were around the size of a palm. But if anyone dared to underestimate them because of this, they would have to pay a huge price.

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind, and she circulated the tremendous force around her!


That anti-sky sparrow was the first to attack!

“You came at the right time!” Chu Liuyue hollered, and her body instantly flew out like a sharp arrow!

The human and the fiend faced off!

“This kid is rather quiet today…” Elder Shu Yu—who had just patrolled Fiend Park’s perimeter—muttered to himself. “It seems like he has learned his lesson.”

No matter how playful one is, they would be more stable after yesterday’s dangerous battle, right? Today, these fiends also seem to have quietened down. I can’t really hear their usual roars and noises. They should still be fearful of Chu Yue’s sword… Elder Shu Yu didn’t take all of this to heart.

In actual fact, they had always given Fiend Park free rein. Those fiends had their own minds. Without other people intervening, they would naturally form their own balance.

All parties fight to conquer and restrict each other. Now, there is just another Chu Yue temporarily. As long as he stays put, those fiends basically won’t cause him trouble. After the deadline, Chu Yue can leave safely. Elder Shu Yu thought in this manner and rubbed his brows.

Since yesterday, he had been very tense and stressed and was only willing to relax slightly now. His lethargy and exhaustion instantly overwhelmed him.

It’s time to rest… Elder Shu Yu thought to himself. After checking the Xuan formation of the area he was in charge of, he returned and planned to catch up on his sleep.

Time slowly trickled past.

After an hour, Chu Liuyue came out from the anti-sky sparrows’ mountain. There were a few holes in her clothes, and she looked rather messy. But luckily, she wasn’t very injured.

She took a deep breath in, turned around, and touched her Cosmic Ring as she revealed a satisfied smile. “I couldn’t tell, but the anti-sky sparrows have quite a few treasures…”

The anti-sky sparrows—which finally sent Chu Liuyue away with much difficulty—heaved sighs of relief. She’s finally gone! I thought she was easy to bully, but who would’ve known she would be a devil!? Unreasonable and illogical! She almost took our entire house! 

“I’ll see you later!” Chu Liuyue elatedly waved at them.

The few anti-sky sparrows squawked loudly. See? See what?! Get going! 

One of the anti-sky sparrows at the back flew away unsteadily. From far away, it seemed like half the feathers on its wings were gone.

It was the one that ‘dueled’ with Chu Liuyue earlier.

Chu Liuyue shrugged her shoulders very regretfully. “Still as boring as before.”

The three-eyed legendary eagle was speechless. You beat it up into this state and even took its things, yet you still have the cheek to say that it’s ‘boring?!’ 

Chu Liuyue kicked a rock away and walked forward. “That’s it for today!”

The legendary three-eyed eagle’s heart skipped a beat. Even though it had always been nonchalant about other things, it felt rather shocked at this moment. “That’s it for today…? You plan to come again tomorrow?”

“Nope!” Chu Liuyue shook her head swiftly.

The legendary three-eyed eagle heaved a sigh of relief, but it then heard Chu Liuyue say, “I’ve taken everything here and have kinda taken revenge on them for surrounding me that day. There’s not much meaning in coming here.”

“Let’s go somewhere else tomorrow!”

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