The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot)

Chapter 43

Volume 2 Chapter 43 part1

In any case, I have to do something about Serge-san…

“I’m sorry. I have a tendency to go on and on by myself… I meant no offense.” [Ryouma]

“Oh, no! Not at all! I was just a little bit surprised, Ryouma-sama. You’re only 11 years old and yet you keep coming up with one brilliant idea after another.” [Serge]

That’s what he’s surprised about!? …Oh, right. I just remembered again that I currently look like I’m 11. A kid who could think up all this stuff would probably surprise anyone… After all, there are parents who would dance in joy just seeing their babies stand up, but there’s barely anyone who would praise an adult for doing the same thing. In the same vein, my actions probably seem a lot more amazing to this guy.

That being said, it’s not like I actually thought everything out carefully… I just did some simple calculations that are probably full of holes, and…

Wait a moment.

Do they have discounts in this world?

“Umm… Do you not have discounts in this world?” [Ryouma]

“Not normally, no… They’re mostly given to better one’s reputation to a certain customer or to quickly sell out one product. Extensive discounts would only bring losses, so it’s not really a thing.

Sometimes discounts are used to get rid of a customer, and then there are cases when deceitful stores raise the prices unreasonably high, and then cut them down and call that a discount, when in fact the price is still higher than the market price.” [Serge]

Erm… He seems to be telling the truth.

“I highly recommend that you join the merchants guild, Ryouma-sama.” [Serge]

“The merchants guild?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. There’s a branch in this town, so you’ll be able to register anytime. The merchants guild varies from country to country, but each and every one of them control all the peddlers, stalls, and carts within their country. If you’re going to be doing business, then you will have to pass through the guild.” [Serge]

Eh!? Then…

“Does that mean what I was planning was actually illegal?” [Ryouma]

“Oh, no. The merchant guilds might manage the businesses within their respective countries, but it’s not like they actually manage every single transaction. For example, they don’t manage the transactions when two border towns try to sell to each other, or when a traveler sells the herbs he picked up along the way to a drug store.

Another example is when children or adventurers take on odd jobs to make small change. If the amounts involved aren’t too big, then nothing illegal is going on, especially if both sides are willing.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe the business you intend will result in merely small change. Odds are that you’ll end up attracting the guild’s attention.” [Serge]

“That was close… Thank you, Serge-san.” [Ryouma]

“Not at all. If anything it seems I’ve still been looking down on you, Ryouma-sama. I never expected that you would have thought through your store’s management so thoroughly. I thought for sure you were only trying to make small change, so I forgot to mention about the registration too.” [Serge]

Actually, you got it right… I wasn’t really thinking all that deeply, but whatever… let’s just roll with it.

“So, it seems I’ll have to join the merchants guild, but I’ve already joined the adventurers guild and tamers guild. Will that be a problem?” [Ryouma]

“Please rest assured. I shall recommend you when you register, so there should be no problems. Being able to hold more than two guild positions will allow you more avenues to gather information as well, so if anything this is actually something to rejoice about. If you’re free, we could register as soon as tomorrow. I would be going with you, of course.” [Serge]

“I still have adventurer work tomorrow, so when I come back it’ll be around this time.” [Ryouma]

“That’ll be fine. The merchants guild has several personnel, so we can go through the process anytime. After all, to a merchant, information is life. And that information must reach them before it expires lest lose its value.” [Serge]

They’re open 24 hours?

“In that case, if it’s no trouble with you, would you please accompany me?” [Ryouma]

“It would be my greatest pleasure!” [Serge]


Volume 2 Chapter 43 part2

“Ryouma-sama, the laundromat you came up with is truly amazing! Not only is it a new vein of income that no merchant has yet attempted, but your ideas are also new and unique, a new source of inspiration for the world of merchants! I, Serge Morgan, may not be the best, but I beseech you! Please allow me to aid you!” [Serge]

Wow! He’s really exaggerating this! Who would’ve thought things would turn out like this? At this rate, I wonder if it’s still going to be a small store…

“T-Thank you very much. It’s reassuring to have you with me.” [Ryouma]

“You praise me too much, Ryouma-sama. Oh, right. I suggest you consider the land you will be building your store at.” [Serge]

Store!? I’m not planning on doing something that big!

“Hmm… Judging from your reaction, I assume you did not intend for things to become this big, Ryouma-sama?” [Serge]

“Yes. My original intentions were to make just enough to get by, so I was thinking a stand in some corner of the town would be enough, and from there I could just go from door to door. A store would take too much of my time, after all, and I won’t be able to continue being an adventurer.” [Ryouma]

“I see. But there’s no need to worry about the management. I can simply lend you some of my own people.” [Serge]

That’s obviously no good.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to be relying on others even if it’s for a store…” [Ryouma]

Serge-san wryly smiled.

“Hmm… I’m starting to understand what the members of the duke’s family meant. Ryouma-sama, there’s nothing strange about leaving the management of a store to someone else.” [Serge]


“While it’s true that a store owner normally starts out managing his store himself, eventually he’ll find himself in a position similar to mine where he is in charge of many stores. In that case, managing all of the stores alone will prove impossible, and choosing and raising capable people to manage the store on his behalf will become necessary. Do you think that’s strange?” [Serge]

Now that he mentions it… The managers in the chain stores of Japan were also just hired by the owners.

“You’re right. It’s not weird at all.” [Ryouma]

“Yes. Moreover, in this world there are people suited for management and people who aren’t. For the latter type, it would be better to hire someone suited than to try and forcefully manage the store himself.” [Serge]

“That’s… true.” [Ryouma]

“Of course, we don’t know which type you are yet, Ryouma-sama. Although you have good ideas and policies, so it seems as if you have the skill for it, but I don’t think you’re particularly skilled in seeing through people’s motives. After all, your face is like an open book.” [Serge]

Am I that easy to read!?

“Although you’re able to hide your thoughts better than those of your age bracket, but to an old merchant, you’re still too green behind the ears.” [Serge]

“I see…” [Ryouma]

And here I thought I had a good poker face back in my previous life… Was that just my imagination?

“Besides, it’s not like I’m lending my people completely out of good will. One reason I’ve offered them is because Reinhart-sama asked me to be an adviser to you when he first introduced us. Another reason is because of your future prospects.” [Serge]

“Future prospects?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. Ryouma-sama, despite your age you have already come up with various inventions. From the waterproof cloths and threads, to that iron ingot, and to various other goods. Even without Reinhart-sama’s introduction, I would still not be able to take my eyes off of you.

Moreover, the contents of our conversation suggests a huge profit. I could not possibly ignore that as a merchant. I will also be selling bags wholesale to your store, so please let me help you in your endeavor. If needed, I can also invest to help with your capital.” [Serge]

…If he’s going that far, maybe it’s alright? But, still…

“What happens when your investment doesn’t pay off?” [Ryouma]

“No merchant would be able to expand his business if he feared failure. Any merchant with a big enough store more or less knows how to take risks.

Moreover, I personally believe that your laundromat will prove most profitable. If things don’t work out, then you could just make it up to me by making ingots and waterproof cloths and threads. The costs of running the store are also significantly reduced thanks the slimes doing the laundry.

The odds of success are high, and in the case of failure, I can simply recoup my losses. I can’t imagine that you’re simply making stuff up too. So, with all that, this is quite possibly the best trade deal in history. Nary a merchant would turn down such a deal.” [Serge]

I see… I could certainly make money if I make iron ingots…

“Alright. I’ll be in your care then.” [Ryouma]

“You’re willing to work with me?” {Serge]

“Yes, but please allow me to refuse the extra capital. I currently have enough thanks to the bandits I subjugated in the past.” [Ryouma]

“What about the personnel?” [Serge]

“I’ll leave that to you. Also, please allow me to purchase the bags that the store will be using. As for the ingots, I’ll bring them over later when I have the time. The abandoned mines were entrusted to me, so I was originally planning on making them anyway.” [Ryouma]

Like this my conversation with Serge concluded, and after purchasing the bags from a happy Serge-san, I exited the store.

Walking along the dark road, I returned to the inn, but for some reason, the ojousama was there waiting with an aura of wrath about her.

“Ojousama…?” [Ryouma]

“What were you doing out this late, Ryouma-san? I was so worried…” [Elialia]

When the ojousama suppressed her anger, she suddenly broke down in tears.

Apparently, the incident yesterday with a goblin king making an appearance caused the ojousama to worry grievously.

I’m sorry.

I knew I was in the wrong, so I just quietly received the ojousama’s scolding as she cried. After a while the ojousama finally got tired of scolding me, and just said she was going to sleep. I watched the ojousama leave as the maids took her away.

“My deepest apologies for causing you to worry.” [Ryouma]

“Enough of that. Elia scolded you plenty already.” [Elize]

“We really were worried, though.” [Reinhart]

“Be careful next time, alright?” [Reinbach]

“Yes. I’ll remember.” [Ryouma]

“So, what were you doing out this late?” [Elize]

I told them that the carriage broke down and I went to Serge-san’s store.

“You were at Serge’s store? I guess that means you’ve thought up a new job?” [Reinhart]

“I’ll probably be coming home late tomorrow too. I know I was just scolded, but…” [Ryouma]

“As long as you tell us beforehand it’s fine. So, what are you planning on doing tomorrow?” [Elize]

“I will be going with Serge-san to the merchant guild to register. My original plans ended up getting bigger while we were discussing, so we’re going tomorrow to the merchants guild to register me.” [Ryouma]

“What? Weren’t you planning on just making enough to get by?” [Reinhart]

“That is what I was planning, indeed, but Serge-san insisted it would be best for me to open a store.” [Ryouma]

“A store? Your discussion developed that far?” [Reinbach]

“Apparently, Serge-san thinks it’s that profitable. He even offered to provide the employees.” [Ryouma]

“Serge said that, did he? When is the opening?” [Reinhart]

He just nonchalantly asked about the opening day! And here I thought he’d be shocked.

“I don’t know much about stores yet, but aren’t you guys shocked? An 11 year-old kid just told you he’s opening a store, you know?” [Ryouma]

“There’s no age restrictions, and there are kids your age who have stalls of their own. There are some who tend to normal stores too.” [Reinhart]

“Of course, there aren’t actually any 11 year-olds with a store of their own, but it’s you we’re talking here, so…” [Reinbach]

“Ryouma-kun, you’re not like other kids. And since Serge gave his approval, it should be alright. But if anything happens, you have to rely on us, alright? And make sure you don’t forget to keep in touch with us.” [Elize]

Is this really alright?

“I understand.” [Ryouma]

I went back to my room like that, not wholly understanding what happened, then I had the remaining slimes from yesterday split, and formed contracts with them.

My slimes currently numbered as follows:

Sticky Slime x907

Poison Slime x666

Acid Slime x666

Cleaner Slime x22

Scavenger Slime x3033

Heal Slime x2

Metal Slime x1

Slime x1

The sticky slimes have broken through 900. They should be reaching 1000 soon.

The poison slimes and the acid slimes are numbered the same. 666 sure is an ominous number, though…

It’s good to see the cleaner slimes doubling their numbers. Moreover, perhaps because of yesterday’s incident, the slimes have gotten stronger too.

The slimes learning Physical Attack Resistance while in the big or huge forms is one thing, but I never thought the slimes would actually learn staff techniques, spear techniques, and taijutsu.

I did teach them various stuff, but I never thought they would actually be able to gain these skills. I should try teaching them various new stuff from now on…

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