The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot)

Chapter 39

 Volume 2 Chapter 39

After seemingly reconciliating with Berk and the others, I asked them to spread word about the latrine pits job as much as they could.

A few minutes later, it was time to begin our operation.

“Is everyone in position? The enemies will be coming soon! Please be careful!” [Prolia]

When Prolia-san said that, everyone became alert, and the air tensed.

I also readied my bow, paying careful attention to my surroundings.

10 minutes later the first goblins appeared.

“They’re here! Three goblins in front! But there are more coming!” [Berk]

“Understood!!!” [Adventurers]

As Berk reported from the top of a tall tree, the surrounding adventurers agreed.

The goblins also noticed us, but they went straight toward us anyway. Goblins were never really known to use their head.

Of the three goblins, one fell into the pit because he didn’t notice it. The second noticed it and was able to stop before falling, but an adventurer managed to pull him down with those scythe-rods we made. And as for the third, well, he tried to jump across, but that obviously wasn’t going to fly, so in the end, he fell [1].

The goblins cried out in pain, but their throes lasted only for a few seconds before the acid slimes silenced them. The innumerable goblins coming from behind met a similar fate.

From to time, goblin archers and mages who refused to approach and instead attacked from a distance would be mixed in, but the archers and mages on our side easily disposed of them.

Incidentally, all the arrows we’re using have been treated with the poison of the poison slime, so even a shallow wound could stop our enemies. Because of that our archers and mages are completely unhurt.

It’s also easy to tell goblin archers and mages from your usual goblins. After all, the archers have their bows and the goblin mages have traces of mana about them that could be picked up by the Mana Perception skill that all mages possessed. Moreover, the goblin archers and mages also fought slowly, most probably owing to their lack of skill.

The situation clearly favors us, but there’s way more goblins than originally expected.

No one’s been hurt yet, but there’s really too many of them. If we combine the goblins we’ve killed so far with those still in their base, there’s probably more than 500 of them already. Did something to the main force?

The acid slimes are also gradually failing to digest all the goblin bodies, so the pit is slowly being filled up. The pit is still a long way away from being filled, but at this rate, this could be bed.

The nearby adventurers are also starting to panic.

“Doesn’t this seem weird!?” [Adventurer 1]

“Yeah, there’s too many of them.” [Adventurer 2]

“At this rate, we’ll run out of arrows!” [Adventurer 3]

“We’re almost out over here!” [Adventurer 4]

“Hey, you! Don’t waste arrows!” [Adventurer 5]

“Haa… Haa… Why are there… so many… goblins!!?” [Adventurer 6]

Goblins aren’t very strong since they’re only about a human child’s height, but they do know how to use a weapon, and there’s also a lot of them because they reproduce so quickly. Anyone who looks down on them just because they’re weak, we’ll eventually have to eat his words.

Goblins eat all meat, regardless of if its human meat or animal meat. They look like humans, but I don’t think it’s possible to get along.

Even if their skills aren’t polished, a weapon is a weapon. Just swinging one around is plenty dangerous. Unless one’s strong enough, it won’t be possible to take on many goblins at the same time.

According to the information from the meeting, there’s over 100 adventurers here, but majority of those are F and G Rankers. Adventurers like that can only really fight goblins if it’s a one on one, so they can’t be sent out to the chaotic frontlines.

That leaves only the E Rank adventurers, but there’s not enough of them. In the first place, E Rankers are still novices. They’re at the level where they’re just barely strong enough to fight after having received some training.

Moreover, not all E Rankers can fight in close combat. Some are mages, some are archers, and some are healers. That leaves only about 28 people fighting in close combat.

For those 28 people to hold the lines against this endless wave of goblins, it’s only natural that they’ve already started to show signs of exhaustion. In fact, some of those 28 returned to the frontlines after being brought back from the brink of death with healing magic. At this rate, we’re going to reach our limits sooner or later.

We thought we could deal with the goblins even if there were a lot of them, but unfortunately, we miscalculated how many goblins would come. Fortunately, the goblins don’t fight well together, and we’re somehow holding— That’s not good… The frontline is finally starting to reach its limits.

“Prolia-san, could you send me and my slimes to the frontlines? This battle will probably drag on, so at the very least, we should give the frontliners a chance to rest.” [Ryouma]

“Ryouma-kun… If I recall correctly, the guildmaster said your strength is already above E Rank… Alright, could you take care of it? You don’t have to push yourself, just buy as some time.” [Prolia]

I suggested a substitution to our leader, and she immediately agreed.

“Alright.” [Ryouma]

“All frontliners! Ryouma and his slimes will take over for now! Take this opportunity to recover as much as you can!” [Prolia]

I called over the sticky slimes, poison slimes, and scavenger slimes, and ordered them to go to the frontlines. As for me, I jumped down from the high ground, then I jumped across the pit. At the same time, I ordered the slimes.

Use everything you’ve learned and show those goblins who’s boss!

Immediately, the slimes started shaking as if they couldn’t wait to give them a beating, then a part of their body turned into a tentacle that stretched out toward the goblins.

The sticky slimes picked up the rods the goblins wielded, and they used them to beat the goblins and trip them. They also used their sticky liquid to stop the goblins from pressing forward.

The poison slimes picked up the spears of the goblins, then they poisoned it with their own poison and then they attacked the goblins.

The scavenger slimes would trip the goblins by sliding toward their feet and wrapping their tentacles around them. Sometimes they would intentionally let the goblins step on them, so they could push them up and break their balance.

Although the slimes weren’t strong enough to beat the goblins dead, they couldn’t be killed even in a one on one.

Like that the slimes worked together to fight against the horde of goblins.

The poison of the poison slimes were particularly effective.

Looks like everything’s going well.

As I thought that, I drew my two daggers.

The goblins probably saw me as their prey, but before they knew it, I’d lunged right into one goblin’s chest and pierced his heart with my dagger, then as I pulled my dagger out, I passed the goblins and cut the carotid artery of another.

“GUGIi!?” [Goblin 1]

“GOGA!” [Goblin 2]

“GUeE!!” [Goblin 3]

The goblins ran toward me with swords brandished. They were full of openings, so I went ahead and cut their wrists and kicked them about, then I let the slimes finish them off.

“GIiIII!!!” [Goblin 4]

A goblin came at me from behind, but I dodged him, took his back, and promptly lodged my dagger into his medulla oblongata, then like a puppet whose strings have been cut, the goblin fell.

Goblins resemble humans not just externally but also internally. They’re more durable than humans, but they’ll still die when hit in a vital spot, and if you cut their wrists or carotid artery, they’ll bleed to death.

Moreover, all the goblins I’ve fought so far have withdrawn from battle every time I managed to cut their carotid artery or their wrists. This time is no different, so there’s currently no problems with dealing with the goblins.

The goblins screamed as their blood sprayed in the air, but I didn’t stop and just kept on killing one goblin after another.

I got to say, though. There’s really no end to them. Just where have these goblins been hiding?

Although the goblins kept coming, we were able to stand against them. We had the number advantage, so gradually, the battle started to become easier. With some leeway made, I ordered the slimes to pick up the arrows.

I can hear the frontliners talking, so from that I could infer that they’re properly resting.

“Wait a… sec… Just what the hell… is that kid? …isn’t he too… strong? …Even though we… were having… such a… hard time…” [Adventurer 1]

“We’re saved…” [Adventurer 2]

“Regardless, we can leave things to him for the time being. Rest up while he’s buying time!! And then go back to the front lines!!” [Berk]

“Understood!!” [Frontliners]

“Are those really slimes?” [Adventurer 3]

“Those slimes sure know how to handle a spear. They’re probably even better than me…” [Adventurer 4]

“Forget being better… Why are slimes using weapons!?” [Adventurer 5]

“It’s weird, but at least, we’re saved now… Hmm? Arrows?” [Adventurer 6]

“!? Archers! The slimes are retrieving the arrows! Hey, you guys move! Let those slimes pass!” [Berk]

I guess slimes that can use weapons really are weird… I mean they actually noticed that? Maybe they’re not so tired after all.

As I was thinking that, I felt the mana stir.

Another goblin mage!

I sheathed my daggers, and threw a throwing knife toward the goblin mage.

I and the slimes fought until the frontliners recovered their strength.

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