The Magus Era

Chapter 1900: The Final Strike

Chapter 1900: The Final Strike

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The three-thousand strands of mist flew into Ji Hao's body and shook his soul intensely. His embryo of Dao began falling apart silently, turning into thin wisps of mist that merged into his body.

Within a second, his soul and physical body had merged perfectly.

Streams of Chaos power were generated from every corner of his body, strong and never-ending. Ji Hao never felt so refreshed and clear-minded. He felt that only at this moment his body truly belonged to him, as if he was freed from a heavy chain and woken up from a nightmare.

The Pan Gu bell collapsed, transformed into a strong stream of Chaos power, and flew into Ji Hao's body.

The bell was a supreme treasure forged from Buzhou Mountain, which was Pan Gu's spine. After merging with the bell, Ji Hao felt strong heat flows surging inside his body, and a strong power boiled and roared inside him. The power was too strong, that he couldn't control it yet.

Ji Hao was suddenly enlightened. Defending himself with the Pan Gu bell was like putting the cart before the horse. Since he was cultivating his Pan Gu body, he should have merged the Pan Gu bell into his body long ago. He was the bell, and the bell was him. After merging with the bell, he, Ji Hao, had Saint Pan Gu's unbreakable spine!

"I still feel hacking people with an axe is better!" In Ji Hao's spiritual space, his embryo of Dao had fallen apart and his soul had merged with his physical body, leaving the mysterious man sitting in the middle with crossed legs, occupying the entire spiritual space.

"Axe, strong, potent. That's a weapon for a man...Things like swords are a little girly!" The mysterious man said.

"Girly? Where did you learn this word?" Torrents of Chaos power coiled around Ji Hao's body while strands of mist surged out of his body and dispelled waves of Chaos thunderbolts which struck at him.

"Hmm, that is not important." The mysterious man slowly stood up and moved his feet, standing with a sturdy posture as he said, "Now, we should think about how to cut these three b*stards!"

Ji Hao slowly raised the Pan Gu sword. An extremely sharp sword intent erupted from the sword and next, all the Chaos thunderbolts which covered the entire Pan Gu Motherland were cut broken by extremely thin sword lights. The Chaos power leaked out, turning harmless.

Pan Yu's black hole was still expanding, and the three had been trying their best to deal with it. Seeing Ji Hao approach them step by step with his body wrapped in rolling Chaos power and a bright light, they all laughed out loud, "Doesn't Pan Gu world have warriors? Kid, how dare you?"

One of them carelessly waved a hand and generated shreds of dark-blue fire. The fire transformed into a wave of flame birds that dove down to Ji Hao.

The Pan Gu sword clanked. Ji Hao raised the sword and wiped out all the flame birds in the sky. The flame birds were crushed while wisps of blue fire lingered on the sword, but failed to do any harm to the sword.

The three frowned and turned to Ji Hao seriously.

Streams of Chaos power rose from the Pan Gu sword. It was a sword, but the Chaos power around it wove into a giant axe which was covered in faint patterns, releasing a despairing intent of killing.

"This is..." The three trembled intensely. This axe reminded them of their worst nightmare, and also made them recall the old battleground which had blood flowing into oceans, and corpses flying all over the sky.

That giant, who was more frightful than all Chaos monsters, was holding this axe and slaughtering the Chaos monsters who attacked him.

"You can't be him!" Roared one of the three, "He died! He died for good! His souls split up into three. Look, those three! His body broke into countless pieces. It can't be wrong, can't be wrong!"

"You can't be him! You're so weak, but he was so strong!" Another one screamed, "You..."

Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu sword, as waves of sword intent swept across the sky and cleaned off all the Chaos thunderbolts.

"I'm afraid that I can't kill them!" Ji Hao said to the mysterious man, "You see, just now, I used all my power, even my sword formation. I can hurt Pan Yu, but I can't hurt his origin. I am too weak, and they are too powerful. If I can't hurt their origins, no matter how many times I cut them, the result would be the same!"

"Unless you have the power at their level!" The mysterious man laughed, "You don't have it now, but I can lend it to you..."

The mysterious man closed his eyes, and his long hair fluttered in the air.

Ji Hao closed his eyes too and raised the sword high.

Shaosi was still casting the secret magic. Through the invisible thin thread of natural fortune between Ji Hao and Pan Yu, Pan Yu's natural fortune had been flowing ceaselessly into Ji Hao's body. Behind Ji Hao, the mill of Dao emerged. Before, it was composed from the Dao of destruction and creature, with only two millstones. But now, it had three-thousand layers.

Some of the three-thousand millstones were spinning, slowly or fast, stably or disorderly, clockwise or anticlockwise, and some were pausing. Clear beams of light wrapped around the mill. Once Ji Hao activated the mill of Dao, a ridiculous strong power suddenly came from the thin thread of natural fortune.

Ji Hao's every single cell was cheering at this moment, as his body greedily absorbed this power like a desert absorbing water from a rain. A thick Chaos power surged out of his body as he began growing taller and stronger bit by bit.

As Ji Hao's body was growing, Pan Yu's black hole shrank quickly.

Without being suppressed by the three, Pan Yu's black hole shrank faster and faster, while his screams sounded from it. He cursed and roared hysterically, murmuring in panic. No one understood what he was trying to say.

Ji Hao was growing inch by inch. Three-hundred meters, a thousand meters, ten-thousand meters…

At the same time, the three were drawing back, step by step. Their faces were filled with desperation, even though they couldn't believe their own eyes.

From Ji Hao, they sensed something that they feared the most. That power, which was more terrifying than a nightmare emerged and came back to this world bit by bit...

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man raised his right hand and swung it forward.

Ji Hao sighed slightly; he felt so clear-minded. Heavily, he swung the Pan Gu sword forward.

Sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-growl, everything-perish, all living beings reincarnate...

The five moves were combined, and the Pan Gu sword created a frosty beam of light which was sharp enough to tear everything in the world. Ji Hao's skin suddenly cracked, and blood spurted out of his wounds. The power of this strike had gone beyond the limits of his physical body, that once he made the move, he had already injured himself.

Fortunately, Pan Yu's power was flowing into his body, fixing his injured body.

Blood flooded out of the bodies of the three as Ji Hao cut them into six pieces.

Next, Ji Hao cut again...Again and again and again. Slowly yet determinedly, Ji Hao swung the Pan Gu sword over and over again. At the moment, he was powerful enough to cut everything in the world.

This was the true combined move of the five… called 'Extinction'!

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